Database Signon: Could not sign on to database HRCS9 with user PS. - PeopleSoft OVM Templates

PSADMIN.232 (0) [11/02/11 13:21:54](0) Begin boot attempt on domain MyDomain
PSWATCHSRV.628 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:03] Checking process status every 120 seconds
PSWATCHSRV.628 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:03] Server started
PSAPPSRV.2496 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:08](0) PeopleTools Release 8.49 (WinX86) starting
PSAPPSRV.2496 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:08](0) Cache Directory being used: E:\PT8.49\appserv\MyDomain\CACHE\PSAPPSRV_2\
PSAPPSRV.2496 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:09](1) GenMessageBox(0, 0, M): Database Signon: Could not sign on to database MyDatabase with user PS.
PSAPPSRV.2496 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:09](0) Server failed to start
PSWATCHSRV.628 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:09] Shutting down
PSADMIN.232 (0) [11/02/11 13:22:15](0) End boot attempt on domain MyDomain 

Make sure are you able to login into Applicaton Designer with user id PS. If not check your PS user id & password in database.
You need to reset your user id. 

But could you please let me know from where/how I can replace my userid and password.
I can connect to sqlplus through userId PS and password PS. But not able to connect in Application Designer.


Teradata HS Connection

Am having some difficulty in getting a Teradata Heterogeneous Service connection working.
Already run caths.sql script, updated listener + tnsnames + initialisation file.
And any query produces an error with the following trace details:
Heterogeneous Agent Release
(0) [Transparent gateway for TERA] version:
(0) connect string is: defTdpName=tg4tera;SYNTAX=(ORACLE8_HOA, BASED_ON=ORACLE8,
(0) <datasource name='tg4tera' type='ODBC' connect='TD'
(0) syntaxName='ODBC_TERADATA'>
(0) <driverProperties/></datasource></datasources><environment>
(0) year2000Policy='-1' consumerApi='1' sessionBehavior='4'/><queryProcessor
(0) parserDepth='2000' noInsertParameterization='true'
(0) noThreadedReadAhead='true'/></environment></binding></navobj>
(0) ORACLE GENERIC GATEWAY Log File Started at 08-Mar-04 13:21:32
(0) [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata RDBMS] Invalid password. (SQL State:
(0) 28000; SQL Code: -3003)
(0) (Last message occurred 2 times)
(0) Closing log file at MON MAR 08 13:21:33 2004.
From my reading it is connecting ok, but has security validation problems.
As the ODBC setup for Teradata has options for User/Password I have tried including in both, then including only in one or the other without success ... and attempted upper and lower case password.
I am successful in logging into Teradata using the same password through other ODBC tools, so unsure what to try next.
Any suggestions are welcome.

opmnctl startproc ias-component=RTC  Command return error

I have Installed oracle collaboration suite 10g Rel 1 (10.1.2) on two box on 2 HP DL-380 + Linux OEL 4 Update 5
I have faced a problem after changing RTC_APP schema password through sqlplus.
I can not start my RTC process with following command:
opmnctl startproc ias-component=RTC
--> Process (pid=8319)
failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit
+ EXIT=204
if [ $EXIT -eq 1 ]
+ '[' 204 -eq 1 ']'
exit $EXIT
+ exit 204
when I looked for more information under /u01/oracle/product/10.1.2/ocs_1/opmn/logs/RTC~rtcpm~1
I found
08/10/28 19:54:17 Start process
null Property has no value set
Also when I run rtcctl command return, it returns
rtcctl encountered an error. Check its logs.
the out put of log file /u01/oracle/product/10.1.2/ocs_1/imeeting/logs/rtcctl/rtcctl-10.28.2008-20_37_54.xml is
<record timestamp="2008-10-28T20:37:54.412+03:30" time-local="true" severity="config" source-path="oracle.imt.application.init" source="DBConnInit"><message>Loading Oracle JDBC driver</message>
<record xsi:type="exception" timestamp="2008-10-28T20:37:54.414+03:30" time-local="true" severity="severe" source-path="oracle.imt.admincli" source="CommandLineControl"><message>Exception in initializer</message>
at java.lang.String.<init>(
at oracle.imt.admin.init.ServerInitializer$Obfuscator.deobfuscate(
at oracle.imt.lib.enviroment.ImtEnvironment$DatabaseInfo.getPassword(
at oracle.imt.application.db.SrvDBConnProvider.<init>(
at oracle.imt.application.init.DBConnInit.initialize(
at oracle.imt.application.init.DBConnInit.initStorage(
at oracle.imt.admin.init.ServerInitializer.init(
at oracle.imt.admin.init.ServerInitializer.init(
at oracle.imt.admin.init.ServerInitializer.init(
at oracle.imt.admincli.CommandLineControl.main(
Do you have any idea? 
You changed the password in the database, but the component needs this password to authenticate, therefore you must also change it in the repository.
The procedure is detailed here :
It does not work for me since rtcctl does not work properly.
it is the output of rtcctl command when I want to get shell mode.
rtcctl encountered an error. Check its logs.
Then you should try and change the password in The OID LDAP directory
<li>launch oidadmin</li>
<li> connect as "cn=orcladmin"</li>
<li> go to orclresourcename=DB_Properties,cn=RTC_APP,orclApplicationCommonName=<database service>,cn=Database Instances,cn=RTC,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext</li>
<li>change the orclpasswordattribute value</li>
<li> restart RTC</li>
I had followed base on Note:435842.1 of metalink
(Additional Steps Needed when Changing OCS Schema Passwords)
Section B Changing the Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Schema Password
but it did not work.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Installation (OVM Templates)

