Oracle CEP and Telecom Industry - Complex Event Processing

Hi Guys......
i wnated to know how do we leverage the power of CEP wrt the telecom industry.....if u have any idea or any business case study please direct it to me......i wnated to prepare some POC's using the Oracle CEP for the Telecom show....

Providing location-based services is an interesting use case for wireless carriers. We are showing a demo that features the use of Oracle CEP together with Oracle Spatial this week at Oracle OpenWorld to do this.

There are a no. of CEP usecases that are relevant to telecom industries:
a) Call record processing
b) Detecting fraud
c) Using GPS location of users to upsell products by pushing mobile coupons
d) Management of telecom data centers.
There are some more that I may have missed. I will be very interested in your thoughts on these. 

Thanks Guys for the reply......i think using the Oracle Spatial and CEP would be a better option......
also i will be working on fraud detection ........will update once i do something..

do you have any ideas regarding use of CEP in telecom .. you mentioned that you are going to try something .. let me know


Customer Data hub - product or concept?

Hello everyone -
I have been trying to find more implementation information on customer data hub. From what I have seen, this seem to be more of a concept than a product. this leverages the TCA obviously along with some good EAI architecture.
Anyone has any thoughts or experience around customer data hub or Oracle Customer Online or Customer 360?
T.R. Srikanth 
I have searched entire Oracle site to know about these Datahub product family. There is no document available with the technical architecture or user guide, implementation guide or some thing. What I got to know is its based on Fusion Middleware. 
I am currently implementing the Oracle Customer Hub. I would be more than happy to discuss the project and planning put into this product. Feel free to send me a number where I can reach you by emailing me at 
I am also working on implementing customer data hub. What I found out that its more of a concept than a separate software. You can use OCO and ODL to leverage the data in the TCA registry and oracle application server 10g integration interconnect to connect two EBS. Presently am stuck on the integration part. Not able to decide which adapter to use to integrate two instances in Oracle apps 11.5.10.
There are two choices
1. Database adapters
2. Oracle application adapters
If anybody has worked on this please help
Sourav Biswas

SOA Success Methodology

Hi all,
Does anybody knows if full Oracle SOA Success Methodology will be available for public?
As far as I know there is no single "success methodology" available yet. There are a few best practices flying around but nu complete methodology.
Some good things to look after for are :
SCRUM methodology 
Oracle (Consulting) has their own methodology, called Oracle CDM (Custom Development Method). Based on this method, various flavors are extracted for technologies as Java, SOA etc. 
Hi Marc,
Oracle CDM main focus is still Designer/Developer. Based upon the words of an Oracle representative there is still no definitive methodology from Oracle for SOA and/or Java.
At least not as comprehensive as CDM is.
at least. this is based on information I've got. :-). 
Hi all.
The SOA Success Methodology mentioned in this topic by Isaias is partially described here:
This documentation tells that the methodology contains an Enterprise Scope (like SOA Planning, Business Strategy alignment, costs and benefits, maturity assessment, etc) and a Project Scope, which is acctually covered by that documentation.
So the question is about the availability of this entire methodology, if it exists at all.
Personnally, I think Oracle should be more clear and invest more time in elaborating a complete SOA Methodology. It seems that even internal Oracle consultants are not aware of this initiative at all.
When it comes to an end to end SOA methodolgy (planning + technology), I see that BEA's SOA Domain Model and IBM documentation are far clear than Oracle's offering.
CDM is still used used in Consulting. It was introduced in the period that Designer and Forms were hot. The the methodology is generic, we have CDM/Fastrack, JCDM , CDM/SOA
Oracle SOA Success Methodology: 
The first two links are only a brief presentation.
The last link requires signing up and paying for it.
That's the reason I'm complaining about the availability of documentation about the methodology. It's very fragmented, and the only detailed part is technology centric and does not cover the SOA planning.
Customers and consultants really interested in SOA (not only integration) may find BEA's and IBM's methodology approachs more interesting, and this may be a starting point for them to know about and buy BEA's and IBM's products too.
Hi all,
I agree with Denis, it will be very important a consolidated methodology available for customers and consultants. SOA Planning its key point to get successful projects.
Currently we are using the SOA Success Methodology with a small number of customers. There were several presentations at Oracle Open World that used content from the Success Methodology.
<li>S281691 Keys to Successful Governance with Service-Oriented Architecture
<li>S281690 Developing a Strategic SOA Plan with the Level 5 SOA Maturity Model
<li>S283266 Using Oracle Fusion Middleware to Deliver Oracle Fusion Architecture for Enterprise Applications
<br>It is worth bearing in mind that the methodology is very much with a small 'm'. It can be used in the context of another methodology. It provides tools to think about how to get value from SOA.
<br>If you want to find out more then it is best to get in touch with an Oracle rep at this point. 
Thanks Antony,
The links area very useful, you are sure, is better to contact the local Oracle rep, i've already do it in this week.
I will try and get an official statement on where we are. We are currently running this in the UK. I know there has been some further development on it by the US development team since we started our UK sessions but I don't where we are with it in terms of rolling it out globally. 
I can't open the links you provided Antony, it prompts me for a login? 
Hi Antony,
I'm unable to open the link, its protected.
Hi all,
At IT-eye we have experience with several SOA projects. We are using a mix of best practices.
- processanalysis: brownpaper sessions and ARIS methodology
- storyboarding for requirements
- scrum for development
- CDM for naming conventions
Because the business processes are the driver for your project you will also need
(organizational) change-management skills. I think these skills will be more
relevant then a complete methodology.
There are some posts on our weblog:
You can mail me if you need more info.
Good luck
certified scrum master 
Good example of the methodology world we live in. Very much a smorgasboard approach where you take what works for you and apply it at different levels. This is the kind of world that the SOA Success Methodology works in, in fact it has to because it has little to say about you actually build components, being more concerned with helping you choose the right components to build.

