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Ok, so I'm a bit confused. I'm trying to figure out what Oracle's going-forward position is on BPM now that the BEA integration is under way.
Charles Phillips seemed to suggest BEA AL-BPM Designer will continue on
Charles Phillips seems to suggest Oracle BPM will be converged from BEA AL-BPM and Oracle BPEL PM
Score so far - two BPM platforms.
A search of OTN ( suggests the current BPM offering is exclusively BEA.
Score - one BPM platform.
So, it looks like the converged product is simply not yet available? I wouldn't be surprised, just trying to get clarification/confirmation.

Misread earlier... I'm a bit confused today it seems.
As I understood the plan is OSB beginning with ALSB, then add on features going for the meld in 11g service infrastrcuture where OESB comes in to play.
I also have a hard time finding clear mappings between the talks and the physical products (if they even exist, yet). Which is expected I guess, since the plan to "converge" is set for the rest of this year... at least.
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How to install these products properly and get them work as a whole?

I would like to use Oracle BPEL PM, Oracle B2B Integration and Oracle Business Rules. Because they are really amazing. And I wanna install them all in one computer get them work as a whole EAI solution.
But I have no idea what version I should get and how to install them correctly and properly.
Please help me
Thanks a lot
I believe that the 10.1.3 SOA Suite ( is what you are asking for. It allows you to install all these products (BPEL, ESB, Rules, Adapters, OWSM...) in one go. It's coming along pretty well, the installer is fast and lean and you end up with a very solid set of tools; all you need to implement a SOA. We will have a developer's preview available on OTN very soon (probably within a couple of weeks) and I will update this post when that time comes. Hope you will like it.
Any news on the release date for the developer's preview? We've been hearing 'any day now' for several weeks!

Oracle truly committed to (help) deliver first class Eclipse BPEL support?

Things are seemingly grinding to a halt, looking at the BPEL Project Milestone Plan:
What's up? 
Is it possible to get an update wrt Oracle's take on this? 
I would suggest to focus on JDeveloper. The upcoming JDeveloper release 11, is so integrated with the whole Oracle product stack, that I can not assume that they will handle this into Eclipse 
Yes - that is basically what it comes down to, if Oracle gets their way - I know.
IMO it would be fair if Oracle then officially declares it will stop their effort in providing BPEL functionality to the Eclipse platform, instead of making false claims of being open and committed to it. 
If you want an offical statement, I suggest to call your Oracle representative or create a request in Metalink. 
I just tried to file a SR in Metalink - but something is wrong with that app - must be APEX ;-)
Anyway - thanks for your suggestion, I would have just hoped that some Oracle rep. monitoring this forum would have chimed in.

MapViewer 10.1.3 / 11g and WebLogic

Hi forum
After Oracle's acquisition of BEA, I have read a lot of places that OC4J will be desupported soon and replaced with the WebLogic Java container. Among others, Steve Cosner from Oracle has declared the OC4J 11g preview to be dead and soon to be replaced with WebLogic - he wrote that on the forum somewhere recently.
Where does this put me in regard to testing the upcoming MapViewer 11g? Is the 11g tech preview compatible with WebLogic 10.3? And if I wanted to, could I migrate my existing MapViewer installation from OracleAS to WebLogic 10.3 already now, since this clearly seems as the way to go? And would I gain any benefits from doing this already now?
Please clarify the current situation.
We had the same concerns. After hearing our Oracle Pre-Sales rep say similar things as your posting, he came back later and clarified the following:
Oracle will soon have two streams for middle-ware. One that is the new BEA-based family of re-branded Oracle "Strategic" middleware (e.g. JRockit, WebLogic, etc.). The other is a continuation of the existing iAS stream (e.g. Oracle HTTP Server, OC4J, etc.).
The latter is not 'strategic' (our Oracle rep used this word, not me) and will be around for the 'foreseeable future'. I agree with the first part (not strategic) but I seriously doubt the latter. After having lived through many of Oracle changes-in-direction, I'm planning a migration from iAS to the 'now strategic' stream. I'm sure Oracle is already working on similar mechanisms to move its customers to the 'strategic' stream.
However, you will have some time before you're forced to move (and to deal with the MapViewer issue).
BTW, I have a PowerPoint slide deck that describes this, and has one slide in particular that lays out the two streams, with the specific products and offerings in each. Let me know if you want a copy. 
First, folks have deployed MapViewer 10.1.3 in WebLogic. However I don't know the details of how they did it.
Meanwhile LJ's deployed it and done a bunch of tests and based on that experience it's clear
MapViewer 10.1.3 Patch 4 (Patch 7195504) works with WebLogic but requires some additional jars and manual config.
Once its been ertified LJ or I will post the details.
If you want to try the (incomplete, work-in-progress) instructions now send me an email.
I'm having a problem with Tile Server not starting on WebLogic 10.3, is Map Tile Cache working for you ?
Hi Jayant
Thanks for your response - as I understand, that this setup is not fully tested yet, I think I will await an "official certification" with detailed instructions from you guys before migrating my MapViewer server to WebLogic.
Yes it works. Bernhard feel free to comment further :-) 
Patch5 (# 7384506) is available from Metalink.
This patch is certified for WebLogic (10, 10.3).
Also has fixes in oraclemaps.js so it works with Safari. 
I saw your post regarding the 2 streams for Oracle middleware, can you please send me the ppt slides?
We're in the process of researching the feasibility of upgrading from 10g to 11g and I think that may help in our decision making process.
Send me a private email at gwong AT sbd DOT ca
I'll reply with the PPT files...

