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We have a Sybase database and I started Siebel tools. Created a New Project, and tried to create "new Object" with "External Table Schema Import". But in the choice of databases, there was no Sybase. Can once connect to Sybase from siebel tools ?
-- pady 

Pls. check the SRSP - System Req. and Supported Platforms for the version you are using.. at metalink3.
Good Luck.
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OBIEE Connectors to Netezza/Greenplum

Dear Forum..
I was assigned a task by a customer who is currently reviewing their Oracle DW environment and, who are also in the process of PoC'ing Netezza and Greenplum. As they have several hundred OBIEE users, they want to see the connection from OBIEE works propoerly. Now, considering OBIEE states it can connect to any data source, I was hoping someone out there has some shortcuts / quick guidelines that they may share about setting connectivity up?
There is some information on supported databases (and more importantly which ODBC drivers) in the System Requirments and Supported Platforms document. You will need to look specifically in the document that relates to your version of OBIEE; supported connectivity changes from release to release.
As far as I know Greenplum is not directly supported except as "generic" ODBC (I'm not sure if that is Advanced or Basic ODBC in the admin tool, I guess advanced) - Netezza is supported by a specific native Netezza ODBC driver and you can specify a Netezza database type in the Admin tool when you create a database connection - this should let OBIEE do some optimisations on the generated queries
If you are using BI Publisher you may find some combinations of OBIEE version and Greenplum/Netezza are not supported - if you are using delivers you will still need a 'traditional' database (from the documented list) to support the schedule

Common Warehouse Metamodel

I would like to use the Common Warehouse Metamodel as part of a new data warehouse implementation. Having been adopted by the OMG this last June, it is a fairly new standard and information is hard to come by. Oracle was one of the co-submitters and I've heard rumors that they will have tools that support the CWM out this fall, but have not heard of any others.
Does anyone know of any tools that support the CWM or of any warehouse implementations that have used the CWM?
Any help would be appreciated :). 
We would like to use the CWM to. Are there any tools available? We only want to use it to model our Business applications and perhaps later on the Datawarehouses.
Klaas Gruppen 
as far as my prior experience with Oracle tools goes, in contrast of CWM, only provision with oracle tools are that you can exchange Oracle warehouse builder (ETVL tool) metadata with Discoverer(OLAP tool) and with Oracle express server(HOLAP toos supprting ETVL as well as OLAP functionality with Oracle Express object programing language).
I have never come across any tool which, for example , can exchange metadata information across tools by other vendors like between Informatica vs OWB or Business object VS. cognos.
Hope this helps
Is there any references about cwm packages. I'm doing some research for creating a more "dynamic" olap solution. It seems that I need to know how to exploit any features from those packages ....

Migration to MySQL

Dear Friends, We are currently using Oracle 8.1.6 version for our 2 E-Commerce sites. Our company wants to start two more E-Commerce sites. So, We wanted to migrate the existing Oracle databse to MySQL as our new MySQL database is also expected to have similar tables and other database objects.
Is there any Migration Tool available for it? Also, are there any free Migration Tools for it? Please help me. Also, Is MySQL a good database for an
E-Commerce site. I have seen that it does'nt have many feautures like views, stored procedures, triggers and even sub-queries. We are planning to use MySQL 3.23.53 version as it's a stable version that can be used in a production site. Also the MySQL 4.0 has some features and it's a Beta version. Please help me? 
Please post your question in the Migration forum.. Database and Application Migrations
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Source Database.

