Problem working with eAM : cannot find the organisation - SCM - Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)(Archived)

am working on Oracle eAM
I cannot find the example organisation "em1" in the list of values for organisations
i dunno how it disappeared
I need to work on this organisation because it contains pre defined data and am still very new to the application
I tried troubleshooting the problem and created a new responsibility " user2 Enterprise Asset Management , Vision Operations" but whenever i tried to open organisation form by " Inventory : Setup : Organisation > Organisation "
i kept getting this error
APP-PER-50022 Oracle Human resources couldn't retrieve a value for the user type profile option
please ensure it is set properly for your responsibility
please help me

Go to inventory > setup > organizations > organization access
And create a record for the new responsibility "" user2 Enterprise Asset Management , Vision Operations"
Organization Access functionality is used to restrict a responsibility to certain organizations.
Hope this answers your question
Sandeep Gandhi
Omkar Technologies Inc.
Independent Techno-functional Consultant 

Sandeep_ , i really appreciate your help and kindness
i followed what you said , but the only organisation i could see was M1
and the only organisations available for me from the list of values is M1 and V1
this applies for my responsbility and i tried the same as a system adminstrator
i need to access EM1 , Seatle Maintenance Org 

Is EM1 and M1 and V1 under the same operating unit? 

Sandeep_ am soo Happy by ur instant help and replies
Look am a newbie to the application , so i dunno how can i know if they are under the same operating unit !?
M1 is " Seatle Manufacturing " and aslo belongs to vision operation
EM1 that i want to access is " Seatle Maintenance " and belongs to Vision Operations
so ? 

Are you using a public instance that I can take a look at? 

again am thankful for ur kindness ..
but unluckily no , the application is on an internal server
sandeep , is there anyway i can contact you .. can i add you to my yahoo messenger list ? 

My email address is displayed in my profile. Send me screenshots of your setups. 

Ok , Sandeep
i will send them :)
thanks Alot .. 

I sent you an email now ..Thanks


AR Setup

I am learning the functional side of AR, i am using the solution beacon instance to learn my self...
I started with AR module, hence i strated to create an Invoice..
1. Not able to choose the currency
2. Not able to select the customer
so i went to setup... i tried creating customer in AR customer -> standard..
got an error set of book not defined..
Can you let me know how to start with..
It will be helpful to me..
1. Not able to choose the currency
Probably currencies are not defined. You should go to Setup/Financials/Currencies/Currencies and define the currencies you want to use.
2. Not able to select the customer
Probably there are no customers created...
so i went to setup... i tried creating customer in AR customer -> standard..
got an error set of book not defined..
You should start by this last problem. In GL, see is the set of books is correctly defined.Then, in AR, navigate to Setup/System/System Option and, in the Accounting Area enter the Operating Unit and the correct set of books.
Hope this helps.
Hello ,
See the Oralce Implemtation Guide for AR Module, it has cover all the Steps
for the implemtation , and the access .
you have solution begon access so u have metalink access go in metalink
and find the documentation for AR Module.

R12 - Operating Unit

I am new to Oracle but having other erp background. I am looking for the way to define new Operating Unit in the application. Please help me at your earliest.
Thanks in advance.
First you need to know the current system configuration...whether it is a multi BG or a single BG
Defining a OU is a simple task just naviigate to the Organization windaw and define your OU but what you want to achive, if you could explain your requirement people around here in the forum could able to help you out
I would recommend you to refer the documents in the below link 
Thanks for your reply. As I said that I am new to Oracle and exploring the oracle application. Currently we have vision operation environment (Demo) with Multi BG setup. For my own use and understanding I tried to setup new OU but stuck. I defined new OU but it is not appearing when I am trying to define or use it in Inventory or Subinventory. I am sure I am missing something for that I need you guys help.
I had that link which you sent me, oracle documentation is good but each document consist of around 1000 pages and more which is not easy for me to read. I just using my previous experience and trying to understand concept and functions of Oracle. I hope you understand my point.
For any help and support many thanks in advance. 
1. Define an organization and assign Operating Unit in the classifications.
2. Choose Others button and choose OU information.
3. Assign legal entity and Ledger there.
4. Save it and exit.
5. Now you define your inventory org and classify the same as Inventory organization.
6.Choose Others Button and in Accounting Information choose OU and ledger.
PS: FYI..We assign OU to inventory org and not to subinventory.
Also from documentation use 120funmo.pdf. It is called oracle applications multiple organizations and only 62 pages!
Thanks Mohan, I done it & it is working.

