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Is there a link on the site that maps the MessageQ part numbers to the OS? For example MessageQ for the Itanium with OpenVMS would have one part number, while MessageQ for the x86 with Linux 64bit would have another.
I need to provide this information to our procurement team so they can ask for quotes.


Restriction on running Apex on Open VMS?

I have a client that is looking at Apex but is unsure if it is available and supported under Open VMS. They are running 10g Rel. 1.
The confusion comes from a text on the download page of Apex that says :
Note: Oracle Application Express 3.0 is supported on all Standard and Enterprise Edition versions of the Oracle database, and higher. We specifically support the following platforms:
Linux x86
Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Mac OS X Server
Linux on Power
Linux x86-64
Linux Itanium
Solaris x86
Microsoft Windows (64-bit Itanium)
Microsoft Windows (x64)
Solaris Operating System (SPARC) (64 bit)
HP-UX Itanium
It does mention that Apex is supported on ALL versions of the database but OpenVMS is not listed.
Hi again,
I just read the DB1ogR2 release notes for OpenVMS and it states that HTMLDB and the HTTP server are not available. It is quite strange then that I can download the companion CD with these 2 products from OTN for OpenVMS.
Can somebody from Oracle confirm if APEX is available for the OpenVMS platform?
Thank you in advance
P.S. While this information is robably available on Metalink, I don't have access right now 
Hi Yvan,
APEX runs inside the database, so assuming you have a DB that meets the minimum version requirements you should be fine.
Regarding the OHS/HTTP server, you do not have to install it on the same machine, in other words you could easily install a Windows or Linux version of the OHS/HTTP Server on another machine and point it at your APEX installation in the DB.
One other think, as far as I'm aware there aren't that many other VMS users using APEX, so asking for clarification that it works might mean you have to wait a long time for someone to answer. So I'd suggest....can you not just try it yourself? (I'm pretty sure it should be fine given then previous requirements constraints).
thanks Jes for your reply.
The problem I have is that I'm currently at the proposal phase to my client and I don't have access to their servers. I will see if they are willing to do a test for me.
thanks again

MessageQ on Solaris SPARC 64 bit?

Is MessageQ available for Solaris SPARC 64 bit? I checked on Metalink as well as edelivery and am not able to find anything. If it's not currently available/certified for this, are there any plans to in the near future?
Yes, MessageQ supports Solaris Sparc 64bit platform. You can get the package as below steps:
1. go to
2. Search "Oracle BEA" for "Sun Solaris Sparc(64-bit)"
3. check "Oracle® Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) Media Pack for Sun Solaris SPARC (64-bit)" and then click "next"
4. You can find "BEA MessageQ - Solaris (9)" in this page. This is it!

Running MessageQ on new Windows versions - when is the support coming?

We've been running MessageQ for 10 years on Windows succesfully from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. It's been working well. We are also running MessageQ on OpenVMS Itanium and before that on Alpha & Vax.
The problem is that world is changing and we still need to be able to communincate with those OpenVMS processes with MessageQ from our Windows servers.
- Windows 2003 x86 (32-bit), it would be nice to have /3GB support (largeaddressaware). Could someone link the product with the right switch? I don't want to use editbin for MessageQ binaries myself. 3GB has been available from Win 2000, so it's nothing new & fancy.
- Windows 2003 x64 (64-bit), 32-bit MessageQ works fine, only the installer that is used with the Rolling patches is 16-bit, so you have to install it on 32-bit and then copy the binaries. We've had no problems running the product, but it would be nice to have real support.
- Windows 2008 R1 x86 (32-bit), we are not using this version
- Windows 2008 R1 x64 (64-bit), we've been testing MessageQ here and services isolation (at least I think so) seems to me be problem, pams_attach fails from other user sessions, see more info of service isolation on link below. I can run 5.0 server in my user prosess and attach works fine if the prosesses are in the same user context, and I can use dmqmonw & other tools. If the service is running under different identity I cannot connect to it. However, if using only MessageQ client on Windows, I can start CLS-server and connect using TCP/IP from the clients on the same box. So communication between W2K8 and OpenVMS itanium works but tweaking MessageQ and W2K8 is not what I want to do. I'd like to have real support.
- Windows 2008 R2 x64 (64-bit), there is no 32-bit version of the latest Windows version. This is where everyone is heading and I don't want to keep those old 32-bit Windows 2003 servers just because of MessageQ. I want to keep my environment simple without extra servers.
Is there a roadmap for the product? We can't be the only ones phasing this problem. It would be really nice to get MessageQ supported on W2K8 64-bit (R1&R2). I have no problem if it is 32-bit only (WOW). 
Yes, we are being executing some certification project on Windows. For the MessageQ roadmap questions, please raise them to, or contact your support engineer for more info.
For the issues on Windows2003(/3GB support and 16-bits installer), please contact your support engineer to file a bug to us, and then we will work out the issues.
Thanks & Regards,
I belated question to the thread creator.
When you migrated from alpha to itanium did you have to purchase new licenses for messageq ?
If you did, what was the cost?
Thanks for your help
Anthony Silverman 
For the license/cost related question, please contact your support engineering for the help.
Its been over two years since the original note was posted. What is the current status for supporting the current versions of the Windows OS ?

MessageQ for RHEL5

Hi, we are investigating the possibility to migrate our OpenVMS Alpha applications to RHEL5. These applications rely heavily on the use of BMQ, so we want to use Oracle MessageQ on RHEL5 too.
We have downloaded MessageQ from but this appears to be suited for RHEL6.1 only. Starting a group and connecting it to another group on an Alpha-system is no problem, but linking with the shared object libraries in /opt/messageq/lib leads to the following error:
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /opt/messageq/lib/ when searching for -lpams
However in the document "Oracle MessageQ Certified Platforms" from March 2012, RHEL5 is mentioned as a supported platform for MessageQ and RHEL6.1 is not. Could someone explain this to us?
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We did certify the OMQ to RHEL 5.0, but the certified binary is not for RHEL6.1, you should use the binary for SUSE Linux on RHEL 5.0, you can download it (Download for Suse for Linux x86 (3,364,784 bytes) ) from

Which Oper Systems will Oracle run on?

Which Operating Systems will Oracle run on?
Simple question, can't find any info on, can someone provide a link?
Specifically looking at AS400 as the OS, but want to know all others.
The complete list is available on, under "certify and availability". AS400 is not one of them. 
Thank you for the reply. requires a Support Identifier
(CSI, SAC, Access Code etc.) code. And I don't have one. How do I get one? 
I see, I need to purchase a support package to get one.
So in order to find out this info, I need to buy a package to decide which package I want to buy????
Here is the list:
Data General DG/UX
HP Tru64 (formerly Compaq)
HP-UX 10.20
HP-UX 11.0
Linux (Intel x86)
NEC 4800 Series
Novell Netware
Siemens (various)
Sun Solaris (Intel x86)
Sun Solaris (SPARC)
Windows (Intel x86)
Windows NT (Alpha)