Oracle CEP - File adapter - Complex Event Processing

Do we have the option of reading a binary file using adapter in Oracle CEP ?
Any suggestions are welcome.

I would just use classes in the package. The adapter framework lets you pretty much what you like.


Custom BPEL/ESB Adapter

We would like to integrate our JCA1.5 adapter to ESB and (or) BPEL PM.
Where can I get Adapter SDK mentioned in ?
Do I have to be an Oracle Partner to get it?
Obviously, Adapter Development Cookbook ( is not enough . One has to know how to use oracle.tip.adapter package to build XMLRecordConvertor.
Any ideas/hints are welcome.
Hi Yuriy
Have you been able to find this adapter SDK? I am also trying to create my own adapter but I can only find the cookbook document mentionned below.
The OTN document references this, but cannot find this SDK anywhere on OTN or Metalink.
1.3.2 Is there an Adapter SDK?
Yes. There is a light-weight Adapter SDK to build custom adapters. There are 2 steps to required to integrate
any standard JCA 1.5 Adapter with Oracle AS product components. They are (1) Generate WSDL with JCA
extension at design-time (2) Implement the Oracle XMLRecordConverter interface to translate from JCA
Record implementation of Vendor to Oracle XMLRecord implementation. This is a simple interface with get/
set methods for translating between the 2 formats. The Adapter SDK consists of a cookbook, a custom wizard
for generating WSDL over JCA extensions at design-time, sample XML Record Converter class and sample
File Adapter source code. 
Hi Stéphane
Where did you find these informations pls ?
OK, I found them. Didn't think it was just a copy/ paste, sorry.
This documentation is s clear as mud from my point of view !!!
Did you find anyusefull information since ?

Custom JCA Adapter integration with BPEL

The stock FTP Adapter provided with BPEL does not have a feature I require, so I am creating a custom JCA FTP adapter that does only one thing: when it is invoked, it polls a directory for any existing files, and then returns the number of files in that directory.
The Adapter Developer Cookbook ( ) is about as clear as mud, and hasn't been updated for 10.1.3.
Are there any other resources that explain how you go from having your .java source files for your JCA adapter to having a working custom adapter in BPEL? 
Hello Tlwi,
I guess you already figured out of writing custom JCA adapter, do you mind sharing your thoughs or document you may have. I tried to follow the cookbook, but was really looking for sample template code which I can change to make my own adapter.
Hi Tlwi, hi Chintan
Did you get any positive results ?
If so, would you share them pls ? (even the smallest clue is welcome)
Hi all,
can anyone send the custom JCA Adapter Integration implementation in BPEL
any document or code sample
thanks in advance
anvv sharma

Oracle ESB - File or FTP adaptor - Is it possible to unzip?

Hi There,
I'm using Oracle ESB (in JDeveloper and I need to design (and implement) a process that retrieves a file from a vendor site(via FTP), unzips it, transforms it, and then inserts some of the contents into a table.
I've tried using the wizards to do this but none of them seem to provide an option to unzip or decompress a file. All of the adaptors I've looked at seem to assume that the file is ascii text. Am I missing something or is this it just not possible to retrieve and unzip this file within one of the provided Oracle ESB adaptors?
Thanks in advance.
This Feature is not Supported in the Release.
Sunil Gopal 
Will it be featured in 11g? 
Hi Aidan,
I am new and trying to learn jDev to do the ftp part. Is is possible you can post some guideline of how to that?
It is not possible with ESB. But if you're a little handy with java, it's not so hard to create a service that does the unzip.
There's also a jFTP package which is quite easy to implement and do the FTP. So with a little java you could download the file and unzip it.
Then generate a Webservice on it and deploy it to your Application Service. Then you can call that from ESB or BPEL PM.
If you're using BPEL PM you could even create a WSIF interface (see bpel cookbook) on the java-code. Then below the surface it's just a java-call.

Issue with Third Party Adapter for custom JCA Connector in Oracle 11g.

