HttpPubSub - Complex Event Processing

I have configured a HttpPubSub adapter as per the Oracle CEP IDE Developer's Guide for Eclipse and I can view the events in the Visualizer. There's nothing in the manual to describe how you subscribe to the pub sub channel from DoJo or your own code to be able to render a web page based on the events. Can you suggest what I read to learn how to develop this?

OCEP uses the same HTTP Pub/Sub engine as WebLogic Server. If you want to use Dojo, you can see an example of it here . If you are using Flex, then you will need a Bayeux client library which you can
Here is an example on Flex:
var h : CometClient = CometClientInstance.getInstance().cometClient;

That documentation really doesn't help much. From searches on Google it appears the Dojo Cometd library is being regularly updated. Can you confirm exactly which version of Dojo this is supposed to work with ? Can you provide a working sample that works with the 11g CEP server?

Here is another link you can see how to use Dojo client with the WebLogic 10.3 pub/sub Server. It should be the same for OCEP.
In the mean time, Let me see if I can dig up a working example of Dojo with OCEP.


Map Viewer

Hi, I'm new using map viewer, I want to install it over Tomcat and integrate it with an asp .net application. Can anybody send me a link that shows the way to do that? Thanks for you help!!!!!!!!!!! 
In my opinion, it is far easier to download and use the "Quick Start" for MapViewer ( than to try and deploy it to TomCat.
Integration with ASP.NET would, I think, be via XML requests and responses over HTTP as the only "wrapper" API's are in Java based technologies. Correct me someone if i'm wrong - i've not checked in a while!

Rich Client with Ajax

Hi, I have 2 questions:
It´s possible to integrate the Rich Client Framework with the Ajax4Jsf , the Jboss framework? How can I do it?
Your framework (Rich Client) has "native" Ajax in their components? Or I have to implement it with Javascript or something like that?
our components are JSF components that render smart Ajax interfaces. Because it is an early tech preview, there hasn't been any interoperability testings yet. So if you want to test these waters first, go ahead.
Ok.. I´m having problems to find the SPECIFIC documentation that tels me which components have Ajax "Capabilites".
Do you understand my question? Can you help me with that?
thanks again 
All of our components use Ajax capabilities.
Why don't you download the demo of the components and try them out:
The tag documentation can be found here:
You can also try and run the tag demos from here: 
does anyone knows why this link is not working? 
works for me. Please try again. Note that all Ajax components can have client side functionality, which means they are all ajaxified. However, we don't provide a client rendering engine for various reasons, one of which is performance
works for me. Please try again. Note that all Ajax components can have client side functionality, which means they are all ajaxified. However, we don't provide a client rendering engine for various reasons, one of which is performance

Struts 2 and Webcenter

I got a Struts 2 application which I need to expose via a webcenter ui...Any ideas how to go about this ??
Any help would be appreciated
Can you elaborate what exactly you're trying to do?
Here it is documented how you can expose it as a portlet, and then consume it in your WebCenter application.
Sorry for the delay in replying...We have got a project in which we have been examined to check whether our product can integrate within Oracle Web Center...
Our product primarily runs on OSS with Apache + Tomcat, Struts 2 (Webworks Version not Version 1.x), Spring and Hibernate...We need to integrate it within the ecosystem of our clients other various products...
So my questions are like this:
- Can we integrate any application built on Struts 2 and not Struts 1.x on Webcenter ?
- Should we have rather a remote portlet application running and feed data to WebCenter...We could have this deployed on Liferay for example and WebCenter can hive off data from this portal using WSRP ? Am I correct in saying this ?
Also, the link taht you provided gives an HTTP error....I have started looking at this more seriously any inputs would be appreciated
Hi Vijay,
WebCenter is a JSF-based product, so native integration with Struts 2.0 would be more involved.
Your idea of exposing your application functionality through WSRP sounds like a good idea, especially when for some reason the markup needs to be rendered on the application's side.
Alternatively, there are a number of other ways you can expose data, including Web Services, RSS, CSV. All of these can be consumed easily using the different data controls offered by the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).
Let me know if you need more help.
Hi Peter,
The document you're referring to doesn't work, I think this is an internal link.
Could you provide us with a URL towards the public documentation?
I've read about using JSR-168 for this purpose, but throughout the forum this isn't really mentioned as being a stable solution.
Could you advise on which approach would be best practice?
Kind regards,
Hi Nathalie,
Here is the link to the publicly available documentation.
Here is a blog entry about the JSF portlet bridge. And this is another screen cast showing how to build portlets using JSF and Oracle ADF.
Let me know, Nathalie, if you have any questions.

