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[SOLVED]Soa Community - Further information/assistance isn't available

The coordinates that are made available on the SOA Community aren't applicable. I've tried to ask specific information to the person that mentioned on the SOA Community site:
For further information/assistance, please email to J?Kress. => this is Jurgen.Kress#oracle.com but this email adres doesn't exist.
Could somebody provide me information about the Oracle Consultants for Oracle EMEA ? 
Please don't post Oracle Internal questions on Public forums! 
I would think it's in everybody's interest that's interested in SOA, that the email coordinates on the Site of the SOA Community is correct.
If you have any questions you're able to ask them through the usage of the email coorindates mentioned on the site of the SOA Community.
In other words this no Internal Oracle Question because I'm not an Oracle Consultant. 
Very often, I see Oracle Internal postings which are certainly not meant to be posted in a public forum, because they violate company policies. This was intended as a hint for the colleagues to help them to avoid penalties.
As many big companies, Oracle has internal communities, too. Since the context of your question wasn't very clear for me, I've falsely interpreted it as an Oracle Internal posting.
For completeness could you post the SOA Community Web Site you're referring too?
Thx, one really gets lost within OTN...

Please create forum for Oracle Communications Unified Communication Suite

Can someone please create a forum for the "Oracle Communications Unified Communication Suite"?
The equivalent forum on the forums.sun.com was quite helpful and active, so we would appreciate have the forum on the oracle forums as well.
King Regards 
We will need the product manager to request this - if you know him/her, pass it along.

Have Oracle8 object features been a success?

I am currently at Leeds Metropolitan University studying
Business Computing. I am thinking about investigating the
success of the new object features offered by Oracle8 and
compare these against a true OO database for my dissertation. I
would appreciate if someone could pass on their opinions or any
information you have on new object features, and whether you
think this has been a success in the Oracle world as a whole. It
would also be very helpful if anyone could tell me whether these
new objects do actually provide OO functionality.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Yours Sincerely
Please repost this question in the appropriate section of the
Discussion Forum. This forum is for general OTN suggestions and

Oracle clinicals

I Need Documentaion regarding Oracle clinicals,Help me .
Please send me via email suepati#yahoo.com 
I think you might want to try the Pharmaceuticals/Biotech/Life Sciences Forum as this forum is strictly for Oracle Reports questions.

BI on OTN forum

I noticed that behind the Oracle Forum, Oracle has built there some kind of BI application. When I post some message, sometime I get a call from Oracle product development center about the problem which I posted and they try to know what client is looking and how can Oracle help them, kind of question... I will recommend one more thing that OTN should do , they should collect info of the OTN members who has posted messages on different subject/technology. If they find a person who is regulary posting messages in Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, OWB 9i, JDeveloper 9i,XML DB, Designer9i etc.., I will consider a guy with multi skills and Oracle will benefit by hiring such kind of resource.
Just a thought...