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When i see at the Health of the server I get hte following warning message: Warning MDB application bea_wls9_async_response is NOT connected to messaging system.
I one of the articles it says that the JMS is created for the webservices.
Does anybody have an idea how to remove this error and what is it related to?
Aziz Momin


webservices sending messages to JMS

I have implemented a webservices component that will insert a message into JMS queue configured in the weblogic server.
The Connection Factory, JMS server and the queue are in the same intance of Weblogic.
When I test the webservice component,
->I get a error saying, "Cannot create producer for destination <destination queue JNDI name>
->Also during starting of weblogic server, I get the following error for " failed to access the store for reliable delivery
error creating session"
Any suggestion about what these errors are and how to eliminate this?
More info required to help out further, what I understand is you have a Web Services running, which while in process, need to post a message to JMS Q.
And while sending this message, you encounter the error. If you post more info about your scenario and detailed error message, that would help us put more thoughts into it.
Vikky Chan

Resource type : 'MQConnection' is not registered.

I have a OSB project which integrates with WMQ 7.0. It works fine when I import into windows. When I try to import the project into Linux Server. I am getting the below error."Resource type : 'MQConnection' is not registered.". Only difference is my Linux Server is a two node OSB cluster and windows in single server topology.
I have placed the com.ibm.mq.jar and com.ibm.mq.jmqi.jar in the "/apps/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/osb_domain/lib". I don't get any warning saying MQConnection is not registered during the server startup, which other wise you get.
Any idea.. I am stuck with this from 2 days...Appreciate any thoughts on this 
Can you check at the Deployments section of wls whether 'MQ Transport Provider' deployment is in active state or not ? If not can you check whether any error is diaplayed when you click on it. 
How did you resolve this? I am running into same issue, MQ Transport provider is inactive and I can't start it, it fails with "Transport proivder mq alredy exists".
Thank you

JMS Connectivity problem

On one of our production deployments using Weblogic 10.3.0, we are getting the following exception when trying to connect to a JMS queue on one of the managed server. We are able to access the queues on other managed servers(there are 4 managed servers in all).
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.S:+<ManagedServerName>+'. Resolved 'weblogic.messaging.dispatcher'; remaining name 'S+:<ManagedServerName>+'
This error message starts coming up after the server has been up for few days. Once this exception comes up, we cannot fetch messages from the JMS queues on the affected managed server. We have a java process that connects to the managed servers and picks up the JMS messages and sends it to external systems. The problem occurs when connecting from this process. I tried to find the queue depth by writing a simple java program that uses a JMS queue browser. The program fails too.
I checked the JNDI tree to find if a binding exists with 'weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.S:+<ManagedServerName>+'. To my surprise, the binding exists. Just wondering what could possibly cause this issue.
My JMS settings are like follows:
I have four JMS servers, each targeted to the corresponding managed server.
I have distributed JMS queues that are targetted onto the cluster.
I have normal JMS queues that are targeted onto the corresponding managed server.
The connection factory is targeted onto the cluster.
The problem happens with my normal JMS queues on one of the managed servers.
Please let me know if I am going wrong with my setup. Note that this issue happens after the server is running for few days. Upon restarting the affected server, I am able to connect to the JMS queues and pick-up messages.
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Are there some errors which are preceding this, for example is there an out-of-memory occurrence? 
I can think of two potential reasons why this error might come up. The first is that your WebLogic Cluster might be failing so that JNDI name-space replication between cluster servers has at least partially stopped working. The second is that you're working with multiple domains but there are duplicated names configured between domains. For the former, look for Warnings in your logs and also consult the general documentation for cluster troubleshooting information. As for the latter, consult the best practices section of the JMS configuration guide.
do you have solution for your issue?
would you mind sharing with us?

Details about the JMS Producers/Consumers

Hi All,
I am new to weblogic server.
We are using weblogic server 11g .
I need clarification on JMS.
We configured a JMS to send the reports from application deployed from weblogic server( oN Windows) to another weblogic server(On OEL) in FMW. But the data flow not occurred properly.I want to check following points .
1)All producers and consumers details for ths JMS servers
2)To get the details about the messgae sent by producer and who is the consumers for the same.
3)To verify whether the JMS transfered the all messages to consumer or anythng dailed.
4)If messages were failed then details about the failure message.
5)How to verify the producer and the corresponding consumers are valid
6)Can i check the details from both the producer and consumer servers.
Thanks in advance. 
Please follow the below link
Sujit Singh 
Please see the announcement post at the top of this forum. It points to getting started information and various useful doc links.

Exception Encountered while attempting to send message[JMSExceptions:045103

Hi - I need help on one the issue I am facing. It seems some minor mistake but unable to find that.
I have a EJB code deployed on weblogic. I am using OSB business service to invoke EJB and publish data to JMS. I have setup all queue and JNDI properly but for some reason, I am keep on getting below error. I have google and fond couple of doc but all point to JMS server down .. I am able to access that queue through normal OSB project and able to publish data in it..
Could someone pls what could be wrong I am doing.
Exception Encountered while attempting to send message[JMSExceptions:045103]While trying to find a topic or a queue we could not find the specific JMSServer requested. The linked exception may contain more information about the reason for failure.