Problem Update BAM e DataMart in ALBPM 6.0 + WL 9.2 - Business Process Management Suite

i have problems in update Bam e DataMart, the Database and configuration in webconsole are ok, don´t have error in logs.
someone has any idea what could be?
obs:the service albpmwarehouse is running!
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the error was JVM, has to be the JVM of WEblogic.


error in weblogic after upgradation to 9.1

I m getting an error saying "Exception during commit of transaction 66:f79b822c92d901c1:" when i start weblogic. i encountered this error after i upgraded my weblogic ro 9.1 version.I m not able to figure out why am i getting it.
Kindly post your comments AND help me out.
Thanks in advance.

Unable to open more than 5 sockets for reading only 4 configured

Hi All,
I am receiving the following messages in the console while try to access my servlet based application
"unable to open more than 5 sockets for reading only 4 configured"
The weblogic version is 8.1 SP5 running in sun solaris 5.8
Can anyone from BEA engineering team can suggest what needs to be done to resolve this error message and how to increase the number of sockets for reading?
we are moving this application to production and we dont want to see these kind of errors in production.
Any pointers/info to source will be REALLY appreciated.
Thanks & With Regards,
C R Baradwaj 
Does it mean more than 5 users are not allowed to login into application?.
Please let me know.

license validation error

Has anyone any experience with this nasy license validation error? It occurs in the AL BPM Process Administrator when I attempt to deploy a published process to a J2EE app server.
Error: enterprise: license error, license ouwithprocess validation failed!
Note that this only started to occur after I upgraded to AL BPM 5.7 service pack 1. This error did not occur before sp1. 
The Evaluation Enterprise license has a limitation where you can have up to 2 concurrently deployed projects at one moment in time. If this is the case you will receive this error message. Can you validate if this is the case ?
Thanks !
Hi Edoardoc --
Thanks for your reply. I have undeployed all the projects and am still seeing this error.
If you are deploying in weblogic you should copy the two entries generated in license.bea in aqualogic directory y pasted in license.bea file for weblogic and when you start again weblogic no more license errors are produced.
Hopes it helps 
I am also facing the same problem with ALBPM enterprise server 5.7 (standalone).
Please let me know if you got the solution to this problem
Thanks in advance 
Yes, copy the license.bea file from ALBPM to your Weblogic install and call updatelicense with the license you have copied. Then it should be fine.

Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3 startup stuck at 84% in Eclipse

I am trying to start my Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3 in the Eclipse environment and the status bar freezes after progressing upto 84%.
Although the server is the RUNNING mode and I can login to the Admin console, I cannot auto-deploy or debug my apps in Eclipse because
it is waiting for the startup task to finish (or reach 100%).
I get following message after it times out.
"Server Oracle WebLogic Server v10.3 at localhost was unable to start within 480 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor."
Any help to fix this issue will be very much appreciated.
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Hi Amitoj,
Can you monitor the progress view and update what exactly is blocking the process?
Also, check the .log file and see if there are any related errors/exception - <Your Workspace>\.metadata
Did you try restarting the eclipse?
NOTE: When you quit eclipse check the Task manager to make sure all the eclipse & java process are removed.
- Ram 
Hi Ram,
I have checked everything.
There is nothing else in the progress view
Only the following message in the .log file over and over again
!ENTRY 4 4000 2009-04-16 14:11:12.452
!MESSAGE The server cannot be launched within timeout.
!ENTRY org.eclipse.wst.server.core 4 0 2009-04-16 14:11:13.872
!MESSAGE Server Oracle WebLogic Server v10.3 at localhost was unable to start within 480 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor.
!ENTRY 4 4000 2009-04-16 16:10:02.827
!MESSAGE The user action is cancelled when the server is starting. The server cannot be stopped now. Please wait until the server is started and then stop it.
Tried restarting the eclipse and the machine. Killed all eclipse and jave processes in the task manager.
Downloaded a new copy eclipse, installed Weblogic server from scratch and created a brand new workspace.
Still I get the same problem.
I have exhausted every other option and now I am going to the extreme of rebuilding my whole PC again.
My name is Frank, this is my first post in this forum so take it easy on me ;)
I have the very same problem as Amitoj, but with Weblogic 9.2 (SipServer 3.1.1). I would really like to get this working properly! I'm running Eclipse 3.4 (fully updated) and Oracle Weblogic plugin.
"Oracle Common Tools
Part of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse"
"Oracle WebLogic Server Tools
Part of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
Provides tools for developing applications for WebLogic Server (versions 11gR1, 10gR3, 10.0, 9.x and 8.1)."
Any help is appreciated!
Best regards,
**UPDATED: I got a tip about setting the parameter listen address in DOMAIN_HOME/config config.xml: <listen-address>[your ip here]</listen-address> this solved the problem for me. I guess Eclipse gets confused with many listen IP-addresses?
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I have applied frank's suggestion of updating DOMAIN_HOME/domain/config/config.xml but to no avail. I have an error which is almost similar to the errors posted above but the difference is that it eclipse says "Another server (or another process) is running on the same TCP/IP port '7001'." even though it is the one that started the weblogic application server. It seems like eclipse is unable to attach to the weblogic process that it started. Any idea on how to solve this?
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
I just upgraded to 10.3 (because I couldn't find the generic jar-file for weblogic 9.2) after switching to macbook pro at work, and now I get the startup problem again.. This time identical to christianj's.. I would love to get some help on this!
Is it a Java issue? I know Snow Leopard removed Java 1.5, and added 32 and 64bit Java 1.6..
Is it a 10.3 issue? 9.2 had a similar problem but was solved setting listen-address in config.xml. This trick doesn't work for 10.3
Is it an Eclipse issue? I upgraded to Eclipse 3.5 (because of the native Cocoa UI).
Is it an OEPE issue? Had to switch to new OEPE with Eclipse 3.5.
Is it an user issue? I'm not very experienced in setting up servers etc
It's too many uncertainties!
Any help would be appreciated!
Best regards,
i think if you change <<eclipse_home>>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/org.eclipse.wst.server.core.prefs and change the module start up timeout it fixes it 
Try cleaning and re-building all projects before trying to run the projects on the server. The server usually times out if I don't. And start the server through the Clean Server option.

JPD Document Upgrader options in Weblogic 10.3.1 not working

Anybody have any idea why this option is not working in weblogic 10.3.1? 
Hi,I have the same problem.Do you know why it does not exist ? 
I have not found an answer to it yet. Hoping somebody is able to help. 
I think for this you need to get patch from Oracle. the patch is "EB3S". if you use it and apply patch, the option will enable. 
For installing the EB3S update you need to use Smart Update Tool which has been installed with Weblogic 10.3.1 installation. 
I am able to resolve the problem and JPD is upgraded now in my application. But I am facing an issue of deploying WLI application in Weblogic 10.3.1 server. When I try to publish my application from Workshop by right clicking my it got publish. But I am getting "403--Forbidden" in default browser of Workshop.
I tried to with exporting EAR of application and deployed in server after deployment I checked the "Testing" tab and I am getting error :
Errors were encountered while scanning the descriptors or deployment plan for this application. These errors are sufficiently serious that they prevent further progress in processing this request. Depending on the exact problem, more details may be available from the log.
Failed attempt to access application context for application: null
I am not getting error anywhere (Console, AdminServer.log, domain.log)
Any help would be appreciated
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