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We are able to select XML from the database which is properly formatted to the schema definition of the method return type. Therefore, the serialization/deserialization of XML to JAVA and then back to XML does not make sense.
Is there a way to use a custom serializer/deserializer in a Weblogic 9.1 web service like we could do in Weblogic 8.1? I have read where the 8.1 web services are still supported but we would like to migrate everything over now. In 8.1 the serializer/deserializer was defined in the deployment descriptor. However, I have seen nothing of this kind in Weblogic 9 documentation and all of those classes are now marked Deprecated.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How to get an instance of JavaControl (JCX) in a normal java class?

Hi all,
Is there a way for me to call a service control (JCX) method from a normal java class? I cannot get an instance of the service control class. I have to try to declare it manually, but found out that it always be null.
Basically, I am developing a simple java client to consume Web service.
From the WSDL, I generated the Service Control (JCX) file, which then can be used to invoke the webservice method.
For testing, I quicky created a PageFlow module which can easily invoke the Service Control's method.
However, my ultimate goal is to call the webservice from a normal java class.
I know, by right I can get Java Proxy jar via clientgen. But, my wsdl uses non-built-in type and I have to rely on XMLBeans to map them to java classes. Stub class generated by ClientGen require SOAPElement as arguments, which i want to avoid.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Hello Denny,
Unfortunately, in the current release, calling controls from a plain Java class including a servlet is unsupported.
Controls can only be called from any one of the Workshop components including JWS/JPD/JPF/controls.
In JSPs you can call controls using the <netui:callControl> tag.
However, in 9.2 this is supported since controls are all beehive based
A public beta for Workshop 9.2 is available at
Documentation on what is new in Workshop 9.2 is available at
then what should we do if we are using weblogic 8.1 instead of 9.2 and we want to consume webservices written in c# and .net?
Please advice.
We are using workshop as IDE.

weblogic 9 - referencing a datasource

I use weblogic 9 and I want to create a webservice that accesses a database. I used the jws annotations in my webservice class which is a java class (I don't want to use EJBs) with one method. From what I've seen, the ant tasks used to build the application generate a web application that service the webservice represented by my class. However, I need to access a data source from this webservice and I found no way to specify the reference to the datasource so the generator puts it in the web.xml and weblogic.xml files that get generated. The generator (jwsc) overwrites any changes that I put in these 2 files.
Can anybody shed some light on this stuff? All the webservice samples are simple java classes with dummy functions that just transform the input or return the input, and in one case (medrec) they use EJBs but I don't want to use EJBs.
If you guys don't support my requirement then I think the whole jws annotation system has a major design flaw because there are no ways to control certain settings in the web app that gets generated.
Otherwise, I guess I have to create the web application for the webservice manually which completely sucks.:-( 
I got around this problem by using the datasource jndi name.
However, I still think there should be a way to customize certain settings in the web.xml and weblogic.xml files that are generated.

Mapping namespace to generated package name (clientgen)

We have a need to map the namespace of the generated bean artifacts from clientgen to a different package name. This could be done prior to weblogic 10 with the typePackageName attribute of clientgen but this is no longer supported in weblogic 10. Is there another way to do this? Note we cannot change the namespace of the webservice wsdl we are generating the client for.
Thank you!
Julia Allen 
Use the <binding> child element to specify one of the following:
* For JAX-WS, one or more customization files that specify one or more of the following:
o JAX-WS and JAXB custom binding declarations. For more information, see “Customizing XML Schema-to-Java Mapping Using Binding Declarations” in Getting Started With WebLogic Web Services Using JAX-WS.
o SOAP handler files. For more information, see “Creating and Using SOAP Message Handlers” in Programming Advance Features of WebLogic Web Services Using JAX-WS.
* For JAX-RPC, one or more XMLBeans configuration files, which by convention end in .xsdconfig. Use this element if your Web Service uses Apache XMLBeans data types as parameters or return values.
The <binding> element is similar to the standard Ant <Fileset> element and has all the same attributes. See the Apache Ant documentation on the Fileset element for the full list of attributes you can specify.
Note:      The <binding> element replaces the <xsdConfig> element, which is deprecated as of version 10.0 of WebLogic Server.
See here for detail. 
Thank you so much!

Migrating from weblogic 8.1 to 10.3

I am trying to move an existing web service from 8.1 to 10.3. This webservice used Codec files for serialization/deserialization to and from xml streams using the deprecated A mapping file and web-services.xml file provided the mapping for these Codec classes. What took the place of this mapping functionality in 10.3? I cannot find any documentation that describes this process. The web service was not built using Workbench so I don't have any 8.1 files to import and run the update process against. Can you point me in the right direction?
Please see if this link helps.

Application can't be deployed in WLS 10.3.5

I have an EAR app working in WLS 10.0 for years. The application contains a set of web services using XMLBeans classes as parameters and return types.
Triying to migrate the application to WLS 10.3.5 I'm getting the following error during DEPLOY:
The xxxx (Class used as parameter to the service) is an interface, and JAXB can't handle interfaces.
As I said, the class was generated by XMLBeans.
I tried to develop a foo ear application with the same features (Web Services using XMLBeans classes), thinking the problem was some mistake in the project adjustments. But I got the same error.
The signature of the method containg the parameter is like this:
public InsertElementResDocument insert(InsertElementReqDocument request)
I'm using Weblogic 10.3.5 OEPE as IDE.
I would like to know if it is not possible to develop this kind of application in WLS 10.3.5, once in WLS 10.0 works perfectly.
Does anyone could help me?
Thanks a lot. 
Check this out..
<jxb:globalBindings generateValueClass="false">
<jxb:globalBindings generateValueClass="true">
in schema-bindings.xml file and test the migration again.
Raj Mareddi