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I'm trying to integrate the ant task to my existing build file in my project.
However the ant task don't have any way to compile more than one .xsd in a different .jar
(i.e.: destdir attr is not supported).
For example, I have two schemas : mySchema.xsd and anotherSchema.xsd
What I need is to generate two different .jars : mySchema.jar and anotherSchema.jar
(The jar names must match with the xsd names, that's how our structure goes).
I don't know if it is possible, or if It would be better to compile everything inside a single .jar
Any suggestions will be much appreciated !!!
Thanks !!


Using wsdlc Ant task and Eclipse

Hi all,
I'm using the WebLogic Ant Task wsdlc to generate a default implementation of a java web service based on an existing WSDL.
Everythign generates just fine. I have one little problem though: the classes that represent some of the complex types defined in the WSDL are generated in the compiled WSDL file (the JAR file that wsdlc creates). If I open the java source file for the web service (also created by the wsdlc task, but NOT in the compiled wsdl jar) with Eclipse, Eclipse cannot find the source code for those complex types, and therefore underlines the data types in red to indicate an error.
My question is this: is there a way to tell Eclipse to look for additional source files inside of the compiled wsdl.jar file?
Many thanks in advance!
I got around this by unjaring the generated source jar into a "generated/src" directory and put that directory on the build path.
Andy O

ALBPM ANT task for publish

I currently use ALBPM 5.7, not that it should make much of a difference with respect to this question.
I went through various Fuego tasks to do various ant tasks, such as publish, deploy etc at the following URL
However I want to first use ANT to generate an export (.exp) file for my project. I am not talking about deploying anything yet, just generating the exp file. What task should I use? I saw the fuego:configuration task, but why should I have to provide engine parameters to just generate an exp file. Has anyone done this? thanks 
There is no task to generate a project export. The project exports are usually generated from the Studio tool.
It is worth pointing out that the project export file is nothing more and nothing else than a simple ZIP file with .exp extension.
So if you are already administering your project assets in CVS or SVN, then you can do a checkout of the branch where your project files are administered and then zip them up in a file with .exp extension. I guess this may help do the trick.
Thanks for the tip. I zipped it up using ANT

How to update/replace Jars within sbconfig.jar during import

I want to replace a jar file, used by java callout actions, during import. I am using WLST script to import configuration jar but cannot figure out how to replace jar file.
That jar file contains environment specific properties which i intend to change as part of import, once config jar is uploaded and impoted within the same session.
I have looked to Ref, ArchiveType, Refs, and ALSBConfigurationMBean, but cant figure out to replace specific jar file within imported config jar.
Many thanks in advance!
many thanks
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use customization files in OSB, for automation or else use find&replace from the osb console which is a cool feature 
Hi vivik,
I am already using custimization files to already to customize environment values etc. But what i need cannot be handled by the customization file.
I want to replace a jar file (utility jar), already in the sbconfig jar, being referenced by Java Call out actions during import process. I am begining to convince myself that it is not possible to perform such action during import process. I have checked the MBeans API but not very helpful.
I hope i have able to explain the problem here!
many thanks
Use ant before the actual wlst call.
In ant extract the jar..replace the patterns and pack the jar again, and after that you can just use the wlst import of the sbconfig.jar 
Many Thanks!

How to replace the old ejbjar task with wlappc?

We'are upgrading our application from EJB2 to EJB 3 with weblogic server 10.3,
we have a existing build file that uses ejbjar to build ejb component, and we are trying to
replace it with wlappc. The problem we have is wlappc expects the deploy descriptor files
to be inside the ejb directory, but our current application has different directory for java source
and DD files, is there anyway can tell wlappc ant task to look for DD files outside the ejb
Since we have unified source code directory for all components, copying the DD files
to the source directory seems to be not practical.
You can refer to the APPC tool which is used in the follwoign Demonstration:
Thanks for the reply, actually I came across these two posts, but they can't help
in my case, we already have DD files (EJB2), and we have a separate source directory
for the whole application, our custom ant build uses ejbjar to put together source code
and DD files together and ejbc them. Now I want to use wlappc to achieve the same
goal, my idea is to manually change the DD files to be EJB 3 compilant, and then change
the build.xml to use wlappc instead of ejbc, the problem is that wlappc only recognize DD
files sitting inside the application structure, (META-INF/ejb-jar.xml), can we tell wlappc to find
DD files somewhere else outside the source code directory, copying DD files to the
app directory is not practical since I have a few EJB/WARs that all share the same source code

Weblogic 10.3.3 - jwsc ant task includes all necessary classes

I have the following behavior from the jwsc ant task. The generated ear file includes all classes that are necessary for any execution in the webservice. However this is not the desired outcome as the same classes already exist on the server and we don't want to recompile our webservices every time these classes change.
So my question is whether we can add a specific attribute in jwsc task to keep it from including all the necessary classes and just contain the webservice generated files.
We are currently using the jwsc task as is and remove the unwanted ones afterwards. So this is not quite automated.
I've read the Ant Task Reference and can't find anything that can do the trick.
Any help would be useful.