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Hi Devs,
One of my friend want to use a java web service, as he is not in my domain I am not able to give him web service developed on my machine. He is doing research on how sharepoint can use Java web service. Any simple java service doing addition calculation will do for him. But the thing is that we both are not able to find a dummy or study purpose web service on net. It will be great help if anyone has any link to such web service.
Looking forward to you help. 

I wrote a series of blogs on this. Start here:

Thanks Cindy for your kind help :-) !!!
We also need a dummy java web service which is already existing somewhere on internet, uploaded for study purpose. This web service will be used for test purpose in application. A simple java web service doing addition or calculation will do.
Please help


Basic question about UDDI

I have a very basic question about UDDI.
Some web services need to be created for my Java web project.
When should I use UDDI?
Please give me some examples. Thanks a lot.


I am a Fresher recently hired in a company. I've been given an assignment to invoke a WebService through a given WSDL. Prior to that, i've no experience in WebServices area, can someone guide me or gimme me the links for some good starting articles after which i can succesfully put a hand on experience on the company assignment. Its an urgent request, please help me as i am totally a novice in this field.
Ben, how about asking this quesion on Web Services forum ? You can also do some initial search/reserach on that forum. 
Do you have the freedom of choosing your tool?
If yes I would jump on Oracle JDeveloper 10g and use their wizard to create a Web Service Proxy from a WSDL.
It will guide you to the different step and you will end with a simple Java class (a Stub) that call the Web service.
Tugdual Grall

Web Services - Why don't they work?

The Web Services demo application that comes with the product is hopelessly outdated, none of the services are alive.
Put in a zipcode and click Submit, it just hangs.
I tried to create a new WS reference using the Wizard and the following WSDL URL
The WSDL document seems fine but it just hangs when I put in this URL and click Next.
Questions regarding web services are met with a resounding silence on this forum.
Why is this? Are web services discouraged when using Apex? Web services are very very common when dealing with external data sources and Apex does seem to support them so why can't I seem to get anything to work and get no support from the forum?
Ah, setting the Proxy Server under Application Attributes seems to make Web Services much much happier (** removed proxy - on our hosted instance, you cannot use web services **)
The documentation should clearly mention this otherwise the perception is that Web service support in Apex is broken!
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Actually, on the same topic of Web Services and getting them to work, has anybody know of any examples or tutorials that integrate BPEL with Apex?
More info on BPEL for those who do not know: 
This helped tremendously! However, it was not the only "change" to the procedure that needed to be made... Instead of search the IBM UDDI for the WSDL location, which never worked, I indicated the URI to the WSDL ( and then was able to select the webservice "getQuote." The 2-Day Development Course really needs to be updated to indicate the need to set the proxy even when developing on the Oracle site! 
There is a limitation with the current version of Application Express and working with BPEL services. This post contains some relevant information from the metalink note:
Re: Web Service no parameter input
Also, further down is an example of using UTL_HTTP in a page process to interact manually with a Web service. A similar process could be written to interact with a BPEL process.

Overloading Web Service Methods?

I am using WebLogic Workshop on the BEA WebLogic 8.1 platform. I would like to know if it is possible to overload web service methods from .jws files or any other means of implementing a web service. I tried a test file and it gave me specific errors related to overloading, but I have been unable to find any good documentation on the subject to be sure. Any information on the subject of overloading web service methods would be appreciated. Thanks. 
Hello ,
It is very clear from following solution published by BEA that funtionality you are looking for is not supported. Do check this link to make sure if it refers to the same your scenario ...
Kuldeep Singh. 
Your link does not appear to work. Can you give me to correct link please? Thanks.

Does BI call external web service?

Hi everybody,,
I want to learn an important issue for us. Can we call any external web service(ex. call a web service which is written to ask employee's salary) from BI?
Another question is, can we call a web service of UCM from BI? I mean that, when the report is generated in BI, is it possible to put a file into UCM automatically?
Thank you for your help. 
Hi again,
Can you help me please dear BI gurus? Please.
Nobody knows? 
It kinda depends how / where you want to call the webservices. If you want to do it on the BI-server you can only do this in a intialisation block (the same way you call the LPAD Server). If you only need the result of the call in the presentationlayer you could render a http(s) call to the webservices.
#user519020     , If you want to display the values returned by web service in your dashboard, you can do it by calling external web applications( web app can internal call a web service to render data). If you want to call web service for each and every row, that might not be possible directly in OBIEE web.
in that case, Create a web application(java/.net) which connects obiee web service and external web service. then Combine the data in your web application code. Then call this external web page in your dashboard.
For more information on creating web services, look at obiee documentation web services guide.
Can you do a blog for Calling web service in an initialization block. Very interesting one. I appreciate all your blog entries. Your blog is OBIEE Wikipedia.. ;-)
- Madan