404 error on QueryInterfaceAPI / Soap Access - Remote APIs(Archived)

When i try hitting this URL in the browser http://<hostname_of_portal>:11905/ptapi/services/QueryInterfaceAPI i get a 404 error. It says "AxisServlet is not Available".
I also tried "http://<hostname_of_portal>:11905/ptapi/services/QueryInterfaceAPI.asmx" and "http://<hostname_of_portal>:11905/ptapi/QueryInterfaceAPI.asmx" all returns a 404 error.
I went to portletRequest and got the getRemoteAPIEndpoint() to make sure my soap URL is correct.
Not sure what the problem is. I'm sure that this was working fine before. When i try to do any operation programatically with publisher object i'm getting the same error (404).
How to fix it? I'm using 6.1 on weblogic 9.2.

If you are on Windows box than try to restart BEA ALI API Windows service. Look at ptspy log, there may be some clue there as well. 

make sure your api service is running, not just by checking the service is up.
try starting it on a cmd window (the api service) to make sure it runs and doesn't error out. the service window will not tell you there is a problem with it if there is one.
if that is fine, make sure the url is correct.
go to the portal db -> PTSERVERCONFIG table -> index 63, that is the soap url the portal has... 

I tried this, the service came up well. i couldnt see any logs in ptspy on this. 

check your url... if your service is fine, then you shouldn't be getting 404s b/c that means your machine cannot find it. 

I checked my url thru the portal settings in the administration. That is correct and also thru the getRemoteAPIEndpoint() api method thru portletRequest object. I'm working on getting access to DB to see the URL there. Is there anything else thats going wrong?
Do i need to manually configure any servlet in weblogic 9.2 to get this working? 

there is nothing to configure, once you installed the portal, it got configured and the URL shouldn't change.
Now the URL in the db should be the same as getRemoteAPIEndpoint(), but the URL in portal settings could get altered and not be the same as the one in the db. That is why it's best to check from the db to be absolutely sure.
You also checked that the api service is up and running within the cmd window and not the services panel right? the api service will fail sometimes - but show as it's running properly through the serivces panel, so make sure by checking it by starting it in a cmd window to make absolutely sure it's there.
Your URL seems fine to me though, it's the standard one.
what about:
(or without the last "/")...
does that also return you a 404? that url should at least return to you all the services running for the portal. 

1) I checked the URL in DB now and its the same there.
2) Service is strating fine with cmd prompt
3) http://hostname:11905/ptapi/services is returning a 404 error
4) http://hostname:11905/ptapi/QueryInterfacesAPI.asmx is returning "HTTP Status 404 - Servlet StartupServlet is not available"
Just to add one more query, i redeployed my portal.ear in weblogic 9.2 some time back and if i'm not wrong it's getting failed there after. Is that something related to that?

just to note.
http://hostname:11905/ptapi/services/QueryInterfaceAPI is the right thing...
.asmx, that type of extension in 6.0 portal no longer exists.
redeploying the portal.ear should NOT have caused this issue.. it is the ptws.ear that controls the api service. can you make sure the ptws.ear is either there or in the portal.ear (sorry, I can't remember where it is). 

ptapi.war might be it too.. 

I could able to see the ptapi.war in C:\bea\alui\ptws\6.1\webapp. when i hit the url "http://host_name:11905/ptapi/services" i could able to see the response 404 is served by tomcat not weblogic where my portal is deployed. I checked in my weblogic, ptapi.war is no where deployed. i hope i shd check the tomcat whether ptapi.war is properly deployed. where shd i check that?
http://host_name:11905/ptapi/ just gives the blank directory listing , without any directory / file names.
am i missing something?

Just noticed one thing. even though in cmd it says the API has been started, i could able to see the following error message in the log file (not in pt spy).
Location of log file : C:\bea\alui\ptws\6.1\logs
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.plumtree.servlet.StartupServlet
2007-07-23 15:07:21 StandardContext[ptapi]Marking servlet StartupServlet as unavailable
2007-07-23 15:07:21 StandardContext[ptapi]Error loading WebappClassLoader
delegate: false
----------> Parent Classloader:
delegate: true
----------> Parent Classloader:
delegate: true
----------> Parent Classloader:

Its fixed.
Tomcat was unable to load certain jar files. I may have to manually copy them into tomcat\5.0.28\common\lib folder. and i restarted the pt api services. The QueryInterfaceAPI started working.
Thanks Imah & Bryazgin for your support.