For a proof of concept, I have created my own JCA Connector. I have deployed this connector in Weblogic and it works as expected.
Now I am trying to call the JCA Connecter from the SOA Bus. For this I have create a SCA Composite with a simple Web Service to expose the composite, a Third Party Adaptor to wrap the JCA Connector and a Mediator to wire the Web Service and the Third Party Adapter together. For the Third Party Adapter I have created both the needed *.wsdl and _3P.jca file my self. The problem is that I could not find any documentation about the _3P.jca file, and it looks like it that this file is new for 11g.
After some puzzling and debugging I am able to deploy the SCA Composite with the Third Party Adapter. Though when I test the exposed Web Service with the Enterprise Manager I get errors and a stack trace. The problem is that the Record Converter I have created receives the default XMLRecord implementation (oracle.tip.adapter.fw.record.XMLRecordImpl) and not the implementation of the XMLRecord I have created my self.
So the question is does anybody know how to configure the Third Party Adapter so that it will use my custom implemenation of the XMLRecord interface (oracle.tip.adapter.api.record.XMLRecord) instead of the default implementation of the XMLRecord (oracle.tip.adapter.fw.record.XMLRecordImpl).
I would suspect that it should be configured in the _3P.jca file, though I don't know how. The following is the content of the current _3P.jca file I am using.
<adapter-config name="DiskAdapter" adapter="Disk Adapter" wsdlLocation="JCADiskConnector.wsdl"
  <record-converter className="com.osc.jcaadapter.convert.DiskRecordConverter"/>
  <connection-factory location="jndi/diskcf" adapterRef=""/>
  <endpoint-interaction operation="Send" portType="Send_ptt">
    <use-record-converter addonNamespace=""/>
    <interaction-spec className="com.osc.jcaadapter.impl.DiskInteractionSpecImpl">
      <property name="FunctionName" value="do-it"/>
</adapter-config>So I am hoping that some one knows how you should configure the Third Party Adapter so it uses my own implementation of the XMLRecord interface.
Additionally, you may raise a case with support.
This may also help -
Anuj, thanks for the fast response. document describes the configuration and deployment of the JCA Connector resource. I have no problems in deploying the JCA Component. I have problems using the JCA Component in a SOA Third Party Adapter. So unfortunately this link does not have any new information. requested information in this thread is a super set of my problem. Unfortunately this thread does not have a real answer and thus not the information I am searching for.
Anuj, article was very helpfull in getting where I am now.
Unfortunately the examples in this article are mostly for 10g. This because the WSDL file contains JCA entries while in 11g the JCA bindings are put in a seperate _3P.jca file. To make sure, I checked the contents of the workspace zip file included in the article and could not find an example .jca file. So this article does not have the information to solve my problem.
As a work-around to your problem you can skip XMLConverter at all and use XMLRecord directly as input/output parameters in your interaction. Alternatively, if you still want to keep functionality provided by your current javax.resource.cci.Record implementation, you can add a parameter to you InteractionSpecs, which would tell you what kind of Record to expect and generate.
Hi Simeon,
That is a good suggestion, and I would certainly try to do that if I was not making a proof of concept. It would solve my problem of not getting the sub class of the XMLRecord.
Though for making my proof of concept I found a 10g example that used sub classes of the XMLRecord, and that is why I wanted to get the same example to work on 11g.
The alternative of passing a parameter through with InteractionSpecs, is an interesting though can not solve this problem. I don't have a problem with the javax.resource.cci.Record, I can determine the implementation of that in the conversion class it self.
The problem is the XMLRecord generated by the Oracle SOA Adapter Framework, some how I need a way to influence that to generate the correct implementation of the XMLRecord.
So your post is certainly helpfull if I was not trying to get this specific problem to work :).
But I am afraid that I will end up in implementing your sugestion.
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Adapter SDK

Hi all,
In Oracle Adapter FAQ (, it mentions that
The Adapter SDK consists of a cookbook, a custom wizard
for generating WSDL over JCA extensions at design-time, sample XML Record Converter class and sample
File Adapter source code.
I would like to know where I can find that sample File Adapter source code. I found a link Oracle Integration Adapter samples ( at Oracle Integration Adapters page but it's not working. Could anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.