SYSADM and PEOPLE password life time - PeopleSoft OVM Templates

There is a password lifetime on SYSADM and PEOPLE users which make the application and batch server stop to startup (and AppDesigner/DataMover connection impossible) when reaching the expiration limit or even grace time.
They are coming within the DEFAULT profile of the Oracle database default settings.
As I explained on my blog - - these settings should be removed, and if needed, it must be done manually in a defined maintenance window, but certainly not "sometime" when it is not expected.
Would it be possible to change the default settings ?

Hi Nicolas,
In PT 8.50 I can able to find the EXPIRY_DATE set to null.
Hope this was taken care from the peoplesoft.
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I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but my question was for the future template settings.

It has been fixed within the latest template of HCM9.1 (on Peopletools 8.51.02) delivered on Jan-2011.


New Metalink HTML version

In the previous thread about the new ML, which has now been locked, there were a lot of people, like myself, that were excited when they announced that they would still offer an HTML version of ML that would do everything that many of us need. Looks like our excitment was premature based on how they decided to allow access to the HTML version.
From the FAQ:
Why don’t I see a link to the HTML option on the My Oracle Support landing page?
The link to the HTML option is only displayed when viewing My Oracle Support from a browser that does not have Flash Player installed, has an unsupported version of Flash Player, or has Flash Player blocked by the browser.
I hope the big customers that have some power with Oracle start yelling loud and soon to get access to the HTML version without these requirements. 
The link to the html version is not displayed if you have flash installed; Try ; I was able to run the HTML Interface although I have flash installed... 
Thanks for the tip. I couldn't find that information on that link. I was hoping that the html version would look, and work, just like the old one but that doesn't appear to be the case. It is even strange in that it acts like it is still doing some flash stuff at times but hopefully I'll get it figured out. Thanks again! 
How we can donwload pacthes from cmd prompt using new metalink 
They were supposed to transfer our old TARs, weren't they? I entered/last updated one Friday afternoon, in Metalink Classic. So far, I haven't been able to locate/check the status in the new HTML version. I don't have the number.....had an emergency call and didn't write it down. 
thanks for the URL! Why do they need to use Flash at all? The HTML interface looks good anyway! 
stevecreed wrote:
thanks for the URL! Why do they need to use Flash at all? The HTML interface looks good anyway!Marketing, I think. Someone with authority who doesn't use the system the way we do made the decision
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Yes, I also wonder about Flash. 
I have to say, when I can get in, it looks good.
Knowlegebase searches actually come up with answers using more than the first search term (as old Metalink used to do) and I was able to find applicable results quickly :-), here's the "but":
While viewing document #2, I couldn't go back to re-read document session claims to have "timed out" in the 30 seconds it took to read and print the second document. Don't know if it went down again or if you are only allowed to look at one document per session <sigh> but now I have to re-create/rerun the search to re-read the document. Looks like I'm going to have to print EVERYTHING.
Secondly, it looks like those of us who are OnDemand customers are outta luck here. It seems our scheduled tasks (refreshes, patches, etc.) are not SRs anylonger and we can't access them from the HTML version. Makes it kinda limited use for us! :-(
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I take back anything I said above that was good! :-{
Logged back into HTMLland. Reran the search (keywords: printer driver style concurrent report)
All I get is a JD Edwards Conversion document. It's like the rest of the knowlegebase is unavailable.
CRUD! All I want to do is get another look at the document I viewed 20 minutes ago which actually had the answer to my problem!!!!!!! :-{  :-{                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Keep trying :)
I just run a search with the same keywords, and I got a bunch more documents. Did you change the "Knowledge Filter" (the Binoculars next to the Search Button)? I had the same problem yesterday when first logging into MOS HTML; the Knowledge Filter was set to some JD Edwards stuff by default... 
sourdoughwannab wrote:
I take back anything I said above that was good! :-{You're aware you can edit the prior post :) ?
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Where is the eTRM in the HTML version?

Peoplesoft template front-end language

Since the Peoplesoft templates are English only, would it be possible to redirect the default page to the English one, otherwise when people try to connect with a non-English browser, they receive an error message about the language as the following :
My translation of the message : "The selected language does not work because not configured onto the system".
Well, it's easy to click on English link on the login page... but still, the redirection could be nice.
Hi Nicolas,
I'll incorporate your suggestions in the planning for the next PeopleSoft Oracle VM discussions.
I'm collating your suggestions, but could you add your suggestions in a single thread, rather than a different thread for each suggestion?
I appreciate the time you're taking to make this a better experience for everyone.
Thank a lot for your quick response.
And sorry to post multiple threads, I thought that would have been clearer, I'll follow your advice.
Here are my other suggestions/remarks :
1) Batch processes does not post => Batch processes does not post
2) PIA server - MAX_FILE_DESCRIPTORS warning => PIA server - MAX_FILE_DESCRIPTORS warning
3) App/Batch server - oracle client version => App/Batch server - oracle client version
4) Database configuration issues => Database configuration issues
5) And also tnsnames (SID/SERVICE_NAME), the domain name of the database is
=>Re: Ensuring all components are functioning
Best regards,
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NEW! Oracle VM Template for PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 9.1 and PeopleTool

