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If there are 2 independent processes using a Shared FDI running in their own engine spaces, what are the possiblities of invoking an instance of one process in another process flow?
For example, One process wants to list a filtered set of instances from another process for a user common to both processes and allows to process those instances without requiring to login to another process flow?


Global Activity to use while using PAPI

I want to create an instance by adding PAPI code to a web-service or by exposing my process as a web-service. Which Global Activity do we use while creating an instance using PAPI ? Is it Global Automatic or Global Creation? 
the answer depends on how the process must start: Is it automatic or an user does it?
I think the exposed process as ws can make your problem solved, if just need to start and/or notify an procces's instance. More than this, and I recommend directly use of the WsPapi.
Ah, I think the global automatic can support this. There is a lot of examples in the forum and, if you can find it, the ALBPM 5.7 samples.
Hope this helps
Yes, I just need to create an instance of the process based on some parameters from the web-service..and the process moves ahead.. 
You can create a new work item instance in a process using (1) PAPI (the Java API) or (2) PAPI-WS (the web service API) or (3) the process specific web service running on the Engine's port 9000. When you do this, the work item instance goes directly into the Begin activity of the process. Once there the work item instance is created and is automatically routed to the first activity in the process.
There are many reasons for using Global Interactive and Global Automatic activities in a process but you do not need to use a Global Interactive or Global Automatic activity when creating instances using any of these 3 APIs.
Once an instance is created using any of these 3 APIs, the work item instance immediately and automatically flows to the next activity in the process downstream of the Begin activity.

large BPM application with tens of processes

Hi everyone
I'm working on a BPM application using Oracle BPM and JDeveloper
Our application has about 40 different processes.
It consists of one main process that calls 3 other big processes which in turn call other processes for a total of about 40 processes.
What I'm wondering is how should one architect such an application in Oracle BPM?
The way we have done it so far is to build the application with the main process, and for each process that it calls, we add a new process to the same application and use the service call activity to call it.
But I don't think this is the right way to do it, and it might become an issue as the application gets bigger and more processes are added to the application.
Using the subprocess is also out of the question duo to the amount of activities and tasks, which makes the whole thing too large and too complicated.
I thought of deploying each process as a webservice in a different application and use a call activity for each, but webservices are a little slow and might not be the best choise for this.
Can someone direct me in the right path please?
Hi luke ;
I think, you using 1 application, 1 project and 40 process in this project. Is that right? You can use many project for relational process group. And you can call this process via service activity quickly. 
Hi Melothony
Thank you I tried it, but it seems a process in a bpm project can not call another process in another bpm project in the same application. 
You can call any process in another process as a web service calling method. 
you said that first process is a master process which will select any one of the process of the three process, and that process will call rest of the other process as u said. in that case, create one master process and apply three different conditional branches, from there call other sub-processes according to your requirements.

create BPM process with more than one initiator human task

Hi All, I need your help,  I want to create a BPM process that could be initiated from two swim lanes (roles) because if role A started the process then the process will go to path PA and if it's started by role B the process will go to another path of the same process (path PB) and the two paths will be intersected or met at some point of the process. I tried to add two initiator tasks for each role or swim lane, but the JDeveloper raise this compilation error "Error: Process ProcessA has more than one initiate user task (NewRequest1, NewRequest2)" I want to solve this problem ASAP and I need your appreciated help. Regards,mostafa
Hi Mostafa,I believe you need to approach it from a different angle.For example, why don't you assign your task to the two groups and once the task has been submitted, you can get the claimed group and with an exclusive gateway to divert your flow?Antonis
Another approach could be building different starting processes, each one with the specific flow, activities and invoking a third process which implements the common activities. RegardsLuis Fernando Heckler

using multi instance subprocess in OBPM12c

HI All,   We have  business requirement to create multiple instances of a business process based on the count of input data. Suppose the input data consists of 3 items. Each item is a collection of 3 process data objects.  Now based on the length of items we can configure a subprocess and its mutiinstance  cardinality properties. We have a defined the service task followed by subprocess call in Process 1. Within the subprocess we are using a service task to make a synchronous call to Process 2 whose multi instances needs to be created. Process 2 has a message start and end activities with a human task in between.  So, we want to create 3 instances of Process 2 as number of items is 3, and each process instance of Process 2 should have independent process data object values retrieved from respective item.  The problem is I am unable to perform data association from Service Task in process 1 to start message of Process 2. Please suggest approach to this problem.
One more thing I forgot to mention is that I was able to achieve the same requirement in Oracle BPM 10g using multiple gateway and using copy = clone(this) method code within multiple gateway. Wondering how could be this achieve using OBPM 12c. Thanks!!
Help us out here a little when you get a chance.  Sure it is in here somewhere, but I am not sure where it is you are having an issue. Obviously the answers we gave you in this very similar thread were somehow lacking: What's equivalent of multiple gateway of 10g present in 12C? Help us out by telling us what you are having trouble doing.  For example, (1) I'd be the first to admit that the XSD this requires is a little odd to create, or (2) populating the collection in the script prior to the Multi-instance subprocess baffles most people, or (3) an area people have trouble with the Multi-instance subprocess is setting its cardinality properties correctly. Thanks,Dan

Unable to start from sub process

The scenario of our application is :
We have multiple processes,each again having multiple activities inside them.
There is one main processes and the others are all sub processes.
The main process looks something like below :
My requirement is to start the main process from Sub-Process2,rather than the usual way of instantiating the main process.
I tried configuring Sub-Process2 as an alternative Start (in the Work Flow Builder),but that doesnt seem to be working.
I am using Java APIs to interact with Oracle Work Flow.
Any ideas ??
One possibility is to call WF_ENGINE.CompleteActivity() if you need to start a process with an activity node that is mid-stream in a process thread and not at the beginning of a process thread. The activity node you specify as the beginning of the process must be set to 'Start' in the Node tab of its property page.