Integrating Oracle CEP with IBM MQ to receive and post events - Complex Event Processing

Hi All,
I am trying to explore different alternatives to integrate Oracle CEP with IBM MQ to receive messages.As per the documentation available for CEP 11g , it supports JMS (inbound and outbound adapters) for Weblogic JMS and Tibco JMS.
Per my requirement , messages will be available via IBM MQ.I feel we would need to write a custom adapter to receive messages from IBM MQ.Custom adapter will have native java code to connect IBM MQ ,read messages and convert those into events for Oracle CEP to process.
Can anyone suggest any other better alternative or comment on this approach.I would appreciate any thoughts or help here.

The JMS adapter implementation is not specific to any vendor implementation of JMS. The support for WLS and Tibco is merely that we have tested those platforms. You should be able to use the existing JMS adapter with MQSeries. The only thing you will need to figure out is how to package the MQSeries jars and import the right packages. This could be as simple as adding these to the boot classpath.
The JMS adpater is built on Spring's JMS support, so probably a good place to start is how to configure Spring's JMS support for use with MQSeries. That should give you most of the config info you need to setup the OCEP JMS adapter correctly. 

Thanks Andy. This information is really helpful and atleast i got an understanding of how adapter works in oracle CEP.
Do you have any further information or links on how to configure MQ series in OCEP adapter. Or it should follow the same guideline on how we configure Weblogic JMS or Tibco JMS.

Take a look at that should give you a lot of the config you need to use.
The JMS adapter uses the Spring JMS template under the covers. 

Thanks. I will try to configure MQseries with CEP and update you once i get something.

I have raised an SR with Oracle on this issue and waiting for resolution. 

SR is raised 

Can you provide SR number.


info! required on  subscribing  a Weblogic MDB  to an Oracle AQ queue

we are developing an event notification application and are planning to use Oracle AQ for message propagation, from Oracle DB(oracle 9i) to an application in WLS (Version 9.2). I's there any comprehensive tutorial on how to subscribe a MDB in weblogic to a Queue in AQ.
if any available please kindly reply to this posting.
basically i'm just looking for config details, i.e , how to bind the AQ reference objects to a weblogic JNDI.
has anyone configured using Weblogic foreign JMS server? 
Did you ever receive information on MDB to AQ? I'm doing a very similar thing.

Integration between queue AQ and MDB (EJB) of Websphere??

Hi all,
I´m a Oracle employee and the customer has asked me the next question:
Is possible to read AQ messages (enqueue in a Oracle AQ queue) with MDB of Websphere directly without using MQ??
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If you are an Oracle employee you should not be asking that question here: Contact support. 
I had hurry to answer the customer and because of it I wrote it here.
Thank you anyhow 
I don't believe you can read AQ messages with Websphere MDB directly without using MQ.
What you can do is:
Use the Oracle-provided aqapi13.jar - it contains the necessary oracle.jms.* classes to connect and listen to Oracle AQ.
In WebSphere (via a JNDI-lookup get the necessary JDBC connection), create a DB connection, pop it in the necessary oracle.jms.* classes and listen to the AQ queue.
Personally I'd then wrap it in Spring (extend DefaultMessageListenerContainer) but not necessary. 
I have similar requirement, is it possible to listen AQ message from MDB deployed in websphere without MQ. Please give me some guide lines.
Message Driven Bean deployed in Websphere Application Server 6.1 is not listening Oracle Queue. Doesn't it not support Oracle Queues?
Thanks Jay 
have you found the solution to connect AQ with Websphere Application Server? If possible, please tell me how to connect with AQ?

