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Hi All,
When creating a VBC we need to create a business service for the VBC. Even if i am accessing an external application from e-script in the VBC applet why is that the VBC needs a business service to work?

Could you tell use:
1) What version of Siebel are you on?
2) Something about the external application you are accessing?
3) The interface of the external application?
Based on the information you have given us at this point i would guess:
1) You could solve this with something else then a VBC.
2) The code that you have in the applet should have been in the BS of the VBC.


Populate VBC using an outbound Webservice

We are planning to populate the VBC using a Webservice call, can some one give me highlevel design? I underatand that the scripting is one of the solutions for this, but was wondering if there is an alternative...
We are using Siebel Financials Please let me know if Siebel 8.0 has any feature, makes this kind of integation easy (eliminating the script)
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You find a good description in the Siebel Document:
Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume ll
have a look at the chapter:
Consuming External Web Services Using Siebel Web Services
in most cases there is no need for any scripting. If you need to do something with the data have a look at Siebel "Data Map Editor" Site Map -> Administration - Integration.
Thanks for the response. The Siebel document has the following statement on this topic: "Additional steps may involve defining VBCs based on the Web Service".
I am looking for those additional steps involved in creating the VBC using an outbound webservice.
Please clarify how to use the "Data Map" for this scenario, because there are no Integration objects defined for the VBC to map the Webservice Integration object? or should I create dummy integration object for VBC (with the hierarchy needed for the VBC structure), run thru Data Map and use the output in the VBC? I don't know whether this works either, because the IOs created for Webservice do not have the SOAP message details?
Thanks again,
- PM 
for populating applet based on VBC from WS you can write the outbound codes in the applet wich call to ur proxy BS.
i did this in my one of the requirements with popup applet based oon VBC. 
What are you looking for "Additional Steps"?
I know that it can be done by manipulating the VBC XML to a SOAP XML for the request and converting the SOAP XML to the VBC format for the's lot of scripting, and it becomes painful when you have a complicated SOAP message (such as OAGIS standard)...
So I am looking for options other than the above painful process!...
And also does Siebel 8.x has any new features to make this kind of integration easy?
Why donot you try using EAI XSLT Service. Define XSL and pass the input propset to this BS.
Also there is one more method of doing this using cached mode VBC. THere is WF process defined for this. Try 'SIA Billing Connector' WF and BS which is provided by Siebel. For this , you have to create an IO. 
You can refer Technote 520. Using this Approach you need not write any script. 
Technote 520 is not avilable from Siebel Support Web(Metalink)
if anybody is having this document, plz send me
Rajendra Prasad 
Tech Note 520 is now found at My Oracle Support (Metalink 3) as:
Caching VBC/VBC BS Classes CSSFABCVRec and CSSFAExternalService in Siebel Industry Applications (Doc ID 477671.1)

Unable to connect to webservice

Hi All,
I have deployed Webservice on Jboss,then I imported the WSDL in Siebel Tools and registered it in Administration Webservices.
I have written a business service which creates a property set structure same as external IO.
But when ever i try to call the WebService it gives me an error"Cannot find child element :input"(SBL-EAI-04308)(SBL-EXL-00151)
Can Anybody help me in this issue 
You need to give us something more to go on. What version of Siebel you are using and what OS/Web Servers would be a good start.
I am using Siebel 8.0,
Have you searched Metalink 3 with the two error codes?
Have you tried increasing the error log level on the object manager you use?
Try setting the Web Service Log levels to 4.

XAI service to retrieve FA_ID from ACCT_ID

I have a requirement to retrieve all field activity IDS (FA_ID) by using only Account ID through an XAI service .
Currently there is no service in CC&B to do this, so I cannot simply create an XAI inbound service to do this. And it seems I should first create a CM service.
What is the easiest way to get this done ? (like creating a query zone ....)
Note: I know no Java, I can write SQL queries only.
Some details will be highly appreciated
CC&B version is
I managed to retrieve some information thanks to business service.
Here are the steps :
1/ Create a Service program
2/ Create an application service with the same name of the Service program and add it to all_services user group with add, change,...
3/ Create a java class for business service : here you can write your SQL statement
4/ Create a business service in the CC&b application
5/ Create a XAI inbound service using your business service
I created recently a thread "XAI in CC&B 2.2.0 : Retrieve last BILL_DT giving the ACCT_ID" maybe you can find more information there.
Best regards. 
Thank you for your reply.
This will require Java involvement.
There is a nice blog that shows how to do it from CC&B without adding any java classes:
Nice Blog. Can anyone give a sample Business service for the Custom Service developed in java for the same requirement ? I dont want to use SQL using Zones

Calling External Application from BPM 11g

I am new to BPM 11g and need to create the ability to call an external application (UCM) from within BPM. Will a web service adapter, with a type of Reference, accomplish this? How can I add security to this web service.
The second question is how can I add an adapter that alllows me to specify our own source code? In this scenario we would write the Java to formulate the SOAP call directly, thus allowing us to add the security into the call directly.
Any information is much appreciated.
Hi Randy,
You can call an external application using a spring component integration, I was just able to get that to work with a help from another forum member here is a viewlet that demos the spring integration:
Thanks for the response, very helpful.

External Business Component vs Web Service

We are using Siebel 8.1 and we are in need of referencing data in a external data source (DB2) that needs to present in a read only format this information within Siebel. We are trying to find the best path based on using
1. External Business Component
2. Obtain the data when needed via a web service
Option 1 is described in the training materials we have from the training courses we've taken, but web services are the corporate standard, since using a web service would insulate the Siebel application from changes that happen to the external database and would be reusable.
So far, we have been unable to determine how to call a web service from an applet that displays the data. The closest we've been able to come is to create a task flow to run the web service, and then place the data into a transient business component.
Does anyone have any recommendations or past experiences related to this they can share for the best path?
Hi Bob,
As you said you would be using web service approach. I feel following would be good method to display web service data in Siebel Applets
1.     Create Virtual Business Component (VBC)
2.     Create Applet Based on VBC
3.     Create Customer Business Service which will call web service and display data in applet
You can use “SIA Billing Extern Service” to minimize script. This Service uses input output in the form of integration object structure. So using it you can directly map web service output to VBC fields.
Thank you,