newly created Organization  is not avilable in organization list

Hi guys ,
am new to Oracle applications, am using ebs 12.0.6 from solution beacon and trying for inventory setups.i setup all the flex fields then create an organization .but this organization is not visible at item master and change organization form.
At organization setup form it's available where i create it.
please help
Shakeel Khan 
You have to give the access control on the organization.
Navigate to setup --> organizations --> Organization Access here add an entry for your orgnization.
Please mark this answer as helpful or correct as if it is.
Thank You.
sorry brother,
i forgot explaining one thing that when i go to organization parameter my newly created organization is also missing here.i can't setup it's parameter.
please help 
Getting an error FRM-41830 no LOVs 
Inventory > setup > organizations > Query up your organization
Make sure you have entered a classification = Inventory Organization for your new org.
Sandeep Gandhi
Omkar Technologies Inc.
Independent Techno-functional Consultant 
I have the same issue. I created the inventory org and also added the accounting information etc. However when I try to set up the payables financial options and try to find the inventory orgs, I get the same error. What am I supposed to do?

You are not setup as worker -  In Receiving Form- R12

I'm not able to receive the items in the inventory and I am getting the above error. Can someone explain this ... because in 11i we were able to do it but in r12 not possible .. any specific reasons??
Recent functionality change requires you to be setup as an employee before you can perform receipts.
Go to Purchasing > setup > Personnel > Employees and setup the employee.
If you use full HRMS, use HRMS responsibility.
And then go to sysadmin > define users and associate the userid with the employee.
Now you can perform the receipt.
Hope this helps,
Sandeep Gandhi 
Thanks for the answer but I like to know any specific reason for doing this.

Work in Process Organization

Hi All,
I have a doubt explained below and would seek help from experts.
I have created new responsibility in Work in Process using 'WIP_NAVIGATE_10G' existing menu. Attached this Responsibility to 'OPERATIONS' user.I have not attached any organization to this responsibility. I wonder to see Organization V1 set to default for this responsibility.
My question: Where this option is available to set default organization? It will be good if you could specify navigation or underlying table.
Note : I was using Oracle Vision instance for my test. Oracle Apps Version: 12.1.3
Appreciate help.
I went through eTRM and WIP user guide, it coud not give any useful help. 
See if the following works
Inventory > setup > organizations > organization access
Enter the V1, WIP and your responsibility name.
Keep in mind that if you set up the above, you may have to setup other WIP responsibilities as well.
Hope this helps,
Sandeep Gandhi 
Thanks sandeep for the update.
But without adding organization to new Responsibility (Work in Process Responsibility), I could see Vision Operations (V1) attached to it while working with transactional forms of WIP. I have checked in Organization access , but do not see Vision operations added to this responsibility. I do not see any organization attached to my newly created responsibility.
So, my question is how this organization gets added to newly created WIP responsibility by default. I believe there will be set up kind of option must be available.
Appreciate further help.
If I understood you correctly, V1 is available in the Operations responsibility.
You just want to make it a default.
As far as I know, the only way (except customizations) to do that is to configure org access and give only V1 to the Operations responsibility.
Hope this helps,
Sandeep Gandhi 
I found answer to my question.
In my case Organization V1 displayed because, it was not attached to any responsibility. If an organization not attached to any responsibility, then it is attainable to all responsibilities. This is the thumb rule in oracle apps for manufacturing organizations.