Publishing to Topic using MQ transport for ALSB 3.0

Hi All,
A quick question, can I use MQ tranport to publish message directly to MQ tpic with out using any local queue in OSB? Is XA suppoerted for this configuration?
A quick question, can I use MQ tranport to publish message directly to MQ tpic with out using any local queue in OSB?Yes. Please refer -
Is XA suppoerted for this configuration?Because the WebSphere MQ for Java APIs do not support XA transactions, Oracle Service Bus does not support XA transactions for the MQ transport. If XA is required, JMS transport with WebSphere MQ JMS interface should be used. For more information, see -
I haven't seen any official documentation stating that MQ PUB Sub is supported in OSB's MQ transport. I tried this once and was not able to make it work from OSB 11g R1 to WMQ V 7.x queue manager. There is no configuration on MQ transport page to mark that the destination is a topic and not queue.
The endpoint URI for MQ transport is of format:
Here I tried to give the MQ Topic and Topic String values in local-queue-name. However the business service invocation failed with 'Queue Not found' error.
Also note that IBM introduced support for PUB-SUB using websphere MQ API from WMQ version 7.0. Prior to this MQ Pub Sub was using a different command line interface. The first release of OSB to support WMQ V 7.x is OSB 11gR1 and my guess is that Oracle haven't extended MQ Transport to support for pub sub in 11 gR1 
So does it mean publishing to MQ topic not supported by MQ transport. Any success stories?
Actually, the MQ Java APIs do support XA. However, the Extended Transactional Client (XTC) is not part of the free WMQ client download. If the XTC is installed, XA over Java client works as expected. It may be that the interaction between Oracle and WMQ doesn't support it, but it's not due to lack of support in the WMQ implementation.
As for publication to topics, there is an easy workaround if you are always publishing on the same topic and using WMQ v7. Just define an alias over the topic and put messages to that as if you were putting them on a queue. The application thinks it is putting to a queue but WMQ publishes the messages on the topic. Since the alias publishes on a fixed topic string this is limited to just the one topic but it does the trick quite nicely in many cases. You can also cause a subscription to be delivered to a queue for apps that can't subscribe but that's a different question altogether.
That said, WMQ fully supports the JMS 1.1 spec. If an application has a topicConnection or a unified domain connection (as opposed to a queue connection) then it should be able to publish. The only requirement is that the publisher be authorized to publish. Since no pre-defined topic object is required, there's no setup to do.
I don't have any Oracle software with which to test this out but I'd expect it to work, assuming the Oracle components support publication. If someone tried it and it failed, what kind of errors did you get? If there were JMS exceptions, did you get the linked exceptions with the WMQ reason codes?
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Defining qAlias did the trick..Now I can publish to MQ 7.0 topic using OSB's MQ transport.
These were the steps I did:
runmqsc QM1
# def administrative topic
def topic(sports) topicstr(/CRICKET)
#def qalias for the topic
def qalias(TOPICALIAS) target(SPORTS) targtype(TOPIC)
At OSB  business service , used the following transport URI:
Thanks everybody for valuable replies. Just wondering is there any way I can make MQ transport XA by using the special IBM client jars?
Thanks & Regards, 
I may be wrong, but if I remember correct, XA transactional support for MQ is not available in OSB MQ transport.

Consuming JMS messages from Webmethods to SOA 11G

Could anyone plz tell me how could i connect to Webmethods JMS Queue from SOA 11g application and consume/produce the messages to Webmethods JMS Queue.
Thanks in advance. 
You should use JMS adapter -
You may also like to refer -
thanks for the links Anuj. i went through these pdfs but i am facing a problem. there is a requirement of some jar file that should be added to weblogic in order to connect with webmethod server. i m nt able to find that. and can u suggest me the best method to process jms messages from webmethods to soa 
there is a requirement of some jar file that should be added to weblogic in order to connect with webmethod server. i m nt able to find that.You need to get Webmethods JMS provider jars and add them in Weblogic. Ask your Webmethods server admin to provide those jars.
can u suggest me the best method to process jms messages from webmethods to soaAny JMS provider which is compliant with JNDI, JMS and JCA specifications for J2EE, should work with Weblogic 11g. All will get processed in same way as mentioned in JMS adapter user guide. So you may refer JMS adapter user guide which I pointed above.

Configuring AQ on websphere

HiI have an urgent requirement to implement AQ as a JMS provider in Websphere. Has anyone done this before. Kindly help.
From the WebSphere documentation, I can see a way to integrate/define third-part non-JCA messaging providers. I can see some of the blogs explaining the steps to make AQ (AQ JMS) work with WebSphere JMS. This is purely based on my readings and I have not tried this myself.
Hey,    I am trying to do the same and was wondering on some details. I am getting an exception while configuring the Oracle AQ Resource adapter. It says missing oracle.j2ee.ra.jms.generic.JMSResourceAdapter. Which jar has this class ? I looked into oc4j-internal jar but could not find it. Can you let me know the jar files which would be needed for Resource Adapter installation ?