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How can we refer to JSP files that are placed in customJSP Folder.
What I want to do is, I want to call this JSP from a Dashboard Presentation. A link in the Dashboard presentation refers to this JSP.
Currently in Studio if I use /workspace/webRoot/customJSP/myjsp.jsp it works. But when I deploy it on ALBPM Enterprise server it doesnt, I get 404-Page not found error.
We did change the ContextRoot from workspace to portal, still it doesnt work.
And I am not talking about any ScreenFlows. 

Still could not resolve this issue.
On server we found multiple directories getting created for webRoot (webRoot1, webRoot2, ...). We are not sure how to construct a dynamic URL for this JSP. 

Hello KPothula, how did you solve the issue? 

I've got the same problem with the webRoot\WebResources like html and image files I link to in my screenflows. These resources seem to be exported by Studio during an export process but do no appear to be expanded in the WebLogic environment when deployed. I've manually worked around this by reproducing the directory structure and files in my directory that stores my WebLogic domain.
In my environment it is:
-- TP 

We are also facing the same below issue .Please help us to solve the problem ....
How can we refer to JSP files that are placed in customJSP Folder.
What I want to do is, I want to call this JSP from a Dashboard Presentation. A link in the Dashboard presentation refers to this JSP.
Currently in Studio if I use /workspace/webRoot/customJSP/myjsp.jsp it works. But when I deploy it on ALBPM Enterprise server it doesnt, I get 404-Page not found error.
We did change the ContextRoot from workspace to portal, still it doesnt work.
And I am not talking about any ScreenFlows.


Procedure to deploy jsp report in Oracle App Server 10g

I am little confused reading the Oracle Publishing Reports pdf.
So Somebody BRIEFLY in FEW STEPS, tell me HOW TO DEPLOY JSP REPORT in App Server 10g and request the report. ( STANDARD PROCEDURE).
ITS URGENT ..............Please help me...I AM NEW TO THIS TOOL.
hi all
Pls somebody reply ...... its URGENT !!!!!!!!!!
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The detailed steps are provided in Publishing Reports:
But since you have already gone through the manual, here are the steps in brief:
Option 1: Suppose yo alerady have a J2EE EAR or WAR file that contains the rest of your JSPs, servlets, Java classes, EJBs, etc. In this case you need to add the reports JSP to your EAR / WAR. You can do this using any Java IDE like Oracle JDeveloper or Sun Studio. Once you have added the JSP to the EAR / WAR, you need to deploy it the EAR / WAR on the application server on the OC4J_BI_Forms instance. You can do this using Oracle enterprise manager browser-based console.
Option 2: Suppose do not have an application deployed. In other words, you simply want to deploy the reports JSP. There are 2 sub-options here:
Sub-option A: Create a new EAR / WAR file containing the reports JSP. You can again do this using any Java IDE like JDeveloper. The steps for creating a new JSP application are given in Publishing Reports 10.1.2:
Section Creating a New J2EE Application
Sub-option B: You do not want to create a new EAR / WAR. This method is not recommended for production deployment, and is usually used only for testing. If you want to follow this method, simply copy the JSP file in the following directory:
This assumes that you have OC4J_BI_Forms instance on your OracleAS (it comes by default), and that you have deployed at least one application on this instance. This deployed application's name is <appname> above.
Let me know if you have more Qs.
thank you very much for posting reply........
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I am running the jsp report through JDeveloper with embedded Oc4j ... but it is throwing exception called "Report Server failed" .
What is causing this problem?
Do i have to configure any files so that the JDeveloper recognizes the Report Server?
navneet kindly help me.....
One possibility is this: open yuor report in JDev, and locate the following element:
<rw:report ... >
and add the following paremeter:
<rw:report id="report" parameters="server=my_rep_server">
Where my_rep_server should be your Reports Server name. Start this Reports Server, eg, by the rwserver command outside of JDev, and run the report again. (note that you must add ALL parameters that are needed by this JSP to run, eg, USERID etc).
Basically, you cannot simply run the JSP report in embedded OC4J, because you need Reports Server to run your report JSP. All the special tags that you see in the JSP report like <rw:...> need Reports Server to be processed, they can't be processed by OC4J.
Another possibility if you don't want to run a standalone Reports Server is to run the JSP not with the embedded OC4J but with the OC4J_BI_Forms. then you won't need to add the report server name to the JSP because in-process reports server will receive the request.
Hi Navneet
Thank you very much for ur wonderful support...
By the way, there are 3 demonstrations that show you how work with reports JSPs in JDeveloper:
I am trying to show an oracle report both web and paper layout on my web application project. I am using JBOSS as my server. I have included the report_tld.jar file in my l/web-inf/lib. but still it is unable to find it please help. 
Hi Navneet and All
The link u posted containg oracle reports demo is not working in my browser.
Do i need to change any settings in my IE.
I even tried in couple of systems in my office. cat=INT&col=DEM&submit=Search
Thanks n regards, 
your link actually returns documentation on how to publish reports through OracleAS Portal. Right?
Anyways, this is ok but this documentation assumes that there EXISTS reports sitting on Report Server. Where exactly shall we copy (or any other way?) files generated by Reports Builder? It should be somewhere on Reports Server but where?
What is the best practice??