Briefly explain wat is AIA

Hi All,
Can anyone explain in brief what does application integration architecture mean?. Iam not able to understand or get the correct concept from the pdf's provided in the oracle site. Thanks for your help
Oracle Application Integration Architecture is the most complete integration solution for orchestrating agile, user-centric business processes across your enterprise applications. With Oracle Application Integration Architecture, organizations can:
- Gain business and IT efficiencies
- Increase Agililty
- Lower Total Cost of Ownership
With Oracle Application Integration Architecture, organizations can leverage a complete set of tools, templates, and methodologies to do more with their existing IT investments, provide IT with more flexibility and choices, and lower the total cost of ownership.
Link = > 
Hi , THanks for your reply.. but this is wat is present in the user guide. I did not understand this :( .. Can you please put that into more simpler words. can you please explain with some simple examples. How it is useful.. how it is implemented.. Can you please explain it in your own words.

Looking for Demantra-SAP integrations

I'm trying to assist a client who is considering integrating Demantra with SAP. Do you know of any customers who have done this? How could this be achieved?
Thank you,
Hi Bill,
Please see the following post:
Re: Oracle Demantra-SAP integration information needed.
As per my knowledge Kodak has implemented Demantra on SAP.
An interesting question. I am sure a decent google will return a list of SAP and Demantra customers but I expect the vast majority will be SAP Customers who implemented Demantra before it was bought by Oracle. Oracle have a clear strategy to box SAP customers into a corner - they have bought PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Demantra and Hyperion to name a few in recent years and these were corporate software companies supplying SAP approved sollutiions to SAP customers.
So are SAP customers implementing Demantra now that it is Oracle Demantra? It is a question that is no doubt being monitored at the highest levels in Oracle, SAP and Microsoft since it will indicate whether the strategy is working. I don't know the answer I'm afraid though I suspect it will be "not yet but the signs are: soon".
The answer to your second question is that it should be easy to implement Oracle Demantra in a SAP environment. The Demantra solution can be installed as a standalone application and data can be imported manually or automatically from Legacy Sources without difficulty.
Hi Bill
Our team has implemented Demantra with SAP background for some customers in recent past (after Oracle acquired Demantra) successfully and I'll be very glad to collaborate with you to see how we can help.
Please contact me directly at
Kodak has done demantra SAP integration..I have a small case study as well on that...
integration is basically a database It has to be written for SAP customer...out of box integration is not available...
you can post this question in as well...there are many people contributing to this demantra may help you getting more clear answer or specific one...
Hi Bill,
This has been accomplished in various implementations already, Demantra's supports loading of legacy data in various manners. You can pretty much write a DB to DB interface to load all the relevant data into Demantra's staging area. Based on kind of data being loaded, you can use integration interfaces or EP_LOAD program to download this staging area data into Demantra's fact tables.

Urgent, Oracle Application for Services Company

Especially for Oracle Corp,
Please let me know, is there any Oracle Application that match with company that
has major business is provice service such
as cargo inspection, comodity inspection,
verification and sertification
Please refer to
My client still find the solution for it,
before they decide to "develop" with tailor made
Greatly appreciate and thank you in advance
If you want to implement projects then I would look at. Oracle Financials, Oracle Projects and the Service modules in CRM. For example you may want to look at help desk and mobile engineering functionality. Oracle Projects will give you the ability to cost and bill for the projects.
If you need to look at resourcing, scheduling then suggest you look at Niku who do a service Relationship Management (SRM) package. I have seen details of this working with Oracle Apps at BT. See