Can you use these new Oracle VM Templates in some other VM product? - PeopleSoft OVM Templates

Can you import existing Oracle VM templates like the new PeopleSoft 8.50 Tools and HRMS 9.1 into VMware? 

The templates are only designed and considered for use with Oracle VM.
- Greg 

The Presenter at OpenWorld seemed to suggest that maybe you could port over the Oracle VM Template... Yes? No? I am just curious if it can work. 

The PeopleSoft team was only concerned with delivering the template for Oracle VM. You could try the Oracle VM forum Oracle VM Server for x86
Unfortunately I wasn't at the session you refer to, so I can't comment on anything the presenter may have said.
- Greg 

Can you please tell us which OOW session your refer to? It would give us some context to this discussion.
I would also like to say that I have seen some efforts to make OVM templates (not necessarily the PeopleSoft templates) function in other Xen Hypervisors. Regarding the conversion of the images to running in a non-Xen virtualization solution I wouldn't want to hold my breath. I have played with this type of thing before, trying to use conversion kits (ovftool in particular) to move between vmdk and Virtual Box and never had any success worth talking about.
I thought that Nicolas had mentioned something about this a few months ago but not sure. He may comment on this based upon his experiences. 

I was not attending in OOW2009, I cannot say anything about this.
Regarding the usage of the Peoplesoft OVM in other tool than Oracle VM, I was not able convert the images to any other format. I tried different things as well, but looks rather complicated.
I'll probably take down everybody's wrath on me here, but I used those Peoplesoft OVM images in Oracle VM hosted by VMWare... Yes, I know, double virtualization level... but I had no free server, and so far it is working fine. This is certainly not recommanded, not advisable and depending of the server host, not very stable. But at least I was quite happy to be able to test these Peoplesoft OVM, and never mind the "purist".

Can you please explain to me what you mean by Peoplesoft OVM images in Oracle VM hosted by VMWare? 

I installed Oracle VM Server as a virtual machine in VMWare.
Then managed Peoplesoft OVM in that Oracle VM Server.
I explained my config on my blog :


Essbase VM appliance

Has anyone tried to create and Essbase VM image? Is there anything available that someone could share? Tried to expedite prototype development. 
I don't particularly see the point in making an image with Essbase installed but no client-specific applications created. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like an interesting idea, but if I were doing this for myself, I wouldn't stop at the point where Essbase is installed, I would add the additional infrastructure elements like scripting and automation -- since these are part of the foundation for any additional development efforts.
Plus, even if this were not the case, the VM would already have been "branded" by licensing issues and such, so it wouldn't be sharable.
However, I do like the thinking -- especially for rapid trips back to the drawing board. 
Whenever I touch a new release of Essbase (and all of its many, many, many System 9 and 11x bits) wrt installs, I always create a VM to allow me to test my installation prowess, or lack thereof, without fear of generating "Windows crud" in my real PC.
Sometimes I still screw up on the real box, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as trashing a bad install and reverting to the last, backed up, VM that worked.
Re an Essbase VM appliance -- I guess the license issues would depend on who you are -- customer, partner, neither of the first two. Perhaps this is an opportunity to bring this up with Oracle. IANAL, but they seem open to innovative uses of their product. Would the sales organization be the place to start?
If anyone is doing it, it is probably these guys (although their hosting model is different):
Cameron Lackpour 
Both and offer cloud instances of Hyperion EPM; I am not sure which VM technology they use but they both run their offerings on the Amazon cloud. Further, Oracle themselves now have 'Hyperion OnDemand' and I would think they did not have a physical machine for each customer.
I would love to see Oracle offer a VM download of their products pre-installed; my expectation is that it would be on the Oracle VM. That being said, they currently have an offering to partner firms that ships on Windows with both 30-day demo licenses and full OEM licenses. They are available only to Oracle Partners and they are not free; I hope that Oracle opens the program up to non-Partners. I blogged about it recently at [].

