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I need to develop for Weblogic Express so I would like to be sure my dev environment is running Weblogic Express as well.
But their is no Weblogic Express installer, only the full server (with the full dev license).
Is their a way to get somewhere a dev license for Express only (or to turn the actual license into an express one by removing lines in license.bea file)?
Thanks for your help


DBA Installation/Configuration Problem.

We opened a request with our DBA group to install the Oracle HTTP server. We gave them the install guide and page copies of the install pages for Oracle HTTP from an Application Express Book. They installed Oracle Application Server with single sign on. Our environment requires our Oracle HTTP server to be on a different machine then the database. We asked them to install the standalone apache from 10g companion disk. Did we ask them to install the right product? Should we ask them to uninstall the application server and install the standalone oracle http or can we use the application server for Application Express? 
You should be able to use either one. The HTTP server is just bundled with a bunch of other products in the App Server. Depending on your needs, the standalone might suffice. 
You should ask them to install whichever one they are most comfortable with. If they know the Oracle Application Server (which isn't much different from the bundled Apache) then they should use that. If they have a preference then they should certainly know how to work with their preferred product and set it up to point to the ApEx installation.
Thank you for the advice.

Database and app server version compatability

What is the newest and smallest setup I need to begin with Application Express. I would like to use an Express version on the database with minimal app server requirements? I think I read somewhere that Oracle 11g has the app server built in so I do not also have to download and install a full-blown Application Server instance. So my question is: What is the smallest Oracle 11g database version that I need for Application Express 3.0.1 and does it really have the app server included in the database so I do not need another download? 
Take a look here: -
Oracle XE includes APEX 2.1 which can be upgraded to 3.0.1
"I think I read somewhere that Oracle 11g has the app server built in so I do not also have to download and install a full-blown Application Server instance"
11g has the same built in http server as XE, so the Standard Edition (even Standard One) of 11g would be sufficient for an Apex application. Obviously, depending on the scale of the application, you may need a higher Edition.
The Application Server is a separate component. It isn't required for Apex.

Installation of new APEX

Hi All,
IM trying to install APEX free download from oracle site on a Windows Machine.i have installed Oracle 10g Express Edition.And after i unzip apex_3.1.2 in D: im following the steps inn the documentation.
It said to copy the images folder into an Apache folder. I dont find any Apache tat came along with this APEX zip file.
Should i install Apache seperately from Oracle 10g Application Server? Or is there any way that i can install and start using APEX.
also i would like to know about the online APEX available at otn.For what purpose is this issued? and who can access it? Can that be used to develop a web portal?
Thanks in Advance
Awaiting a solution 
The express edition of the database uses the imbedded PL/SQL gateway so you should be using the upgrade instructions at this link;
Alternatively you could install and configure the standalone Apache Server then do the images copy.
In terms of Oracle hosted APEX it is strictly for development / trial purposes only and availability etc is not guaranteed. It is not to be used for deployment of commercial or production style applications.

Does APEX configuration with Weblogic server needed extra license?

I have requirement to install APEX,  I see Currently supported web servers are: 1.Oracle HTTP Server supplied with the database. 10g DB versions are supplied on the Companion CD. 11g versions are supplied with the database media. 2.Oracle Application Server versions 10.1.x and higher.3.The Embeded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG). 4.The APEX Listener / Oracle REST Data Services with WebLogic Server, Glassfish, OC4J or Apache Tomcat. To configure APEX with Weblogic server as part of 4th option, does it needed extra license? please can some help me if any notes available on license matrix? appreciate your help. Thanks,Venkat
Hi Venkat As Apex comes free with DB, therefore we could say the following about option 4:Total license cost = Licence cost of DB Server + License cost of WebLogic Server I hope that helps or answers your question RegardsMahmoud

ORDS License with Oracle Apex and EBS

Hi ,  Could you please suggest if ORDS ( Oracle REST data service) software  download comes free with Oracle database license 11g R1 or later  for its use with oracle application express 18.1.If it is with no additional cost with oracle database - can it be installed on WebLogic server with same license in oracle E-Business suite environment. Does it require separate license for WebLogic server install. Thanks and RegardsAmit
ORDS is a free product as long as you have an Oracle database to install it (11g XE??).  It is irrelevant to weblogic or whatever app server you want to use (Tomcat??). I am not sure of Oracle's position of installing ORDS on the same server as EBS.. Thank you, Tony MillerLos Alamos, NM
You can read it here:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/rest-data-services/learnmore/faq-3561782.html#three How is ORDS licensed?ORDS is included (and for no additional cost) with any Oracle Database license. For ORDS use with Weblogic the following paragraph was added at the end of the Weblogic licensing documentation here : “A license to WebLogic Management Framework includes a restricted-use license to Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition. Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition may be used solely for hosting the Java servlet that is used by Oracle REST Data Services. The Java servlet is the functional replacement for Oracle HTTP Server mod_plsql” . So within the WebTier license you have a RUL of WL SE for hosting Java servlets that is used by Oracle Rest Data Services.