Deployment  of ORBO in JBOSS

Hii All,
I want to deploy ORBO on JBOSS Application Server which version of JBOSS is compatible with ORBO please let me know and how to deploy it on JBOSS. I feel great if anyone help me regarding this.
Sindhuri Manne 
As usual for these kind of questions see Oracle Support, "Oracle Retail Release Infrastructure Compatibilities (Q1 2010) [ID 1081376.1]".
Also it is wise to state your ORBO version for such a question, I will assume the latest, 13.2.
That says, re. ORBO:
* Oracle Application Server 10g Enterprise Edition version
Why do you want to deploy on JBOSS?
These kind of enterprise grade business applications should not be messed around with by e.g. putting them on unsupported stacks.
You will never deploy that into production, and hence cannot be applied in DTA secondary environments.
If the licensing is an issue then there is something wrong with the project budget.
Best regards,
Erik Ykema
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Erik as you told me yes license is an issue any way I have to respect my client but is it not possible to do it?? If yes let me know the procedure if no what are issues that made it not compatible so that I can convice my team.
Thanks & Regards,
Sindhuri Manne 
It may be poissible to deploy ORBO on JBOSS, however you may never recommend this as a consultant.
As I said, Oracle Retail is an enterprise grade stack of applications, and when you run funny AS you are asking for trouble.
- the product just wasn't designed for platform agnostic transparency. It could (should) be, but is not.
- you want to do everything by the book
- if you deviate, consultants and support engineers will not be able to help
- oracle support will not be able to help
- licensing cost usually is only a fraction of the total project cost, that also involves hardware and consulting fees (the major part)
- someone hasn't done the initial budget estimate correctly, as this licensing cost was ommitted, and should have been clear that it was required for anyone who knows what ORBO is and requires re. infrastructure licenses
- you may introduce issues and bugs into you project path by running on an unsupported platform
- the installer may not work.
- you will spend valuable time (and hence cost) on figuring out how to do this. This time is better spent on business issues.
If you really want to save cost, then the best thing to do is to implement the product vanilla, i.e. no modifications, and adapt the business processes to optimally fit the ORBO product, in stead of the reverse.
If still feeling tempted to go for the non-supported route, please start a discussion topic on the Oracle Retail forum on and see what happens there, and/or ask your question at Oracle Support or the community portal at Oracle Support.
Best regards,
Erik Ykema
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Important Siebel Announcements From OpenWorld

Hi All,
There were some huge Siebel announcements at OOW this week. Here is a recap for those who could not attend.
•     Siebel will offer a new UI in 2012. It is called the Standards Based UI and will run in any browser and will no longer require ActiveX. In the demo all present were blown away. It worked much the same as the HI we are used to today. The HI and SI UI’s will still be there but the new interface is a new option for you. We actually saw it run on all the browser platforms and even on a iPad.
•     Starting in 2012 Siebel will offer Innovation Packs for 8.1.1 and 8.2.2 that will provide new functionality that you normally have to upgrade to get. The IP’s will only be provided for the SIA application on both 8.1.1 and 8.2.2.
•     Oracle is recommending Public Sector move to 8.2.2 but other upgrades and new implementations go with 8.1.1. The support date for 8.1.1 was extended to match 8.2.2 all the way to 2016.
•     8.2.2 will GA later this year. Our sources say mid November.
Full slides will be available soon using your OOW login.
Robert Ponder
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Some other noteworthy items.
- Additional functionality being added to Siebel Tools to allow for reporting on Difference between repositories. This is being done to help with the Innovation Pack deployment, so you know what has changed and what you need to test.
- Support for BI Pub 11g and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 11 will be coming in 2012.
- They also showed off the new Knowledge Management acquisition (InQuira) which looks like an awesome addition to the Siebel tool set. 
Hi Ken,
Great points - thanks for adding.
Will look forward to seeing you there next year again!!!!
Hi Robert. Thanks for this nice summarization. It was pleasure to see you at OOW.
Ash Sehgal
Thanks Robert for the info!
I heared about the Open UI. Sounds very interesting, can't wait to test it!!!
Getting rid of Active X and IE would be so nice.
You wrote that Inovation Packs will only be made available to the SIA apps. Did they mention whether this new UI will be part of a IP or is it a standalone thing? Meaning did anyone mention the Open UI will be compatible with SEA 8.1.x?
They did say that the New Open UI should be part of the IP which is scheduled for 2nd half of 2012.
If I recall the session, it will be for 8.1.x SIA. This has to due with the table changes between SIA and SEA.
They did reiterate that the plan is to only go forward with SIA (which contains all of SEA + Industry items) and urged people to migrate to SIA. 
thanks Ken for clearing this up. 
I have read your information about the Open UI.
Since these change are for the UI layer why would it only work for 8.1.X SIA and not both SEA 8.1X and SIA 8.1X ?
Was this stated in the presentation? - information I have read prior to your post did not specify that it would be availabel for 8.1X SIA only.
Hi Peg,
Make no mistake about it – SIA only.
If you are on SEA 8.1 and want to go to the SIA 8.1 repository we can offer you a very low fixed price dev upgrade.
Also – Oracle is planning to present some of the sessions from OOW as web casts in the near future. You should watch for those and attend if you happened to miss OOW. I am pretty sure the Open UI will be one of the web casts.
Robert Ponder