PDK-Struts Application requires pdkstruts.jar & pdk-struts-html.tld

Hi All,
Scenario is this, that I've created a pdk-struts application via JDeveloper with normal struts taglibs, and deployed it to Oracle Portal 10.1.4. default-action tags specified is working fine and displays the welcome page within portlet region but after clicking any button within that welcome page opens a new browser page within same window and the URL pattern changes too.
I want this to be executed within portlet region.
Another problem is this, when I tried to use pdk-struts-html.tld within application;
first warning within JDeveloper is this; Metadata Namespace for pdk-struts-html is not loaded, all entries are fine, and within Portal after successful deployment it gives an error (500 Server Listener Error) on viewing that portlet body.
I want these issues to be resolved as soon as possible.
Or if anybody knows about pdkstruts.jar and pdk-struts-html.tld with latest versions, plz do tell me the site-url to download these things.
Plz help me out about these issues.
Thanks in advance. 
Download the latest JPDK and look in jpdk.ear. 
Look in the Building Struts Portlets with Oracle Jdevelper section of the Oracle Application Server Portal Developers Guide. You need additional jar files besides the pdkstruts one. Also, look in the server logs to see more detailed messages about why it failed, it will help you debug. 
I managed to find the latest pdkstruts.jar file. Where can I find the tld file? Anyone?
Unzip the file and it's in the pdk101202\pdk\jpdk\v2\tlds\struts directory path. 
Where you find the pdkstruts.jar file?
Download, extract, get to the pdk\jpdk\v2 directory.
Find jpdk.ear. expand it and there it is :)

Accessing jsp deployed as a shared Library

Hi All,
I have an ear file which is deployed as a shared Library in my Portal Web Project. Now I am trying to access a login.jsp which is in the Ear file. I created a pageflow portlet, with the pageflow pointing the login.jsp, it doesnt work ( irony is that there is no exception/message being displayed on the server).
Now when I use a browser portlet with the contentURI pointing to that Login.jsp, then everything works fine. Also if I create a normal jsp, and redirect it to the Login.jsp it still works fine; but if I directly forward the request to Login.jsp, I get an IllegalStateException.
Can any one explain the reasons for these??
Any input on this would be appreciated.
This is just a wild guess, but you refer to both login.jsp and Login.jsp in your post. Are your application and your file system consistent with respect to capitalization/lower case of the JSP page used for login? 
No i guess it was just a typo that I wrote "login.jsp" and not "Login.jsp" 
OK, it probably really is a packaging problem then. Maybe your JSP pages being used by the pageflow are not in a directory structure that matches the package structure of the pageflow controller? I tried to find a reference for this requirement in the apache netui beehive docs, but couldn't find it at first glance:
I did find a mention in the Oracle WebLogic Portal docs, "The package and WebContent folders for a given page flow must always match." at:
So... if you have a in your src tree then in your web root dir you would have com/my/company/foo/login.jsp, etc.

albpm 6.0 custom jsp 404 error

I make some custom jsp in the albpm project, it works fine in studio.
But when I deploy the project to albpm enterprise AS, the jsp cannot be found, it's 404 error.
Anybody has experience to solve the problem?
By the way, I also use alui, the presentation page works fine, except custom jsp. 
I found that, when the BPM server started, there will be a new directory called 'Schema924612661-863659125' under '\bea\albpm6.0\enterprise\webapps\workspace\webRoot', and the application will access my cumstom jsp in that directory, but my jsp is not there.
When the BPM server stoped, the directory will be deleted automatic...
How can I fix this? Is there any setting I can set the directory? 
I had the same problem and I found out, that under the root foder webroot/custom JSP there must be at least one jsp. If there are only folders with JSP pages, they won't be migrated to ALBPM enterprise.
So I put dummy.jsp direct under the custom JSP folder. It's also descibed here [ALBPM release notes|]

A simple JSP

New to weblogic and I'm trying to find out what the absolute simplest method is to get a .jsp file to display in a browser. I have a simple .jsp page that just prints all the HTTP headers and need it to debug some other application. What's the most painless method I can get this jsp file to come up in a browser? An added bonus would be the ability to quickly edit it and see the changes reflected w/o too much overhead (such redeploying or restarting server, etc)
Do I need to package it in a proper folder structure, such as an exploded war?
Do I need to make a server for it or can I use my admin server?
What needs to happen if I make a change to the JSP file? What can i do setup wise to make this as easy as possible?
Thanks so much
Create a folder in your autodeploy-folder, let's say sample, and place your JSP there. Then create the folder WEB-INF in your sample-folder and place a web.xml-file there.
Start your server and call http://<host>:<port>/sample/index.jsp
Hope this helps,
The documentation has a writeup for "Fast Track Deployment" here:
See the JSP/HTML Deployment section for the simplest possible way to get a single JSP deployed.
Note this is predicated on the "WLS Samples Server" being installed.