SALT for IBM AIX 64 Bit - Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT)

Hi ,
Any idea about SALT available for IBM AIX 64 bit. Thanking you in Advance
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SALT really supports AIX 64 bit. You may talk to your Oracle support to get the package.


Windows 2003 64 bit

I am very interested to hear if anyone has been running in Windows 2003, 64 bit.
All replies are most appreciated.
Regards Lars Wikstrom 
We are running Planning on 64-bit Windows2003.
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Oracle companion cd setup for win 64 bit server 2008

hi everyone,
i have downloaded setup from
I have installed Oracle XE on a 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 successfully.
Now i need to install Oracle Database 10g Companion CD setup for oracle http apache and oracle apex 3.1.
i have apex setup and setup link =>
this is for 32 bit os. but i need for 64-bit OS win server 2008.
please anyone help me where to download the setup Oracle Database 10g Companion CD setup for 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to install oracle http server.
many thanks.
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hi all
i have right clicked the setup exe and set version compatability win server 2003 . now the installation success.
thanks for the forum friends who have spent time to check this question.
i am closing this question.

client 64 or 32 bit

How do i check is my client 32 or 64 bit on AIX servers. installed 11.2.0 version
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You still get the executable "ttVersion" with a client-only install, so you could run that and it would tell you whether your TT client installation is 32bit or 64bit.

How can i find i got right version of Weblogic installed in my OS?

Hi all,
Is there any link or information can i find my weblogic version which supports to my OS. i got linux 64 bit an two servers and weblogic is diff on both. is there a way can i find i nstalled 64bit or 32 bit to fit my OS?
under this folder /opt/bea/wlserver_10.1/server/native/linux/x86_64/
we will get what version of binaries installed
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obiee 11g on windows 2008 (64 bit )

Hi Team,
Is OBIEE 11g is support window server 2008 (64 BIT) R2 Standard system...and
if yes please tell me I have to install RCU before installation of OBIEE 11g..reply soon...
Thanks ,
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Windows 8 hasn't been released so it's a bit tough for it to be supported :P 
I hope you are talking about windows server 2008 not windows 8.
Yes , but not all feature are supported. we tried enterprise install and did work but client tools are not supported by Oracle.
OBIEE 11g 64-bit install on Windows 64-bit
Hope it helps.