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Is anyone able to get an sense out of Metalink 3. I've tried various searches and I'm not able to get any information out of it. 

Hi Tyrone
I recon you are trying to get to SRs, Bookshelf, Alerts, ...
First of I would like to point out that I find the new search interface to be less intuitive than the old one on Supportweb.
When you are on the Knowledge, select CRM from the left menu and click on advanced search. By clicking on the blue arrows in front of "Sources", "Products", ... "Releases" you open up dropdown lists that you can use to limit the search.
Hope that helps a bit.

Tried that, No Results returned, tried searching for Siebel, EAI, Actuate... VBC...
Logged an SR... just to annoy someone. :) 

Tried a search for "Actuate" => returned 200+
Limited "Relase" to V8 (Clicked V8 in the left panel) => returned 31
Limited "Document Type" to Problem => returned 3

Since the interface is new, it takes little while to get used to it.
Also, its only been 3 days....its pretty slow. 

I've tried a few other peoples logons and I can search fine with theirs. Seems to be a profile problem on my username. So the work around at the moment is to use another logon. Will see how long the SR takes. 

Hello Tyrone. We have the same problem and I found that my username was added with the "CRM OnDemand Engineer" preference by default (this setup return just documents related to OnDemand). Go to Profile / Knowledge Preferences and change your preference to "CRM Product Focus" and you will find any document. Hope that help you. Bye. 

Oracle have identified the problem. If you use "legacy" sign ons to metalink 3 (I'm using my metalink one) then no search results are returned.
So now I have a single sign-on for all other Oracle sites and a "single sign-on" for metalink 3.

And the "best" thing about that is that currently they are not capable of merge two account like that into one. And since both OTN and Metalink 3 use the same SSO solution make sure you logout of the one you are in when you want to call the link of the other.


Oracle Community Guide

I wrote a new guide that should help people to understand how to use the new OTN community interface and what changed since the last software upgrade. I hope the guide covers the most important information and will be worth reading. The document can be found by clicking on the OTN logo and reading the welcome message, or:Oracle Community Guide I intend to add more topics in the future and will most likely edit some of the "English" as time and fun permits. If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond to this thread. Thanks!
very useful again - thank you! Maybe it's not of common interest, but the enthusiasts of statistics may perhaps find it worthwhile to know that:you still can see a complete list of forum members sorted by first name, status level, join date, profile update, or relevance (whatever that may be): The page can also be accessed via the welcome screen: and via the link next to status update in the user profile.if you want to know your (or other member's) number of posts in the forum then you can use the pdf export for a corresponding thread: the pdf contains the number of posts and the join date ("1,183 posts since Feb 16, 2001") for all contributors to the discussion. Regards Martin
Hey Dude! That's really useful. Though some might say that the necessity of having a mile-long "Essentials Guide" to tell some very computer-literate users how to use a forum is probably a sign that the forum is poorly designed and/or way more complicated that it needs to be. Maybe something to do with trying to turn it into the b*astard child of F*cebook and L*nked In, when what we need is a simple forum system. But I couldn't possibly comment. (some text obfusticated to avoid over-zealous spam filter)
I concure with your assessment. The software has a lot left to be desired. But unfortunately however, the software does require some reading and that's why I created the guide. It might have been a better solution if the software developer had decided to create a client/server based application, instead of using a web browser and java script as an application framework and rely on cutting edge technologies. I think it's generally a silly trend that has plagued application development since the turn of the century.
I've added 1.7 All Your History, and corrected 1.6.1 First and Last Message.
Could you add a brief section to your document on how to add those cool little stripey code blocks to forum posts/replies? It used to be so easy with the {code} tag but alas I digress... Earl
I explained Code formatting using Syntax Highlighting in the previous guide, which still applies in terms of using the editor. 4.2     Code Formatting You have to switch to the advanced editor, also mentioned in the same chapter. There is also updated information in List of forum editor issues and bugs, which I added recently. I think code formatting still needs to be improved, but some of the previous issues appear to be fixed.
Any plans to add instructions for updating your handle and changing your profile photo and/or avatar? Would be great to have. (We have it in the FAQ but... your guide has pictures.) 
The guide has currently 49 pictures. I'd be happy to add more content, but I'm afraid to run into problems. When I created the previous guide I actually had to recreate the document several times. I explained the problem in Re: Create Document - Save - Edit - Corrupt. It turned out, thanks to Varun-Oracle, that there is a limit of 50 pictures per document. So in the end I had to split the guide into 3 parts. I would like to avoid to split the document into separate parts. Does the 50 pictures per document limit still apply?
I don't know--but let's validate with Varun!
Also from what I've experienced so far the displaying of profile photos is curently not available. I'm not totally sure and the Jive documentation does not have info about it, but the appropriate setting might be "Profile Images" in the privacy settings of the user profile. It's currently set to "yourself" and probably the reason why photos cannot be seen.  I have uploaded a photo as a primary photo in my profile, which is a little bug, but I guess you cannot see it when you click on my avatar to view my profile. Since photo's need to be approved by the admin, I assume the current setting might be a mistake. To have the option set as "yourself" by default is a good idea, but it cannot be changed by the user.
Dude!, you are right, your picture can't be seen in your profile.I remember the Monique one mentioned that she likes the new photo in the profile as she more can see the faces behind the names. As one of the persons who has to verify the photos, I assume that she can see your photo on your profile. Timo
I do see the little bug. Thanks for letting me know about this setting; this is strange! I will investigate.
moniquevdb-oracle wrote:
I do see the little bug.
 That's no way to talk about your users! 
Hi Dude, We still have same limit of 50 images per object. Thanks,Varun

Parameters in Business Areas?

