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I know that we can import a process model from Aris and Visio.
How about a Mega process model ? any support ?

There is no support for importing process definitions from MEGA.
MAriano Benitez
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Future WLI Product release, compatibility with BPM

Regarding Integration and BPM products from BEA I have the following queries:
1) What is the next major release for Weblogic Integration product and what Enhancements will be there?
2) Which BEA product is going to have Business Process Management (BPM) functionality supporting BPEL Server and BPEL designers?
3) How BEA differentiates the BEA AquaLogic from BEA Weblogic Integration?

BEA ALBPM integration with Telelogic and/or Troux

Does anyone have any experience with integrating these tools with ALBPM? Can you easily import process models from Troux or Telelogic into ALBPM? 
Not that we are aware of.. Sorry
MAriano Benitez
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I have worked some with BEA's WebLogic Server and Workshop and have been able to deploy UML modeled services designed with Telelogic Tau successfully through Workshop (using Telelogic Tau's Eclipse integration). As far as I know, Telelogic has a BPM workflow from a high level through System Architect to Tau where you can further refine busines models into UML models and then deploy your SOA through Workshop.


What's the current XPDL version supported by BPM Suite 10g? 
I use Oracle BPM Studio 10gR3, it shows xpdl 2.0. Hope this can help!
BEA Aqualogic BPM</xpdl:Vendor>

Version incompatibilty between oracle BPM 10g and ALBPM 6.0

We are facing BPM version compatibility between oracle BPM 10g and ALBPM 6.0.
I would like to use the BPM project developed in oracle BPM 10g in ALBPM 6.0. But after importing into ALBPM 6.0 studio it's not showing any processes in BPM project. I have tried all the exporting and deploymnet options, Still it's not working.
Can you please suggest me the solution for this issue.
While you can export an ALBPM 6.0 project and import it into Oracle BPM 10g, as you've seen you will not be able to use a project that is exported from Oracle BPM 10 project in ALBPM 6.0.
Just to clarify - it will appear to import, but you won't be able to open key elements (e.g. screenflows created in the 10g project) successfully.
Hi Dan,
After importing 10g project in ALBPM 6.0 it's showing any processes in my studio or Enterprise.
Any solution for this.
Sorry I was not clearer. You can import 6.0 projects into 10g but the reverse is not true. It will look like it imported ok, but in reality your Oracle BPM 10g project will not work using ALBPM 6.0.

ALBPM 6.0 To OBPM 11g/12g

Hi All,
Any one have any idea about how to migrate Albpm 6.0 projects to OBPM 11g/12g(upcoming).
Is there any document provided by oracle?
For 11g there is currently no migration. There is supposed to be some migration tools for 12c but it will still probably not be a seamless conversion and it will also depend on which features in 6.0 you were using. There will also not be support for migrating instance data from my understanding.
Adam DesJardin