Full database migration using Transportable Tablespace - Migration (Korean)

Hi All, Can anybody let me know to migrate/move full database from Solaris x86 to Solaris SPARC  using TTS, Please. Regards,Kumar

Sorry, We are using database

Transporting Data Across Platforms

check this: Cross-Platform Database Migration (across same endian) using RMAN Transportable Database (Doc ID 1401921.1)How to Migrate to different Endian Platform Using Transportable Tablespaces With RMAN

Thank you Brian and Frak, TTS are used for only data migration. We can't move SYSTEM/SYSAUX. Also, there are quite a few limitations on the datatypes and the object dependencies as well. Regards,


Single Instance to RAC migration

I'm planing a migration from HP-UX to Linux, from Single Instance 8i to RAC 10g.
The problem is the migration of all the data (of course!), because the database contains almost 4 TB. of data.
Some guy said to me that he heard something about migrating the data using RMAN, I think backing up the data from the original database, and restoring the data on the target, new, RAC based datadase.
The Single Instance Database is Filesystem based, and the target is Raw Device based.
Does anybody know something about some kind of tutorial, manual, or starting point to consider using this kind of procedure to make what I need?
Thanks a lot, in advance!!!!!
To move the data (transportable tablespace set) across platforms, the minimum compatibility requirement on source and target database is 10.0
and RMAN is used to convert the datafiles (associated with transportable tablepspace set) if the endianness of source and target platform is different.
Since in the current case the source database is Oracle 8i, transportable tablspace feature (across platforms) with RMAN can not be used to move the data across platforms.
OK, I understand this, but how can somebody move data from an 8i database to a 10g RAC database? Export / Import? Is there another way to do this?
Thanks a lot!
I'm planing a migration from HP-UX to LinuxFor cross platform exp/imp is the only option if you are not on 10g. In 10g RMAN can convert the datafiles from one compatible OS format to another but to achieve this bot database should be on 10g. As you said you have arnd 4TB of data so exp/imp is not a good option for you the best way according to me would be to install 10g on HP-UX and use database UPGRADE method to upgrade the 8i database to 10g on same HP box and then use RMAN to migrate 10g database on HP-UX to Linux by converting the datafiles.
Read oracle doc for more on UPGRADE and RMAN.
Daljit Singh

Can I use RMAN transportable database cross platform from 10g to 11g?

Hi, I'm working on the migration plan, the source db server is solaris with 10g database while the destination server is AIX with 11g database.Can I use RMAN transportable database for this purpose?Coz I have read the restrictions on Cross-Platform Transportable Database, but it does not mention whether it can work for different version of database.please help.
Hi, AFAIK , RMAN will not work with different version. What is your DB size, if is it small DB you can go with datapump methodYou can also check Restrictions and Usage Notes :TRANSPORT TABLESPACE
Hi, Do you have metalink account? If yes please check : Cross-Platform Migration on Destination Host Using Rman Convert Database [ID 414878.1]* RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable Databases and Tablespaces Thank you

Database upgrade concern about migration

Hi All, We are in the middle of migrating the database from IBM AIX to Linux exadata Server using transportable tablespace. Source Database(IBM AIX) is and Target DB (LINUX exadata) is DB. Our concern is here that after migration do we need to upgrade the database to As we are using transportable tablespace we are following the below detail steps. 1. check verification of tablespaces.2. Export the source tablespace using transportable tablespace.3. copy all the datafile to target server from source server.4. Convert datafile on target server.5. imp the metadata to target server. After completing the above activity do i need to upgrade the target database to as  the datafiles are belong on db. Please suggest. Thanks
Your compatible parameter on the Exadata box  would be at 11.2 0.2 or higher in Exadata."Beginning with Oracle Database 11g, a tablespace can always be transported to a database with the same or higher compatibility setting, whether the target database is on the same or a different platform. The database signals an error if the compatibility level of the transportable set is higher than the compatibility level of the target database."So you should be good to go without anything extra. Transporting Tablespaces Between Databases
Hi  Thanks for the update. yes, Compatible parameter on source DB(IBM AIX) is 11.2.0 and target db(Exadata) is means we don't need to do upgrade after tranposting the tablespace metadata. Please suggest. Thanks
I should think so, However in all such cases I personally open an informational SR and get buy in from oracle before doing it. Anyway you normally would be doing multiple rounds of iteration to test just such issues wouldn't you.Cheers
You do not need to upgrade. For upgrades to Exadata, XTTS is the preferred method and it is designed to reduce the downtime.Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 1389592.1)Thanks,Pratap
Remember for XTTS you need an additional home that is a bit of a problem seeing that is no longer a supported platform in Exadata. So yes it works but Oracle really needs to update the methodology to not need the additional home.

Which method is preferred for EBS database migration?

Dear all, We are going to upgrade/migrate database from HP-UX to Linux (10gR2 to 11gR2). We reviewed the note 1377213.1 and we understand we can use the export/import or TTS. 1)  migrate from 10gR2 to 11gR2 using export/import2) upgrade to 11gR2, then migrate to Linux  using TTS3) migrate  using export/import, then upgrade to 11gR2 Could you please advice which one is the best ?  Which method is preferred for EBS database?  export/import or TTS?  Thanks& Best regards,
I'd pick TTS over export/import as moving data using transportable tablespaces is much faster than performing an export/import -- Transporting Tablespaces Between Databases Thanks,Hussein
There's many different options, but they are very dependent on version and platform. On an eBS database, I would avoid Export/Import at all cost, since it has many, many limitations, besides the fact it would be extremely slow. I would upgrade to 11g first, then use this to switch platform : Transporting Data Across Platforms

Oracle 9i AIX upgrade to 11g Linux

HiI have a 3TB Oracle 9i database that is currently running on AIX.I would like to know the best way to transfer the database to linux. 1. Is it possible to create an database on the Linux platform and apply the archive logs?     is it possible you can apply AIX 9i archive logs into a Linux 11g database? I've looking into exp/imp with a date range but this still takes to long to perform. (limited production downtime). Please can you give me your thoughts. thank you so much.
Hi,there are different endianness between AIX and LINUX.So you can't use Standby database. The best and proven method is to do an export on AIX and import on the Linux machine. You can check if transportable tablespaces will work  but I think there are to much errors in 11.2. Keep in mind that the offical Support for will end in May 2017. After this you have to pay more money for extended support. 3 TB should be relatively good exported in acceptable time.May be you can tune your export and import routine with parallel etc. regards
Hi, here one  MOS note.Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 2005729.1) regards
Hi,sorry here the correct 11g MOS note11G - Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 1389592.1) regards