Hi All,
I am using owb builder client and owb builder repository on windows NT env.
I understand owb allows to select data from sap, flat files or thru oracle database tables thru integrator.
However after browsing this forum many users posted messages for querying selection of data from other sources, i am wondering is it possible to select data from other database e.g. Informnix, SQL or Sybase or is it new version of OWB will provide this feature ?
Thanks in Advance.
With the version you use you can already connect to the sources you mention via ODBC or the transparant gateways.
Hi Bas,
Thanks for informing me about this point. Yes i can Select Oracle Generic Connectivity from Select Application version or system type drop down.
However i am still not clear how it can be used further to access data from non-oracle database. E.g. If i need to select data from MS-SQL, how should i go ahead ?
Could you please explain me with proper steps to follow?
Thanks in Advance.
Have look on
Chapter 7 Generic Connectivity
Oracle9i Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (9.2)
You basicaly create DBLINK to (any) ODBC database.
You will also need to purchase ODBC drivers for the specific database that you want to access. In other words, you will have to configure something like this:
Oracle DB -> generic ODBC Layer (provided by Oracle) -> specific SQL server ODBC layer (to be purchased by the user) -> SQL Server DB
Radomir is correctly pointing out that you will have to create database links traversing the above mentioned architecture.
Is generic connectivity or any other special setup required when using datasource on another Oracle database.
I am getting an API2401 error when trying to use an existing working database link to a remote Oracle database.
Thanks and Regards
Everything worked fine when I pointed the database link to a 9i database. It appears that “…8i/9i” actually means “…9i only…”. Anyway, that solved my problem.

External CSM-tool integration with Desgner and JDeveloper?

I have been surfing around OTN but do not seem to find the right place to find the answer to my question, which is:
With which external SCM tools are Oracle Designer 9 and JDeveloper 9 integrated - either out-of-the-box or simply enabled (such as WebDav)?
I am trying to determine a single, appropriate SCM tool for an environment in which multiple OS's and development tools are active ... Designer and JDeveloper being only 2 of the tools being used.
I currently think that the SCM spoken about within Designer is of no real use to me. But I'm open to persuasion ...
Pointers to existing documentation, etc would be fantastic.
Thanks in advance - Kevin. 
Oracle SCM is the only integrated tool with Designer and JDeveloper. JDeveloper does have integration with CVS and Clearcase.
David Brown
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Are there any plans to support any external SCM tool in Designer?
- If so, which versions?
- If not, why is the 3rd-party SCM integration policy different for tools from the same Vendor?
I really want to avoid using one SCM tool for Oracle Designer and another for everything else as most users will be exposed to use both ways of working.
Thanks - Kevin. 
You can avoid using two different SCM tools by using Oracle9i SCM. This works with Designer, JDeveloper and any other file based development environment. No other tool can manage Designer structured elements. A 3rd party SCM tool would have to consider the Designer model structure before support could be offered.
I have not seen anything that leads me to believe that SCM is WebDAV enabled.
Can this be true?
Most of the IDE's being used rely on the SCC API for integration with Windows based tools, I suppose this is not supported in SCM?
If not, how does a Windows-based user (MS-Office, Visual Studio .Net) interact with SCM to ensure that all .doc, .xls, .java, etc files are controlled and managed (and synchronised with the server)?
Is there a document that I have not yet found (on otn or elsewhere) that would help me see the possibilities?
Which SCM documents best address these issues?
Thanks again ... Kevin.
WebDAV is supported by JDeveloper which is itself fully integrated into the SCM. Moreover, any development tool that produces a file can be supported by the SCM. The Upload Files and Folders function, which is on the context menu of containers, facilitates the loading of files and folders into the SCM for version control.
Try taking a look at the following document:
Also check out the following:
Whilst Jdeveloper is WebDAV enabled, the SCM Repository is not, therefore I cannot talk via WebDAV between JDeveloper and SCM (not that I need to) but this means that I cannot talk via WebDAV between SCM and A.N.Other IDE/product (which is the direction I was looking to take for non-Oracle development environments).
Cheers - Kevin. 
Assuming I have a group of non-Oracle product developers who also wish to leverage the SCM repository, they would need only the RON to be able to achieve what they want.
Is the RON seperately available from Designer or the Developer Suite for each of these clients, or is the licence only applicable to the server product and the clients can be used anywhere at no extra charge?
I seem to have read somewhere that the client-side cost 70USD but I cannot find that information again.
The Oracle Store does not list the SCM product as a seperate product.
Thanks - Kevin. 
You will need access to the RON and the Repository Administration Utility. The Commandline tool and the Repository API are also worth investigating.
Although Oracle SCM is not available as a standalone product, a license to use SCM is included in the standalone JDeveloper release.
US Price details at
David Brown
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