Unit Tests in Aqualogic BPM - Business Process Management Suite

Has anybody worked on the CUnit and PUnit test suites in ALBPM? As this is a new feature in ALBPM 6.0, i am not able to find appropriate documentation for the same. Any information regarding this would be very helpful.

You can find some examples in the sample project supplied with the BPM Studio under albpm6.0\studio\samples\BPMUnitTestExample.exp.

Hi Turhan,
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Could you please share some docs on UnitTest in ALBPM If you have?
Thanks in Advance.

There's some documentation here:
Under advanced use cases, unit testing bpm projects


new to BPEL workflows..where can I start from?

Hello All,
I have some knowledge of BPEL..I have a requirement of building a workflows in ContentDB. Can any one suggest where can I start from in order to implement the same. As I dont have knowledge of workflows..
Hi Krrish,
for me the entry into BPEL was the CS development kit which comes with some sample BPEL workflows and is available here:
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- Roland 
Hi Roland,
Thank you very much for the information provided..
I am unable to find the examples of BPEL workflows
can you please help me..
please have a look into the following documents contained in the CS dev kit
Which is the readme for the sample custom workflows.
Furthermore have a look in to this document for configuration steps and deployment.
If you would like to start using BPEL together with CS I would recommend to install the "JDeveloper BPEL Designer" which comes with BPEL-ProcessManager installer.
Kind regards,
- Roland 
Hi Roland,
I am using the Content DB 10.2 and there is a not in the content services dev page that this API cannot be used with 10.2.
Will I be abe to use the examples of custom workflows in Content DB 10.2
Hi Krrish,
I am not sure whether using Dev kit with CDB10.2 is officially supported but as far as I know it is working if you are careful of the minor diffrences in the APIs.
After all I think it is a good way of getting into BPEL workflows.
- Roland 
Hi Roland,
Thanks for the reply...
Okay I will try to run these BPELs in 10.2..and update you.
Content DB 10.2 development kit ships with a simple approval BPEL 10.1.3 workflow - and there is also a viewlet that shows end-to-end development.
Download the java devkit from
The viewlet

TCA Web services ???

Hi all,
I'm looking for an integration solution between BPEL and CDH. I know about PL-SQL and Java API's, but is there any web services exposed by CDH/TCA ? Where can i find some documentation about this subject ? Any help on this will be apreciated. Thank you,
Oracle Applications have a concept of business events you may want to explore that.
Try this. 
TCA does not have Web services exposed for public use until Release R12.0
First of all, thank you for the reply. In this subject, i actually have R12 version of TCA, so where can i find some documentation about exposed web services ? I have been looking in implementation guide, reference guide and adminitration guide but not a word about web services... Any help is welcome. Thank you, regards,
Hi Edmundo,
TCA is still working on Webservices project. It's not yet released in 12.0. We are planning to release in the forth coming releases for R12. Once it's released, the relevant documents will be updated.
- Gopi - 
I am not able to find the web services available in TCA. Are they still not available? If available please let me know the list of webservices that I availabe and also the version of application
Just visiting this topic again.. any update on TCA and webservices is appreciated.
Bump... It's been five years since the first post. Any progress yet? Still looking 
I guess in 12.1 . TCA has released webserives for Businesss Objects ( Party , Address, Contact etc).
Please refer implementation guide for details


Hi All,
I need to include collaboration in our project. Could you please suggest any tutorials or user guide's where there are steps given for how to implement collaboration to an application. I am using JDeveloper 11g and webcenter 11g. Any suggestions on this regard will be very useful.
Thanks in Advance, 
You can refer Oracle WebCenter 11g Developer's guide to learn about the collaboration services task flows available to include in your project.
Thankyou for the response. Could you please send any links if you have. I have gone through Developers Guide for Webcenter, but dint find anything related to collaboration.
Thanks in advance,

Supporting PAPI in Oracle BPM 11g ?

Hi All,
For Oracle BPM 11g , Is "PAPI" still support for Oracle BPM 11g ?
Furthermore, Is there any Hand-on Tutorials for Oracle BPM 11g ?
Many Thanks in Advance...
Pearapon S. 
During a training session on BPM 11g, I heard there is an API for interacting with BPM 11g. It's probably not PAPI. I'll let you know if I hear anything more. 
Thanks you very much in advance, Mark 
When starting Managed Weblogic soa_server (with BPM) it says:
Initializing PAPI services...Ok
So perhaps there is hope for you...
I was also looking out for Oracle BPM 11g support for PAPI or an API.
If it supports, how do we use that with a BPM 11g process? Is there any document/tutorial available for the same.
Please let me know
Thanks in advance
I don't have any details on the PAPI for BPM 11g unfortunately.
However as in BPM 11g the process activities are linked to human tasks you can use the "Oracle Fusion Middleware Workflow Services" either the WS or JAVA API version.
This isn't the same as the old PAPI but atleast it's something ;)
Hope this helps,
Thanks Nils for the API reference link.
Is there any document or tutorial available which would give the steps or a hands on guide to implement this API to create an instance of a BPM Process? 
I don't there is a step-by-step example of how this can be achieved.
Opposed to exposing the BPM Process as a webservice I haven't been able to create a new instance.
Can't help you with that.
Without this API, I do not know how to query process instance with instance Id.
Does anyone know how? 
Anyone have an update on this? I'm using 11g and I can't find a PAPI equivalent. The workflow/task stuff is fine but it doesn't give access to the instance of a process. 
Try this, it is basically exposing the Java APIs as web services.
I think with 11g, the starting point for dealing with a Process* should be the Composite [http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14571_01/apirefs.1111/e10659/oracle/soa/management/facade/Composite.html] .
From Composite::getComponents() you should be able to get handle(s) to the process(es) deployed in the composite.
*IMHO, in most common usecases you really need to just interact with the human workflow services referred to earlier in this thread.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

API's for Siebel 8.1

I stating a testing project for Siebel 8.1 and I want to test the main functionality via testing automation, I want to do it with API's, any one can answer please if there is a way to operate the main functionality in Siebel 8.1 via API's?
I know the system is open to API's in our old verssion (6.2)
Thanks for the cooperation
Please check if doc below is helpful:
Thanks so much for your quick and accurate response it did helped me a lot!!!