PeopleSoft OVM Template

If you're watching the thread, check out the blog posting [|] 
Greg, thank you very much for your update. Very nice job !
Do you know if new VMs will be released on regular basis, for instance after bundles, or Peopletools patches ?
Moreover, will it be only for HCM, or a CRM VM is also planned to come around ?
Subject to the usual safe harbor statements, the plan is to produce more OVM templates and build the community, there is already a Siebel OVM Template available.
See [] (scroll down to "Applications") 
Greg, presume there will be templates only for OVM. Those who have a corporate reliance on other virtualisation technologies will be left out in the cold? 
Not to take the words instead of Greg, but so far, Oracle db is not supported on other virtualization software than Oracle VM. So, provide images only for Oracle VM makes sense.
It is on your own to find a way to modify the provided OracleVM image to your virtualization software.
You could install OracleVM for free, and use the images for free as well, and keep in mind, those images are only for testing and demo purpose, not for business achievement.
There are a couple of aspects to this:
- We have customers who have implemented the full stack using other vendor virtualization.
- The OVM templates are provided as a form of "quick start" to get customers and others running with an environment.
- Because Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle DB and PeopleSoft Application are Oracle products there is no multi-vendor license conflict consideration
The Oracle VM Templates are provided in addition to all of the other resources Oracle provides, they are not supplanting, or eliminating, anything else, so no one is being left out in the cold. All the software and documentation is already provided for anyone who wishes to create their own test and demonstration environments. 
I've successfully installed the HCM Oracle VM templates, surprisingly painless. Any timeframe on FIN/SCM 9.1 and/or Portal 9.1 templates? Looking to setup all three to get a feel for what 9.1 is all about. Need to start planning an upgrade from 8.8/8.9. Thanks -Mike 
I have a question about installing the HCM template. Do you need a license to just install it and use it as a demo to just look it over and see the changes and new features of 9.1?
We will be upgrading to 9.1 as soon as it is ready but we wanted to get a look at it ahead of time.
Charles, I think the answer to your question is here: 
We now have the templates installed, but keep getting an IP error (IP cannot be built) Has anyone else had this issue while installing the VM templates.
Please, create your own thread over here, and give us more details as you can (e.g. which template, when you receive the error, what did you do, exact error...).

PS HCMDB and Tools Templates on VMware

Hi.. I'm having so many issues with Oralce VM that I decided I need to try a something new. Has anyone installed PeopleSoft Templates 9.1 on VMWARE. 
If you have issues on deploying Peoplesoft OVM on Oracle VM which is designed for, then it won't be simpler on VMWare which is not designed for.
It would probably be much easier to fix the issues you may have on Oracle VM.
I started importing templates last night at 5:00 PM and its almost 11:00 am and its still not done. Right now its unpacking the templates. Its supposed to be challenging not burdensome. Any suggestions.. 
This is a non-issue. It mainly depends of disk, network speed/configuration. Is the OVS stored locally ? How are you importing the templates (http,iso...) ?
It worked prety fine for me within 1Gb network within OVS on a remote NAS server, oh well import from iso files takes only a couple of hours.
Hi Nicolas..
I understand network/speed and configuration. Its on GB network. I'm importing templates using Http. The manager is installed on a vmware VM. Does Manager needs to be on a physical box?. Any suggestions. 
Discussion should probably continue in your other thread in Oracle VM forum :
Setting Up Oracle VM

Does anyone know which companies use VirtualBox for Product QA testing?

Hi guys,
I am doing Software QA testing and currently looking into using virtualization tool.
Does anyone know which companies use VirtualBox for Product QA testing?
I know there are alot of companies using VMWare, but have never heard of any using VirtualBox?
Help me out with the list. Does Oracle ever use their own VirtualBox for testing their own range of products? 
Can you please share the purpose. What exactly are you trying to do.
Install Linux on VirtualBox and test my software in linux.
Some told me that the industrial standard is "VMWare". How true is it? 
Well, Oracle uses internally more & more VirtualBox and we see more & more companies using VB instead of VMWare.
Very similar, maybe VB better in memory management

Is a license for Oracle VM or Exalogic required to use PeopleSoft OVM templates?

Is a license for Oracle VM or Exalogic required to use these templates? Could one convert a PeopleSoft OVM template for use in VMware and still be license compliant?
Peoplesoft OVM (aren't you talking about PUM?) is officially not certified on VMWare, you are on your own.To download PUM, you need access to My Oracle Support which requires a valid Customer Support Identifier, which assume you have a licence. Nicolas.
Thank Nicolas There are actually 2 vm templates for Oracle Enterprise Search that I was interested in (they come up when searching for PeopleTools patches). One template is for Exalogic and the other for OVM. I'm trying to understand if taking the OVM template and exporting it into VMware would be a license violation. (Of course I expect it would not be supported)
I'm no license expert, but when it comes to Oracle, I would say a good rule of thumb is if you think it violates a license, it probably does.  I have read about people having success converting those OVM templates to VMWare compatible virtual machines. If you are just interested in checking out the Oracle SES (I presume that's what you mean by Enterprise Search) then why not just setup a quick linux VM guest in VMWare and install the Oracle SES system in there. The installation is fairly easy and it's built to be a self contained system. Of course, you can't do much with it until you tie it to a Peoplesoft system and that is where the fun begins. 
Thanks Mike I have done this, unfortunately the currently provided installer requires additional manual download/updates to each component afterwards (Update Weblogic, update Oracle DB and reconfigure). It appears they have done this work within these images, so I was hoping to take advantage of them in future releases.
Hello,to use and get support with PeopleSoft OVM templates, you need a PeopleSoft license and that's all. Hope this helps. /Stéphane.