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Hi everyone,
?:| Does anyone knows if I need to do any extra configuration in my Operating System/Data Base if I'm using special characters (accents) in activities/transitions name. Is there any problem using these type of characters?
Thanks a lot.
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in ALBPM 5.7 you don't need any specific setup to use spanish characters, since we store all information as NVARCHARS.
In Studio, we store projects files in UTF-8, so no problem either.
PS: you are just asking or you do have a problem? if you do, contact support and describe your problem.
MAriano Benitez
AquaLogic BPM 5.7 SP1 is now available! 

Thanks a lot Mariano,
I'm starting modeling a process and I was trying to avoid the use of these special characters. I don't have problems so far. Now I will use these characters in my design. 

One of the main features of ALBPM 5.7 was Internationalization and localization.
This meant that any label that you can enter support multi-byte characters and they are all stored as UTF-8 in the backend.
Also, we added support for entering labels for different languages for most user-side texts.
MAriano Benitez
AquaLogic BPM 5.7 SP1 is now available!


does Berkeley DB supports Japanese letters

I want to build a tool in C++ using Berkeley DB XML.
In XML file, there exists some Japanese letters.
Does the berkeley DB support 2byte letters?
Can I retrieve by Japanese query?
i'm very pleased if I have an answer for this.
Hi Lee,
DB XML supports documents in a number of encodings, including UTF-8 and UTF-16, and queries in UTF-8. So yes, you can use Japanese characters in both your documents and your queries.
Hi John
I really appriciate for your rapid response.
thank you very much.

Internationalization options

I am trying to gather information on how internationalization is handled in WebLogic
environment and what kinds of things should I be aware of when developing a system
with various languages and character sets.
The actual system being developed will be a portal that works in several languages
including languages wits special characters such as Greek, German and French.
So I would now really like to hear what is the expert's suggestion in this given
Best regards,
Lasse Nurmeksela
Dear Lasse,
There is a i18n documentation that has been made by our japanese engineers,
my advice would be to have a check on this first as it contains many
information about internationalization in Weblogic :
Feel free to reply in the newsgroup if you need further assistance.
Best regards
Nohmenn BABAI
BEA EMEA Technical Support Engineer
"Lasse Nurmeksela" <> a écrit dans le
message de news: 3d24059b$
I am trying to gather information on how internationalization is handledin WebLogic
environment and what kinds of things should I be aware of when developinga system
with various languages and character sets.
The actual system being developed will be a portal that works in severallanguages
including languages wits special characters such as Greek, German andFrench.
So I would now really like to hear what is the expert's suggestion in thisgiven
Best regards,
Lasse Nurmeksela

Does OATS support multilanguage?

Could you please help me whether OATS supports multi language or not
If, plz help me how to do. We have the client requirement for multilanguage
Hello Siva
I'm curious about your language requirements.
What kind of multi language support do you need?
To install OATS on non english systems? You can, it is supported
To record non-english application? Yes you can, this is supported
We also support different character sets, even if we had issues with some specific language kbr input (in Turkey).

update tamil font in oracle

To update tamil font in oracle database
can anyone help me on this
Yes, I found that Tamil is Oracle Supported Languages. By using Unicode databases and datatypes, you can store, process, and retrieve data for almost all contemporary languages.
And also see :
How to change Font in Columns. [ID 899520.1]
Oracle knows Tamil, but I don't.... :)
Girish Sharma 
thanks for your kind response
i gone through document which you sent
if you have any configuration details or how to implement in database and this is also need to be access from application 
can anyone help me on this
thanks and regards
Please, make yourself familiar with the Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide first. The forum is not the best place to ask for a training.
-- Sergiusz 
i would like to know the OS and Database prerequisite to configure Tamil font 
I am repeating: read the guide, at least the basic chapters. Then, ask questions. You mix basic terms. You do not configure fonts in a database, because a font is a set of glyphs representing characters drawn on a screen. The database is a data storage server. It has no GUI and it does not display anything. Only client tools and applications connecting to the database can display data. I do not know if you talk about the database character set for your database or real fonts for your operating system. These are very different things even if they are both needed for Tamil data to be processed correctly. Any Oracle database (at least since Oracle7.3) can be configured to store Tamil data by creating it with the Unicode character set. Use AL32UTF8 with the current versions (>=9.0).
Windows can display Tamil since Windows 2000. The font name Latha. You may need to add East Asian text support through Control Panel in Windows 2000/XP before displaying Tamil.
I am not sure how well Tamil is supported on Unix-like systems, including Linux, but I assume at least some applications can process it.
-- Sergiusz

Oracle Text Russian docs

I' ve translated to Russian two chapters from Oracle Text Reference
(Chapter 3,4 about Contains query operators)
I hope it translation to you will be useful.
You can be use it at creation of your documentation for your program.
You can download it from here
Any notes and wishes are accepted.
Best regards,
Victor Zogin 
As it happens I had a query from a collegue working in Russia if I could
locate any docs and have forwarded your link, thanks for your efforts.
We had found the following site that will translate in and out of Russian,
covers text, html etc...
I hope this might be of use to anyone else.
Hello, Victor.
I have trouble with Intermedia in 8i. I got information, that Context cartridge doesn't working with Russian language. Is problem still exist in 9i?
I mean - does Intermedia 9i support Russian ? 
Hello, Timur
Oracle Text in Oracle 9i supports many languages
including Russian.
But it does not support specific features of Russian language :).
So, if you want find any declension of word then
you must use % symbol in end of word in the full-text query.
Best regards, Victor Zogin. 
Dear Victor,
here at ucla we are quite interested in Oracle Text--10g. However, we would like more information on which specific features work with the various languages. We have, for instance, faculty with projects in Russian, and well as Danish, Old Norse (Icelandic), Arabic, Chinese, etc. They are very intrigued with the visualization features as well as linguistic analysis--lemmatizers, etc. In the past we have had to use several different systems in order to meet their needs. Can you point me to a document that lists the features that are implemented in all the languages that 10g supports? Thanks very much! Zoe Borovsky, PhD. UCLA-Digital Humanities Incubator Group 
I'm not Victor - but I can point you to the following doc:
The end of the doc contains a features matrix. If languages aren't displayed there then the special features aren't supported for the language. You can still index and search in that language, but don't count on features such as FUZZY to work.
thanks very much. after i posted my query, i found that document--but it's extremely helpful to know that what i found is the most current information. thanks so much for your reply. --zoe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
nice job, but You have some mistypes and therminology errors in Your translation...
In russian language (in Oracle Text context ;)) word "therm" is not translated "as is" and usually means "termin" ;)
Also, explanation of NT/BT therms without bindings with thesauri structure is a bit ....m-m-m-m.... not clear.
Anyway, as I said, nice try.
WBR Yuri