external and business variables - Business Process Management Suite

I'm new to ALBPM6.0. And I'm self study the ALBPM6.0 following ALBPM 5.7 workshop materials. The problem is I cannot find the place to set the external and business variables in the ALBPM 6.0 studio. Could you help me? Thanks in advance.
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business variables = Project Variables
external variables = instance variables: you choice a Separated 

Hi, Marcelogim,
Thanks a lot for your info.
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Is thre any documentation about using PUnit on Oracle BPM Studio?

Hello everybody.
I'm trying to use PUnit in my Oracle BPM Studio but have experienced some difficulties while trying to find documentation. Is there any doc available?
I've tried to search on google but no lucky.
thanks in advance. 
There's not much on either punit or cunit in the doc. In Studio, click Help -> Help contents -> type "punit" in the search field and you'll see what there is.
The most helpful thing for me was the sample "BPMUnitTestExample.exp" punit/cunit project in the ORABPM_HOME>/samples/advanced directory.
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Ok.. I'm going to study with this example project.
Thanks a lot!
Hello Dan,
I'm trying to use the example to build my own tests. I'm getting an error while trying to ``start´´ my project, can you help me?
The error:
``The project publication has failed. Reason: 'instanceId' is an invalid argument of the function or procedure 'incrementThreadNumber' .. ´´
Thanks in advance

DRM Workflow

Dear All
Can you please let me know how to implement Workflow in DRM / MDM ?. I heard that it is integrated with Oracle BPEL , can anybody let me know how to integrate DRM/MDM with Oracle BPEL ? what is the use of Workflow in DRM ?
Kindly get back to me , it is very urgent for me . Thank you . 
You can go to http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/bi/performance-management/111110/hyperion_data_relationship_111110.html
to download the Workflow Development Kit for Data Relationship Management 11.1.1. It has documentation and sample code on how to do this with a BPEL frontend.
Daniel Poon
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your Quick response,
The link which you have provide i am unable to down load the documents, could you please send me the documents if you have. You helped me a lot for that.
Thanks & Regards
Accept the OTN License Agreement and you will be able to download. I'm able to download. :) 
Hi Daniel,
I can use sample code to push data into DRM, using sample application WDK Import.
But for a new version and hierarchy created manually, I want to add a node into the new hierarchy, I create a add node request in request web application.
I can't receive any task in BPM site. also there is no request exist in audit in DRM web client.
do you know what's the problem?
Thanks in advance.
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How to configure "Leads"

Can anyone pls give me the steps, for how to configure "LEADS" in siebel. 
Not usr if yo uare still watching this thread.
If so let me know if you are using onDemand or Siebel 8.1 On Premise version.
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Add the web reference for lead then you can get the methods like account then you can use.
Ashok Kumar R.

Do we need to rename Orchestrationservice in Order to Bill PIP

We are able use existing TestOrderOrchestration service for our integration. The implementation guide doesn't say we need to rename the service and redeploy it. one of my friend was suggesting to rename the process? Is it necessary to rename TestOrderOrchestrationEBF service in Order to Bill PIP?
It is not necessary to rename the service. But as the name suggests, the TestOrderOrchestration service is only a Test service. Most like you would need to update and rename it for your production system.
Thanks Rohit. If we have not renamed the process and published to production, I was told that we will not get support from Support group if we get any issues on this service. Is that true?
Yes, you are correct there. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is only a "Test" process and reference implementation. We assume your requirements will drive the need to customize this process for your implementation. If this serves the purpose of your implementation, you could use it as-is.
There is no need to rename the process.
Thanks Rohit. What are the steps we have to do? Thanks. 
You are not required to do anything. If you have a customization need, it will be based on your requirements. If you do not have such requirements, please go ahead and use the process as-is.
Thanks Rohit. If I need to add one more service in Orchestration for fulfilment or some other purpose, will we get support from Oracle support if we get any issues in renamed Orchestration service?
Hi Kathir,
It depends on the kind of support you are looking for. If it is a technical know-how question, there are avenues such as this forum where you can get some answers. If there is a bug or issue with base AIA Foundation pack, out of the box code or SOA suite, the "my oracle support" would help you. However, if there is bug on custom developed code that needs a patch fix, we would not be able to provide that.
Thanks for your help Rohit.

Oracle BPM10g

Hi every one,
I am new to Oracle BPM10g.So can you please tell me How to use and implement each and every activity in Oracle BPM10g studio. Previously I worked on Oracle BPM11g.Can you please share the links with examples. It's very urgent requirement.
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Kasi Vishwanath Raju,
Please go through this url... for basics components of Oracle BPM 10g
Added there is not much of difference between 10g and 11g as per component level..
Implementation wise you will be using PBL(Process Business Language) and PAPI (Process API) calls
PAPI: PAPI is a Java API a Java API that can be invoked by any Java application which is used to
1) Create, send and abort process instances and Get a list of process instances
2) Reassign process instances
3)Audit an instance
4)Suspend and resume process instances
5)Run interactive and global interactive activities
6)Run external tasks
7)Send notifications and Manage attachments
8)Get a list of deployed processes
9)List the activities in a deployed process
Hope this might help u.
Please revert if u need any information on the same..
Kasi Vishwanadha raju,
This will really help if u want to learn each and every component and PBL basics and etc...
Hope this mught help you..
Thanks pavan
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Hi Pava,
Thanks for giving quick response. This is very use full, I have to learn Oracle BPM10g.Can you please send if you have any sample scenario's, how to implement on each and every activity.
Oracle BPM Sample projects are available with the installation of Oracle BPM Studio. They can be found at <\OraBPMStudioHome\samples>\* 
Hi user1017791,
Yes I got it. But Its looking like as experts. But I am learner. will you please send me,if you have any document
and step by step procedure. Its very helpful for me.
Thanks & Regards,
kasiraju rudraraju,
Oracle SOA11/BPM11g developer. 
What do you want to achieve? Do you want to study the code base? if so, import the projects in form of .exp file in your studio and start from a process in project. Please refer to Studio->Help->Help Contents->Oracle BPM Studio help to get started with Oracle BPM Studio 10gR3. This comes shipped with elaborating and explaining one of the projects in Studio sample directory. Once you have gained some familiarity Studio->Help->Help Contents->Oracle BPM Tutorial would be the best platform to leverage what you have learnt in your previous excercise with Studio help. This section is also explains another project available in Studio Sample folder in details.
Thanks Subho for quick response and suggesting. 
Hello Kasi,
Please find the url for Oracle BPM 10g Studio
First Accept the License Agreement abd then download the desired versionof Studio.
Hope this might help u...