Regarding Oracle CEP development - Complex Event Processing

I started looking into Oracle CEP related things and trying to do tutorial. I found the documentation for creating projects in eclipse IDE.
Don't we have the support for oracle CEP in JDeveloper? is it that only Eclipse plug-in required to start with Oracle CEP?
If we can do it from Jdeveloper too, please point me to any related documentation.

Hi Siva,
CEP development is supported only in Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) or 3.5 (Galileo). Make sure you get the full JEE version with WTP,

Dennis is right, current CEP only supports Eclipse, you can get more info at
For the OCEP tutorial, you can start with
Hope that helps. 

thanks,that information really helps.


Eclipse IDE for Oracle CEP

Can you please share info on installation of Eclipse IDE for Oracle CEP.

Spatial IDE

Hi All,
Please let me know the IDE(Integrated development environment) for developing Spatial related applications.
While it's not so much an IDE, Leica ADE ( is an advanced development environment for creating rich location-focused application based on Oracle Spatial. It comes with an extensive Java API that can be used in conjunction with JDeveloper, Netbeans or Eclipse.
I hope this helps.
What about Oracle's Mapviewer. Can I use this tool? If yes, pls send me documents of developing applications using mapviewer.
You can find ALL of the documentation for ALL Oracle technology products on OTN ( The docs for MapViewer can be found here:
Hope this helps.
I already used Oracle JDeveloper and NetBeans successfully. Just one of them in each project. Don´t try mix them.

JDeveloper and OC4J Future

Now that Oracle owns BEA,and that it is possible to use WebLogic instead of OC4J, and Workshop instead of JDeveloper... will OC4J and JDeveloper get deprecated? 
Or perhaps, JDeveloper functionality will be ported into Eclipse Plugins and included in to Workshop (as Borland did with JBuilder)? 
Yes, WebLogic is going to replace OC4J.
No, JDeveloper won't get deprecated.
This was officially announced and documented by Oracle not so long ago, see:
~ Simon 
<p>Nice move!</p>
<p>Please make sure that the enterprise pack for Eclipse is as smooth as silk, because Eclipse users don't forgive even the smallest frustration.</p>
<p>Bravo to Oracle.</p> 
Hi all
Will Oracle Strategy replace ADF with another Product of WebLogic?
best regards
we are not going to replace ADF - why should we - and currently work on a smooth out-of-the box integration of ADF deployments to WLS.
Will we have another TP or Release of JDev11 ?
are any dates known ? 
to be honest, both option are possible. Right now it seems that we are aiming for a production release. However, in case of unexpected delays, another TP is thinkable (though not preferred)
Thanks Frank

how implement a ESB project with jdeveloper 11?

I m beginner in Jdeveloper 11 and oracle ESB.
I should deployed an ESB project into oracle weblogic 11.But I don't knowed how to do wuth Jdeveloper 11.
i try to do an ESB project with Jdeveloper 10 but i dont succeed to connect to weblogic 10.
please someone tell me how to buld and ESB project with Jdeveloper 11.
thank you.
JDev 11g does not have ESB or SOA Suite for that matter. is the latest release. This is only certified for 9.2
have a look at this doc for instrunctions
thank you james for your response. have you an idea to connect jdeveloper 10 to weblogic 10. 
JDev 10g connects 8.x and 9.x, I don't believe it connects to 10.x
You should use JDev 11g for this as this comes with the WLS 10.3
I may have misunderstood your first post,
Oracle ESB is what we call the oracle iAS ESB. This is only certified with 9.2, it will be certified in SOA Suite 11g.
If you are talking about the old BEA ESB then this is now referred to as OSB. If this is what you are after then you need to use workshop for OSB development. JDev doesn't have this functionality as yet. Workshop comes with the OSB install.
OK I understand James.
if you can tell me steps for implementing OSB in workshop?
thank you
That is a pretty open question, there are 5 day training courses that should answer that question.
You dont have to implement OSB in workshop you can implment in the console itself.
This should get you started though

Best code versioning tool

Would anyone have suggestions for a code versioning tool that works excellent with both OSB and SOA 11g code?
Hi Ali,
Which Editor you are using.
currently I would say use SVN which is free ware used with in eclipse or use clear case from IBM.
these two are currently leading the market.
Hi Kal,
Thanks for your response. I'm using JDev and Eclipse (OEPE).
Subversion ( is something you can try out. It has an easy Windows client such that can use it through the filesystem.
Problems with most version control software is the merging of XML files, as you are using OSB and SOA (which are just configurations through XML)
it could lead to some problems.
CVS is another option that could be useful:
Most IDE's have plug-ins for both.