Problem to connect to Content service Web service using Bulk tools program

Hi, Content Server/Web service experts,
I was trying to create a new "group" in OCS content service using the content service Web service command-line tool. I have the property.txt file and group.xml file properly created then ran the comman, but I got the following messages and errors in the following log file.
Any help will be appreciated.
I have changed the domain property IFS.DOMAIN.WS.CleartextAuthenticationRequiresHttps to "false", and restart the domain. but the error still persisted.
I also tried to access the web service URL http://hostname:port/content/ws
from IE browser, but I got "Error - Request forbidden" error message, it seems to something wrong with priviege, any ideas?
The server also running web cache service, does this matter?
C:\ContentServices_WebServices\command_line_tools\tools\bin>runbulktools.bat pro
Parsing Property file ... Success.
Validating Property file ... Success.
Validating XML file ... Success.
Parsing XML file ... Success.
Establishing Web services session ... Failed.
Error messages in the Bulk-log file
Aug 7, 2006 10:40:52 PM oracle.ifs.client.tools.ContentServicesBulkTool displayExceptionInfo
     at oracle.ifs.client.tools.handlers.HandlerFactory.create(HandlerFactory.java:77)
     at oracle.ifs.client.tools.ContentServicesBulkTool.main(ContentServicesBulkTool.java:115) 
it looks like RemoteLoginManager.login failed
If you open a url like the following in your browser, you should see a message along the lines of
Hi there, this is an AXIS service!
If you are not getting this message, then
a) ensure the Oracle HTTP Server is started
b) ensure web cache is started
c) ensure OC4J_Content is started
d) check to see if you can see the wsdl files at http://host:port/content/wsdl
e) now check if you can access RemoteLoginManager using the URL above
Hi Matt,
Thanks for your quick prompting.
1) I can see the wsdl files at http://host:port/content/wsdl URL
2) I access the fllowing URL http://host:port/content/ws/RemoteLoginManager
and I got the following result.
Hi there, this is an AXIS service!
Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...
But I still got the same error message when I ran the command-line tool..
C:\ContentServices_WebServices\command_line_tools\tools\bin>runbulktools.bat property.txt
Parsing Property file ... Success.
Validating Property file ... Success.
Validating XML file ... Success.
Parsing XML file ... Success.
Establishing Web services session ... Failed.
Is therer anything I could be do wrong? or any configuration I need to perform?
Thanks a lot!
To ensure that Web Services are functioning correctly, I suggest trying out a web service sample from the development kit - just to see if you can actually authenticate.
If the server responds with Feature Not Enabled, it means that the domain property that you changed to allow clear text authentication has not kicked in - which could be because OC4J_Content has not been restarted.
Please try and get a basic Web Service sample working, and then once you have proved that to be working - we can try the bulk tools again.
Also, please provide (edited) details of property.txt
Thank you so much for your help..
The comman-line tool works now. I have typo in the URL in the property.txt file.
After fixing the typo, I can create group through the comman-line tool.
By the way, is there a function to remove the group I just created.

EDK and Tomcat problems

I just finished the EDK class and wanted to see how things would work on on development box. Well so far not so good...
1) I have an instance of tomcat running on my developmental portal server. Fine. I also have an instance of tomcat running on a 2nd server where content server, collab, workflow, etc are. The EDK is installed here. Now according to the EDK class, I should run the EDK on the instance of tomcat that will not possibly bring down the portal (according to the instructor Andi). So in this case, I will run it on the 2nd instance or on the 2nd server. No real question here, but does my logic make sense?
2) So when I run it on the second instance, this is where tomcat is on my server:
So I made a folder called test under webapps to run a test (HelloWorld.html) to see if I could get this to show in a portlet. I got "an unknown error" when I put the portlet on a mypage, but PTSpy did not give me anything. In the portal, I have a remote server object that points to http://portaldev02:8080. I have a web service object that has an http setting of http://portaldev02:8080/test/HelloWorld.html I gatewayed the entire path. Then I created a portlet object.
My guess is one of two things: 1) either the EDK is not set up properly or 2) my path in my web service setting is incorrect with regards to tomcat. Funny thing, though, is that I don't get any errors when I turn on PTSpy with everything turned on.
Any help is appreciated. I am new to the EDK. Thanks.

PT Web Controls 2.1 - Imageserver Issue

At our public portal at http://www.raleighnc.gov/calendar , I'm getting JavaScript errors that I think are due to the remote portlet server not being to access our image server via domain name -- a networking security issue. From the portlet server, manually accessing the imageserver via machine name works fine.In the PTWC.LOG file, the jscomponent.xml file fails to load and there's a great KB article (DA_217701) which explains how to adjust the imageserver URL for Studio Server config, Content Server config, etc. No mention of the PTWC2.1; I tried editing the imageserver.mapping.xml file with the following entry:<mapping find="http://www.raleighnc.gov/imageserver/" replace="http://pt01/imageserver/"/>I even tried this syntax:<mapping find="www.raleighnc.gov" replace="pt01"/>
This doesn't not resolve. When I followed the KB, the imageserverURL remap fixed Studio Server (located on the same remote server). Any ideas what else to try for PTWC???
Are you sure that your imageserver is exactly "[url[/url]http://www.raleighnc.gov/imageserver/"? (You can find it in the portals j_config.xml or n_config.xml or from the EDK). The mapping you have should work if this is the exact sting - however if you don't care and you just want to map the server www.raleighnc.govto "pt01" then you can use regular expressions, i.e.
<mapping regex="true" find="www\.raleighnc\.gov" replace="pt01" />
You must restart IIS after making this change (you can probably get away with simply touching config.xml...) then you should see it attempting to remap the imageserver URL in the logs.
Thanks for the suggestions, Jonathan. Yes, in n_config.xml:
<ImageServerBaseURL value="http://www.raleighnc.gov/imageserver/"></ImageServerBaseURL><ImageServerConnectionURL value="http://pt01/imageserver/"></ImageServerConnectionURL>
When I used the regex syntax in imageserver.mapping.xml, it seems to have eliminated the error in the ptwc.log. The JavaScript error remains but I'll need to post a follow-up if I can narrow down the cause. thx!
Simply 'touch'ing the config.xml file didn't do it for me, on Win2K3 w/IIS6.  I had to restart IIS.