Hi there,
I've been struggling with the second part of the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 OVM Templates installation - App-Batch.
Could Not sign on to database PSHCM91 with user PSI've tried all I could see below:
SELECT roleuser, rolename
FROM psroleuser
WHERE rolename in ('PeopleSoft Administrator', 'Portal Administrator');
--------------    ----------------------------------
PS              PeopleSoft Administrator
PSEM          PeopleSoft Administrator
PSHC          PeopleSoft AdministratorLSNRCTL status
brings, I configured the tnsnames on both sides to SERVICE_NAME=PSHCM91.corp.peoplesoft.comChecked the tnsnames, everything's ok.
Can anyone please share more knowledge on this for me.
Thread moved to dedicated PSOVM forum : <a href=>Forum Home » PeopleSoft Enterprise » PeopleSoft OVM Templates</a>
Please, follow up there, this is tracked by Oracle people.
Are the images downloaded recently (after Jan-2011) ? By the past there was an issue on password lifetime of PEOPLE and SYSADM, please read that article below and let me know if that applies to you :
Or that thread as well might help you (similar case) :
Suddenly not able to start up the appserver? SQL library error
Will do. 
Please, confirm you're able to connect onto the database from the Apps server.
Hi Nicholas,
select username,account_status,expiry_date,profile
from   dba_users
where username in ('PEOPLE','SYSADM');
------- ------ -------- --------
SYSADM  OPEN            DEFAULTANd here is the specific error I am getting:
Do you wish to see the error messages in the APPSRV.LOG file? (y/n) [n] :y
PSADMIN.2386 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:05](0) Begin boot attempt on domain APPDOM
PSAPPSRV.2399 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:15](0) PeopleTools Release 8.50.02 (Linux) starting. Tuxedo server is APPSRV(99)/1
PSAPPSRV.2399 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:15](0) Cache Directory being used: /home/psadm2/ps/pt/8.50/appserv/APPDOM/CACHE/PSAPPSRV_1/
PSAPPSRV.2399 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:15](1) GenMessageBox(0, 0, M): Database Signon: Could not sign on to database PSHCM91 with user PS.
PSAPPSRV.2399 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:15](0) Server failed to start
PSADMIN.2386 (0) [02/28/11 03:58:23](0) End boot attempt on domain APPDOMAnd I can also log on to oracle using sysadm from App-Batch. 
Ok, you're working with previous PSOVM HCM version (not the latest one working on PT8.51.02).
Do you have a stdout and/or stderr file in $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/APPDOM(/LOGS) ? What's the content of them ?
Both are empty. 
Hi Nicholas,
I realized that you used the same version of OVM I used as well from your blog:
How did you get it to work?
I really need this to work, I've done the installation a couple of times thinking I did some mistakes but no I didn't.
And below is the tuxedo log file:
Do you wish to see the error messages in the TUXLOG.022811 file? (y/n) [n] :y!PSADMIN.2494: Begin  attempt on domain APPDOM!tmadmin.2531.729595040.-2: TMADMIN_CAT:1330: INFO: Command: boot -A!tmboot.2532.1713624608.-2: 02-28-2011: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit!tmboot.2532.1713624608.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1851: INFO: TM_BOOTTIMEOUT is set to 120 seconds!tmboot.2532.1713624608.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1855: INFO: TM_BOOTPRESUMEDFAIL option is selected!BBL.2533.1728818272.0: 02-28-2011: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit, Patch Level (none)!BBL.2533.1728818272.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting!tmboot.2536.985744928.-2: 02-28-2011: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit!tmboot.2536.985744928.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1851: INFO: TM_BOOTTIMEOUT is set to 120 seconds!tmboot.2536.985744928.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1855: INFO: TM_BOOTPRESUMEDFAIL option is selected!PSWATCHSRV.2537.2082594400.-2: 02-28-2011: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit!PSWATCHSRV.2537.2082594400.-2: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting!PSAPPSRV.2538.4109624272.0: 02-28-2011: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit!PSAPPSRV.2538.4109624272.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting!PSAPPSRV.2538.4109624272.0: LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed!tmboot.2536.985744928.-2: tmboot: CMDTUX_CAT:827: ERROR: Fatal error encountered; initiating user error handler!BBL.2533.1728818272.0: CMDTUX_CAT:26: INFO: The BBL is exiting system!PSADMIN.2494: End boot attempt on domain APPDOM 
Could you post the content of /etc/hosts from both apps and db servers ?
And also, check ps.psdbowner in the db. Connect onto the db with user people, and check if you have access to psaccessprfl, psoprdefn.
Please set the logfence to 5 in the Appserver configuration and the TraceSQL to 15. That way we can find some more details on whats causing the error. I suspect that Nicolas is right about the psdbowner table. 
Please see below:
+*DB Server:*+       localhost.localdomain   localhost
::1     localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 psoft psoftappb
+*App-Batch Server:*+       localhost.localdomain   localhost
::1     localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 psoftappb psoft+*Log on from App Serv with user people:*+
PEOPLE#pshcm91> select * from ps.psdbowner;
------------     -------------
pshcm91     SYSADM
+*Describe and SELECT statement from psaccessprfl:*+
PEOPLE#pshcm91> desc psaccessprfl
*ORA-04043: object psaccessprfl does not exist*
PEOPLE#pshcm91> select * from psaccessprfl;
select * from psaccessprfl
ERROR at line 1:
*ORA-00942: table or view does not exist*
+*Describe and SELECT statement from psoprdefn:*+
PEOPLE#pshcm91> desc psoprdefn
ORA-04043: object psoprdefn does not exist
PEOPLE#pshcm91> select * from psoprdefn;
select * from psoprdefn
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not existConclusion: User people cannot access any of those tables.
Where do I go from here please?
Thanks for your time.
Something went wrong somewhere, but the dbname in PSDBOWNER must be in upper case. Try to update the table as following :
update ps.psdbowner set dbname=upper(dbname);
commit;And retry to start your apps.