Aqualogic BPM tutorials

I am new to AquaLogic BPM and so downloaded the ALBPMDesigner571_win.exe,
ALBPMEnterpriseWL571_win.exe files.
I already have Weblogic 8.1.5 installed on my laptop.
I am looking for documentation to guide me along the installation process and tutorials to learn the AquaLogic BPM tool.
Can anyone help me with the location of these tutorials?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Follow this link to the ALBPM docs.
The tutorials are located in albpm_installation_dir\albpm5.7\studio\samples folder.
We are trying to do a prototype in Aqua Logic BPM. We are not finding exhaustive documents on how to start the workflow through JMS events.
Any help in this regards will be highy appreciated.
Thanks in Adavance.
Vinod Patil 
You'll basically use the global automatic activities (specify type automatic jms listener in the properties). In the external resources you'll need to declare a j2ee server and a jms queue/topic that your automatic activity will listen from.
In the method of your global activity you can extract the payload and then call the ProcessInstance.create(...) method.
Take a look at the JmsWebLogic81Sample in samples/Integration/WLS 
Thanks a lot for the reply.
Can you please let us know whether this is documented anywhere. Actually we do have a link
but it seems to have access to existing clients only.
Please do reply.
These can be useful: (chapter 6, global actions) 
We have BEA AquaLogic BPM Studio installed and we want to execute PAPI clients. But the sample programs need directory service. We dont who how Studio in general and business processes in particular use Directory server. I have iPlanet Directory server installed.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
You need ALBMP Engine installed in order to execute PAPI code, you can?t use PAPI code with ALBPM Studio.
Hi Guys
I have some issues about the configuration and architecture of the BPM system.
I've installed the following components:
- ALBPMStudio572_win.exe
- ALBPMEnterpriseWL572_win.exe
- I have WLP 9.2 installed also.
I created a sample project in Studio, exported it. I started BPM web applications, opened the process administrator console, created an engine which was a WL server, and successfully deployed the application made in studio.
Now I would like to access to the web UI where I can start my sample process, allow users to access theirs tasks, etc. If I correct I have to install the workspace extension to have this UI.
I started to install the following workspace extension:
which contains the Aqualogic Interaction Process 1.7 installer. After the installation I cannot access to the process administration console, I get the following error: "Request not gatewayed."
If I start the 'ptids\1.2\bin\service.bat' but I get the following error: table PTSERVERCONFIG does not exist. I cannot find anywhere the sql creating that table.
Could you help me out what's wrong on my side?
Thanks a lot
There is no need to install the Workspace extension.
Please refer the following document for configuring Enterprise with Weblogic.
You can access the inbox and other views of instances from the following URL :
:Make sure your weblogic server is started.
Best of luck
Right Chord

new to Weblogic - is there a 'pl/sql cardtridge' replica

I am new to weblogic.
In OAS we used to have what was called a 'pl/sql cartridge' which allowed call to exec pl/sql procedure through the url in the form:
Is there a similar mechanism in the weblogic world?
Thank you
Hi Anatolly
As far as I know, I have not seen something like this in Weblogic Server. But looking at this OAS pl/sql cartridge stuff and the URL Pattern, it kind of looks like REST URL pattern.
With my Portal background, here is the RES APIs for Portal Framework:
We can implement something along these lines for pretty much any custom applications like expsoing data (CRUD) from any backend system using REST Architecure.
Ravi Jegga 
Thanks, Ravi, I will look at that.
Meanwhile I downloaded what is called now (if I remember the name right) Oracle Middleware Web Utilities, that includes the Web Cache and HTTP Server. In HTTP Server can configure DAD for plsql access within supplied mod_plsql module. It is not part of a weblogic per say though.