PDK Sample

I have been trying to get the PDK Java Framework Sample to work,
but I get the following message when I try to bring it up via:
javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to initialize new
provider instance:
oracle.portal.utils.xml.v1.NodeHandlerException: XML processing
error: unable to create object of type
oracle.portal.sample.devguide.samplerenderer.SampleRenderer due
to the following exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
I have followed all the instructions to install the PDK
framework...adding entries to jserv.properties and
zone.properties. I also have put all the required fields on the
server in the default locations. Finally I changed the
provider.xml file as described in the instructions...
Does anyone have any ideas?
Any help would be greatly appreciated...
I haven't had a problem with that particular class but
I've run into "class not found before". Some possibilities ...
1) You've probably done it but double checking your provider.xml
sometimes reveals the problem.
2) Verify the presence of the class in your samples.jar file
( jar tvf samples.jar )
3) verify your classpath and wrapper.classpath settings 
The reason for NodeHandlerException is because it is not able to
locate the 'SampleRenderer' class. Please do check your
'jserv.properties' (if you are using Apache) to see whether
samples.jar(which contains SampleRenderer class) provided by JPDK
is in the classpath.
Essentially samples.jar needs to be there in webserver's
classpath !!!
Thanks for you reply... that was the first thing I checked and
yes the following line is in the jserv.properites file:
and this is the correct path for the .jar file.
Any other thoughts?
Thanks again,
The Sample Renderer portlet is the first one in the provider.xml,
so it is definitely having an issue locating the samples.jar.
Here is a way to pinpoint whether, the HttpServer can even find
the class file.
Type the following in the URL location:
If it can find the samples.jar file, the browser will seem like
it is doing something, and maybe even seem to hang. It is
trying to run the class, but does not have the correct
parameters to successfully run it. After about 20 seconds, you
can hit stop.
If it cannot find the class, the browser will immediately (5-10
seconds) return the following ...
The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its
name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Not Found
The requested URL
/servlet/oracle.portal.sample.devguide.samplerenderer.test was
not found on this server.
That means that even the listener cannot find this class. You
can then open samples.jar with some zip utitlity and try some of
the other classes.
I know you checked the jserv.properties, but if the HttpServer
does not find the class, something is not setup right with the
1. Since it gives you this error, it looks like it finds
provider.jar. Is there anything different between samples.jar
and provider.jar as far as setup, location, etc.?
2. Make sure that samples.jar is not corrupt for some reason.
Can't think of anything else. At least by testing above you
should be able to pinpoint whether the problem is still with
Sue (or anyone),
When I type the following in the URL location:
plerenderer.SampleRenderer, the browser returns the "The page
cannot be found" error. What am I supposed to do about it? I
have followed all the instructions to install the PDK framework.
Please help me.

Problem w/ "How to Build a Web Portlet"

I'm new to Oracle Portal/Oracle Application Server. I have been trying to learn how these products work. I've tried to follow the "How to Build a Web Portlet" document, found at http://technet.oracle.com/products/iportal/files/pdkjan/articles/how.to.build.web.portlet.html.
I've had no problems compiling the portlet or editting the properties files and the provider.xml file. However, once I restart the HTTP listener and try to open the portlet at http://host.domain/servlet/myfirst, I get an "Internal Server Error" message. (And, yes, I did replace "host.domain" with my appropriate host and domain.)
Any ideas where the problem might be?
- Geof Corb 
Internal Server Error could mean many things. Sometimes just restarting the listner too quickly would cause this error. To make sure that is not the problem. Check the following.
1) Stop the listener, wait 20 seconds. then restart, do you get the same error?
2)Apache also gets this error if you have misconfigured either the jserv.properties or the zone.properties. Make sure that you have included the myfirstportlet.jar in jserv.prooereties and it points to the correct location. Also make sure that the location specified in the zone.properties actually points to your NEW provider.xml.
3) Look in jserv.log and mod_jserv.log within Apache\Jserv\logs. Do you have any error messages?
4) Can you call http://host.domain/servlet/IsItWorking
This is a sample servlet that comes with Jserv. If this works, then Jserv is working and something is specifically wrong with myfirstportlet. If this sample does not work, then you have misconfigured something in the files and all of Jserv is not working.
Hope this helps,