ODBC: Failed to open table on network drive.

What this message signifies : Unregistered catalog ID in message #63992 (ID=0) ?
1.If Oracle application -> HS -> ODBC -> *.dbf (same machine) => WORK!
2.If Oracle application -> HS -> ODBC -> *.dbf (other machine) => DON'T WORK!
3.If non-Oracle application -> same ODBC -> *.dbf (other machine) => WORK!
(same machine - Windows 2000 AS,
other machine - map network drive to Novell Netware server)
From SQL*Plus:
SQL> select * from karta#mylink;
select * from karta#mylink
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
[Generic Connectivity Using ODBC]393330(0,0,1[[]])
ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from MYLINK
From trace file:
Heterogeneous Agent Release
(0) [Generic Connectivity Using ODBC] version:
(0) connect string is:
(0) XEC_FLAGS = 131592;defTdpName=sect;binding=(sect,ODBC,"MyFPD");
(0) ORACLE GENERIC GATEWAY Log File Started at 24-Jun-02 07:32:23
(0) hoadtab(26); Entered.
(0) Table 1 - KARTA
(0) Unregistered catalog ID in message #63992 (ID=0)
(0) Noname message
(0) hoadtab dscr(0) = 00000000
(0) hoapars(15); Entered.
(0) Sql Text is: SELECT * FROM "KARTA"
(0) Unregistered catalog ID in message #63992 (ID=0)
(0) Noname message
(0) [A00D] Failed to open table SECT:KARTA
Generic Connectivity requires that the ODBC driver is installed on the same machine where the Oracle database is installed. 
But it so !!! 
Based on the information available I am not able to figure out why you are getting a table not found.
There are a couple of possibilities:
1) the user does not have access to the table
2) the table in the is in lower case
Please contact Oracle support and they will be able to assist you with this issue

oracle transparent gateway sql server ORA.28511

I tried to install the gateway for ms sql server and failed, can anyone help me?
the 1. computer - database server is a hpux with oracle 8.1.7
the 2. computer - gateway computer is a win 2k with oracle transparent gateway 9.0.1
the 3. computer - Sql Server is a Computer with WinXP and SQL Server 2000 SP3
what i did:
-i created an entry in tnsnames.ora at the database server
-i cerated an entry in listener.ora at the gateway computer.
-i created the file inittg4nidb.ora (tg4nidb = SID)
-i created a database user at the sql server
-i created a database link in oracle
then i tried to select data from the sql server database and i got the following message:
SQL> select * from tab_ScriptCoordination#thomas1;
select * from tab_ScriptCoordination#thomas1
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-02068: following severe error from THOMAS1
ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using
the listener seems to be ok (i get an new entry in listener.log when i execute a selectstatement in sql+), also i can see the program tg4msql in the taskmanager of the gatewaycomputer after executing a select.
there must be something wrong in the file inittg4nidb.ora
Here are the entries of this file:
at the authentication on the SQL Server.
Here is the Trace of the gateway:
Oracle Corporation --- FRIDAY FEB 14 2003 14:53:25.284
Heterogeneous Agent Release
(0) [Transparent gateway for MSSQL] version:
(0) connect string is:
(0) 131080;defTdpName=tg4nidb;binding=(tg4nidb,MSSQL,"ricsa103netinst.SoftwareDist-
(0) ribution");
(0) ORACLE SQL SERVER GATEWAY Log File Started at 14-Feb-03 14:53:25
Does anyone know this problem and how to solve it?
There is not enough information for me to figure out why you are getting this error. Basically the error indicates that the gateway has crashed.
Please set the HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL = DEBUG and take a look at the trace file.
Also send the tnsnames entry as well as the listener.ora