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when I edit a sql file,I can't delete anything ,if there is any configuretion that can block the rights?But It's strange to see that ,I can append any words to the files,anybody can help me ,thanks! 

It sounds like your accelerators might be confused and it no longer knows that the Backspace is the delete previous character key (the key mapping seems to get confused ocassionally). Go to Tools > Preferences > Accelerators and select "Delete Previous Char" in the Actions list and see if there is anything in the Accelerators on the right. If not, you can revert to the standard accelerators (which tends to fix the problem) by selecting the "Load Preset ..." button.

thanks for help!it works fine now!


Copy and Paste, Ctrl+C Problem

Hi, in an SQL Worksheet window (i.e. where you enter an SQL statement) Ctrl+C has no effect. Right Click->Copy works and Ctrl+V works when you want to paste.
I'm using version on Xp SP2. 
It verifies:
If he will be empty, tries to add the values: Ctrl-C / Ctrl-Insert in the option Accelerators (New Accelerator). 
That's sorted it (should this be the default?).
Yes, it would have to be standard, but...
You are trying paste the result where, in the SQL Worksheet or another program (word, etc)?
I never had problems with CTRL+C or CTRL+V, but he has people that they had had similar problems.
It tries to search in the forum for ' CTRL+C '. 
I see that you are having a few problems with your accelerator keys. I responded to one of your other messages on this forum about the keys. It might be a thought to reload the defaults.
The Copy and Paste accelerator keys are set by default.
If you load an alternate preset and there are keys you feel should be set by default but aren't then please let us know.
Thanks for the fix. I was going quite mad. Not only was Ctrl+c not functioning, but I could not manipulate the cursor with the arrow keys or use the Home or End keys.
This worked for me: Tools -> Preferences -> Accelerators (click the Load Preset button and choose Default)

accelerators not working properly?

Hi, this problem seems unlikely, so it's possible that I'm doing something wrong. Almost no accelerators seem to work. I tried reloading presets and adding different custom accelerators, but it doesn't help. The only accelerator I wanted to work was for a database commit... however, pressing any non-modifier key in the data tab enters edit mode in the currently highlighted cell.
Also, trying to sign into these forums in Opera goes to a blank screen except for "500 Internal Server Error" if you get the password wrong once, even if you delete cookies. Session problems?
I'd appreciate it if anyone knows what might be causing the problem.
SQL Developer v1.2.1.3213
Java JDK v1.6.0_02 
Accelerators obviously behave differently as in where the cursor is located.
I tried F11 inside a changed Data tab, and it didn't work for me neither.
Even with Ctrl it would enter in Edit Cell mode.
Can someone from the team acknowledge or log a bug for this behaviour?
Hi Oisín,
I have logged a bug regarding lack of accelerators on the table data dialog
The buttons on the table toolbar do not explicitly have accelerators assigned to them.
It looks like F11 is reserved for the commit action on the SQL Worksheet only. But I agree that F11 should be functional on the table data tab as well.
As for no accelerators working. If none work for you on the SQL Worksheet then you may have another issue. If so, have you tried exporting your connections (just to back them up) , removing your .sqldeveloper dir and restarting SQL Dev.
Hi guys,
I deleted .sqldeveloper (under my Documents and Settings folder in Windows) and opened Sql Developer again. I can't find any context from which F11 works for me, but I can use other non-database-action accelerators like "Go to recent files" -> Ctrl-Equals, even in the data tab.
That said, I haven't been able to test the Sql worksheet, because clicking that tab causes: "No more data to read from socket" and "OALL8 is in an inconsistent state" errors. There might be too much data in the table.
Thanks for your help and advice, though!
Hence the SQL Worksheet is the worksheet that opens automatically when you connect, used as editor for ad-hoc statements, not the SQL tab in a table.
Also, I don't see how deleting the .sqldeveloper folder would help, it just stores history, reports and snippets.
If necessary, you can delete the sqldeveloper\system folder, which results in resetting everything to defaults.
As for the "No more data to read from socket" error, that could indicate you lost your connection. "OALL8 is in an inconsistent state" would suggest at least a Rollback is required, and maybe also reconnection. The cause would be a failed transaction, maybe from working with remote databases?
If the errors persist on entering the tab, run from sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe, which reports any exceptions inside the console. If there are any on entering the tab, post them here...
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Anybody had an issue with PROFILE corruption

I had a stuck right arrow key in the SQL worksheet.
I saved my connections and renamed my profile.
I re-imported my connections and my right arrow key was working again.
This might be related to the welll-known (but impossible to reproduce) bug where key definitions are lost. The usual remedy is to go to Tools | Preferences | Accelerators and Load Presets... 
I will try this the next time it happens.
I had an issue where another user lost their ability to export to xls
In the context menu after than selected XLS then the box with the location of the file did not pop up.

my SQL Developer is not working correctly! help

My problem here is not like I can't live or work but it is REALLY annoying, see my SQL Developer is not taking any key different from letters and the space bar, I mean, if I use the enter key, doesn't change the line, if i use the backspace key doesn't erase if I use F5/F9 doesn't execute the query(s)!!!! and so the arrow keys don't work!!!
any ideas why is that happening? and if so howcan i fix it? 
There is a well known but still unresolved bug causing this kind of behavior, if you are on SQL Developer 1.5.X you can work around the problem by loading default accelerators from:
Tools -> Accelerators -> Load Preset -> Default
If you are on 2.1.X the preset can be loaded from
Tools -> Preferences -> Accelerators -> Other Actions -> Load Keyboard
In 2.1 this problem has not been reported so far, so if you are in 1.5.X you may consider upgrading. 
my!!! thanks!! it works as it ahould now!!1 thanks!!

My arrow keys and backspace no longer works in Sql Developer

In the work sheet of Sql Developer it is not allowing me to use my arrow keys or backspace key, I can use these keys in the result section but not in the worksheet section. When I use the arrow key it scrolls the page but the cursor stays in the same spot. My scroll lock is not on as these functions work everywhere else. I have looked at short cut keys to see if I hit smoething but not finding anything. Any ideas? 
This is a known problem practically impossible to reproduce reliably.
It was not reported on the latest releases of SQLDeveloper, so if you are on an old release you might consider switching to the latest one.
The workaround for the problem in older version requires you to load preset values for the shortcut in
Tools -> Preferences -> Accelerators -> Load PresetMind this will erase all your user defined shortcut keys 
Thank You, everyone I talked to has been miffed by this.