See the blog posting: Oracle VM Template for PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 9.1 and PeopleTools 8.50
"... Continuing our delivery of Oracle VM Templates for PeopleSoft we have a new addition to the Oracle VM Templates site, the availability of PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 9.1 and PeopleTools 8.50 virtual machines"
We made some changes based on the comments posted here.
Please continue to share your comments and suggestions, thanks. 
That's a very good news !
And yes, according to the documentation several remarks have been taken in account (some I like during the App template first start), thanks for that.
At a first glance on the Peoplesoft OVM PSDB (the database template), there are still few minor issues :
1) As said earlier for the HCM template, CSS is not able to start (Failed to start CSS
2) More annoying, the DEFAULT profile for SYSADM and PEOPLE force a password change on the 23rd of August (180 days life, looks like the db has been built on the 24th of Feb). Is it possible to make it unlimited by default in the future template ? The DEFAULT profile was already a problem for HCM template as well. What will happen if template is started after that date ? Probably the appserv won't start without db modification (SYSADM and PEOPLE password life time
3) As said earlier for the HCM template, the database does not start automatically on server boot even if we choose that option during the first start of the db OVM.
I'll test the App/Batch/PIA sooni and come back.
Thanks again for the effort of implementing more Peoplesoft templates.
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Hello Greg,
I completed the installation of App/Batch/PIA server. Very well done, much appreciated, except posting report, all work fine without touching anything !
Several issues from HCM9.1 template have been fixed, thanks.
However, I have an issue (most likely not coming from template itself but probably from the Peopletools version - 8.50.09). When I try to enter a text in any lookup field (for instance in the process monitor, field name of process), I immediately receive an error, please see the screenshot linked below :
Same on the user role page
Unfortunately, I don't have an other env. with same level of Peopletools patch to test it out and did not found anything in My Oracle Support, any idea ?
Hi Nicolas,
It might be an issue with TypeAhead, so
Go to Working with Personalization Options at
Scroll down to
Understanding Navigation Personalizations
Then to
Enable auto suggest type ahead on prompt edit boxes. The system performs a prompt lookup as you type, suggesting appropriate values.
The default value is Yes
Change it to NO
Let me know if that resolves it. I'm having someone take a look at it anyway.
Edited by: Greg Kelly (556137) on Aug 9, 2010 3:19 PM 
Thank you for the enlight. It fixed the issue but no more this nice lookup field auto complete.
There are indeed a couple notes relevent for TYPEAHD in My Oracle Support, one of the most relevent (or similar) is maybe 1147744.1. It seems to be a known bug introduced within Peopletools 8.50.07/08. I'm afraid, if this is the same bug, it will be solved in Peopletools 8.51 (according to that note). I think we'll keep our HCM production database on 8.50.06.

Duplicate post, please ignore

Hi everybody,
At first, don't mistake me if my english language is very medium, moliere's language is my native language.
So I installed Oracle 11g R2 on Linux Platform, and I try to create a new connection via SQL Developer.
I put login, pass I create while proceeding installation
and database name on SID
But I have a TNS error when
Best regards,
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The administrator, can he delete this post? Because it's here 3 per.
transact wrote:
The administrator, can he delete this post? Because it's here 3 per.
TransactNo, but you can hit the "edit" button on the first message in the thread and change the subject to something like "Duplicate post, please igonre". These double and triple posts are not that uncommon around here and most people understand (and have done it themselves). It seems to be due to slow response from the server and people hitting "post" button again and again, thinking it didn't "take" the first time. 
Ok, I made it.

remove accessibility from Oracle Linux 6.1

I have an oracle linux server (6.1 with gnome 2.28.2) that supports a number of terminals.
A user added the magnifier tool (accessibility feature) and now noone can login because the magnifier tool is over the accessibility icon. How can I correct this? Is there a way to completely disable the accessibility icon?
Please help,
OK, I fixed the magnifier issue using:
sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 /desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_magnifier_enabled type bool set false
I would still like to know how to disable or uninstall the accessibility feature all-together...
Best regards and sorry for troubling you,
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Hi Nikos,
just thinking... should your question not be how to enable the tool without hindering other users? As someone has installed it I guess there is a need for it due to someone who is visually disabled and in need of such a tool (?).
Johan Louwers. 
Hi Johan,
I am not sure if I had selected it to be installed or not but it was there by default. I have no users with accessibility needs but many students who like to play around with the guis and playing mischief :-)