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I have been installing Oracle 11g R2 on windows 7 enterprise edition machine. When I am  clicking on setup file it run for a moment and end up with error message :" Could not find the main class Program will exit" I have Java JDK version 7 has been installed and Environment variable set. It has been quite a time I am struggling with installation even I tried with windows 2008 server R2 what stiill same error. Any help would be appreciated and ya I am new to Oracle.


Oracle 9i Installation on Windows 2003 Server 64bit - URGENT

Hi ,
I am installing oracle 9i on win 2003 server (64 bit) enterprise edition. After the installation whenever I try to run Database Configuration Assistant or Net configuration assistant nothing happens.
If i run DBCA on command line then it runs but not from the Start menu. Can anyone suggest the solution ? I tested it with oracle 9i (32 bit) and (64bit) versoins for win2003 server platform. But same results. Also tried the oracle 32 bit for XP on windows 2003 server but in vain.
It seems like there is PATH problem but i checked all the paths and they seem preety okay. I wonder why it runs from the command line when I recall dbca.bat file and not from the Oracle menu.
I would appreciate any remedy to this problem

11g r2 32 bit on windows 7 error

Hi, while installing 11g r2 32 bit on windows 7, I got the following error after summary step at the install product steps  Jzentry ==0Jzfile=256540176Total=2921,Name=c:\users\username\AppData\local\temp\OraInstalldate\install1.jar, i=1, messagw =invalid LOC header ( bad signature )Do anyone has seen this or know the solution...Thanks and Regards
did you read & follow the Installation Guide? No Oracle version is certified on any Windows Home Edition. What is the Windows edition on your PC?   How do I ask a question on the forums?
If you want to use Oracle in Windows environment try using Windows Server Editions (WS 2003, WS2008)
I have checked the osit says  :  Windows 7 ultimate And I will surely read the link which you have given.....
oracle 11g r2 , we cannot install and operate on windows 7 ultimate edition...
Of course you can install. For every error that will appear there exist a solution in the web but why try doing things in a long way?
Win 7 Ultimate is certified for installing 11gR2 - pl identify which 11gR2 you are installing. Pl review the install log and post the errors here Troubleshooting the Oracle Database Installation HTHSrini

Problems in installation of Oracle Database 11g R2 for Windows 7 64 bit

Hello, I am trying to install oracle database 11g R2 on my laptop. It runs on windows 7 64 bit. At time of installation, at Step 3, when I am choosing Desktop class and clicking on Next, the installation does not proceed. Nothing comes next and I have to kill the process. I have java installed in my machine.Could anyone help resolving this. Thank you
Which version of Win 7 ? Home version is not certified - Oracle Database Preinstallation Requirements Assuming you are using a supported OS version, this issue has been reported many times -…

Oracle express edition 11g R2 unable to install

Hi,i was trying to install oracle 11g R2 on my laptop when i downloaded from OTN i have unzipped both the files in one folder and i clicked on Setup to install it and when i click the desktop class the setup screen disappears and  it starts from first.I don't what was the problem. Can anyone please guide me what to do. 
Right click the setup file and run it as administrator and see if it works.
Is your laptop is 64-bit? If yes, Oracle express edition does not work with 64-bit windows environment. 
Hi sharmaI tried to run it as administrator but it still i am getting same error. It stops the setup at step 3 when i am selecting desktop class. Yes i am using windows 7(Home premium) 64 bit
Oracle say Oracle express edition does not work with x64. You can install linux on a vmware and then install Oracle on it. this edition comes for Linux x64.
I am extremely sorry Sharma, I have installed "Enterprise Edition" not the Express edition.Can you suggest me anything now. Thank you
There have been several reports of 11gR2 install process having issues on Win 7 x64.Check this slink. This might help.Oracle 11G database for 64 bit windows installation errorUnable to install Oracle 11g Release 2 x64 on Win7 Enterprise Edition 64bitIf it doesn't work, you can open an SR.
Thank you.

INS-35210 proble eaven though the system is x64

hello i'm trying to install ASM with an oracle database 11g R2 version 2 standalone server on my windows 7 x64. durring the database installation when i get to choose the database storage (File System or ASM ), ichoose ASM and then i get this error message sayin that i shoud use an x64 system ( knowing that i'm on an x64 win 7 ultimate ) i got the database and grid both from the official oracle website. i tried with windows 2008 server and on an XP x64 pro and i get the same problemcould someone help me please !
Hi, Which version of 11G you are trying to install? probably this can be useful : HTH, Pradeep