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We have developed a web service using WLW and deployed it to weblogic 8.1 (install from scratch), we manage to invoke the service successfully. However, when we deploy it to the weblogic 8.1 server installed through PeopleSoft PIA , we keep getting the 'External Service Failure: There was no Content-Type header' error.
Does anyone know what are the differences for the weblogic installed through PeopleSoft PIA or how we can get around the error? Thanks!


Failed to deserialize xml exception

I have reported a problem that I am getting the following exception when I try to call a web service with my client API built by the Weblogic clientgen task:
weblogic.xml.schema.binding.DeserializationException: mapping lookup failure
For details see http://forums.bea.com/thread.jspa?threadID=300004484
The web service client application runs on Weblogic Server 8.1, but I built the web service client API with WLS version 7. Is there a compatibility problem between these 2 version concerning the web service client APIs?

Web service control under WLP 10

Hi all,
i'm facing a strance problem when invoking a web service through a web
service control under Weblogic Portal 10.
Invoking the web service works fine with a control under Weblogic
Workshop 8.1 but not under weblogic portal 10.
Another interesting thing, is that i can invoke correctly the web
service through the Web Service Explorer.
The Web service uses JAX-RPC.
Some methods works fine but one of them is not working well. It seems
that there is a ClassCastException on the web service side.
Any idea ?

Webservice Fallouts

We use weblogic integration platform for our integration needs. For invoking webservices we use Web Service Control(JCX) and it works great. We are trying to find ways to mange fallouts. Say server was down that we were trying to invoke the server hosting the webservice. Is there a way to use the SOAP created in the first run and just send it to server hosting webservice instead of recreating it from scratch.
More in terms of SOA where step is to create the SOAP message and Step 2 manages the send and consecutive resends if required.
FYI we use weblogic integration 8.1

could not invoke a web service in an integration process from a portal

I am a WebLogic user. I am using WebLogic 8.1. I created a process project which integration a few web services. The last service in the process is named "Alert Service". I also create a WebLogic portal to invoke the the Alert service in the process. After I run the process in WebLogic workshop, I run the portal. I met the issue like:
<i><b>An error has occurred:
An exception occurred in the action showAlert
EJB Exception: ; nested exception is:
com.bea.control.ServiceControlException: SERVICE FAULT:
String:Response: '503: Service Unavailable' for url: 'http://dbaldridge3000:7001/JC2Collab/JC2/collab/alert/Alert.jws'
caused by: : com.bea.control.ServiceControlException: SERVICE FAULT:
String:Response: '503: Service Unavailable' for url: 'http://dbaldridge3000:7001/JC2Collab/JC2/collab/alert/Alert.jws'
I created a portal domain and extended the workshop and integration domain to the portal domain server. both the process and the portal are running on this server. If I don't run the workflow process, but run the Alert service only and then run the portal, there is no exception.
The portal was created using the Alert service's control.
Why did the integration process hide its service so that the portal could not find it ? Should I run the integration process and the portal in separate domains (servers) ? Should I start two WebLogic platforms ?
Thanks in advance.
I reproduced this error in another way by using portal only. I created a portal with a portlet which can invoke a meeting service. I posted two methods in the meeting service to the portlet - listMeetings and getMeeting. The portlet was generated automically from the meeting web service control. I invoked the listMeeting from the portal at first. The meeting info was displayed on the portal page. Then I invoked the getMeeting by entering a meeting key got from the first step. For the second call, the same exception was thrown. 
I met similar problem when I used Oracle BPEL PM manager to integrate an Apache Axis web service. The reason is that there is class name confliction between Oracle BPEL client classes and Axis classes. Not sure if WebLogic has similar problem.

Process web service in weblogic server

I am in a peculiar position, I am able to create a process web service and then call it from studio it self but while I deploy it in weblogic server and try to call the process webservice from an external system I cannot because I dont know the URL of the webservice. I have a WSDL file downloaded while I was in studio, I suppose that will not work if I an in weblogic , how do I get another WSDL while I am in weblogic.