Hi all,
I am running into a problem in terms of report maintenence. I have about 50 reports built off of each business area (about 10 business areas). I was wondering if it is possible to put a parameter in a business area, so the default values can be changed? (I know you can put conditions in a business area, but we are using user prompted parameters). If this is impossible, does anyone have any suggestions on cutting down time on updating reports? Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks! 
This has been asked many times in the Discoverer forum in technet, so check there with a search.
One of the active participants of this forum and the Discoverer forum is Rod West.
He's successfully done this and if you search in Disco (and maybe this forum as well), you'll see the entire process for doing what you want laid out). However, it's not a Mickey Mouse process, requires writing some database functions, etc. so read the documentation carefully. In addition, there are a couple of metalink documents on it (one for passing 1 parameter to the business areas, 1 for passing more than 1 parameter to the business areas).
Well, you can set up session parameters and there is an article on by my website ( explaining how to do this. However, I am not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve here. The default values for workbook parameters are held in the workbook and so cannot be changed without editing all the workbooks.
Hope that helps,
Rod West 
Where are these meta-Link documents? Also, do you have a direct link to the forum? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
Hi Mark.
Try to search for Note:304192.1 (and related) on Metalink. That's the document mentioned by Ross (rproudman).
Ok, this is exactly what I am trying to accomplish:
In Discoverer Reports, there are two ways to filter the information being called from the database. You can use either a parameter (which is user- prompted) OR you can use a condition(Which is not user prompted).
In discoverer Administrator, you have the option to add an optional condition to all reports built from the business area you add it in.
I don't want to add an optional condition to the business area so it is available in all underlying reports. I want to add a user-prompted condition (parameter) to the business area so it is available in all reports built off this business area.
Is this possible? I looked into the forums on both technet, and on metalink and it doesn't seem this is what I was talking about.
I believe what you're asking is not possible.
Also, I believe the mandatory / optional condition in the EUL (admin) is not on the business area but on the folder level.
However, in what you're describing - and have found out - the optional condition is your only answer for an end user at run time to choose to invoke the condition. But, not with a user-prompted parameter.
As I mentioned way back, Rod showed a method for passing a parameter to a folder in the EUL, but that's as close as I can think on what you want.
Ok, thanks. The original reason behind trying to do this was setting the default values on parameters in a report. If we could store the condition(User prompted) at the Business Area level, we would only need to change one default value in the business area in order for that change to affect all the reports. As it stands now, if we want a condition(user prompted) to change, we have to go through each individual report and change each one. 
Hi all
I believe there is an enhancement request in for this to be introduced as part of Disocverer 11i. Yes 11i is planned! That release is part of the overall Fusion release which is slated at this time for the end of 2007. However, don't be at all surprised if this gets pushed back into 2008. Fusion is such a big project for Oracle for many reasons so this is one that they won't rush to market.
In the meantime though you have to follow the workaround described in this thread and elsewhere. One further thing that you may want to consider is the creation of one or more template workbooks that have the basic parameters pre-defined. These workbooks could be owned by a central user, a library owner perhaps, and then shared with the other users. Once worked on the user would use Save As to save a copy of the report.
Best wishes
Fusion ... sounds great but the Oracle people I've talked with (shhhh ... no names) seriously doubt if the effect described will be practical in an all-encompassing solution.
I understand the concpet of having the middle box pointing to all the other apps / and apps products (ie: oracle apps, peoplesoft apps, jd edwards, etc.) but it sounds mammoth and a patching nightmare.
So, push back to 2008? - I'm in full agreement.
What about 2009? It adds to 11 so its as good a year as any. :-) 
I'm figuring on 2010.
By your logic, it adds up to 3 and as everyone knows, 3 times a charm.
Plus, by 2010, Larry will have 3 wives, 3 houses (or is that 3 countries), 3 jets, and make $3 billion / year.
It's 2010!
I'm figuring on 2010.
By your logic, it adds up to 3 and as everyone knows, 3 times a charm.
Plus, by 2010, Larry will have 3 wives, 3 houses (or is that 3 countries), 3 jets, and make $3 billion / year.
It's 2010!

Is there any way to show what reports a user has run recently?

I pretty much want to know if they ran any account or contact reports before they walked out the door to a competitor.
I've already checked their sign in history & their last login was more than 3 days ago so I don't see anything in their export requests in their account.
Thanks in advance 
Unfortunately not 
I don't see an out-of-the-box solution, but a possible approach is to use the same techniques that are used on Web Pages or in email to track traffic (i.e. a "web bug").
Embed an image (either visible or invisible) within the report - which will have a URL something like []
Then use webstats software to track usage.
See []

Best Bet Ranking

I've created a best bet where two results (one web page and one PDF document) appear as the top 2 items for a specific search. I ranked the web page as #1 and the PDF document as #2. In the search results, the PDF document keeps appearing as the first item instead of the web page. The PDF document does contain more instances of the search text however, the web page is clearly ranked as #1. Any ideas on how I can get the web page to be the first search result? 
Hey there!
You may have more luck if you post all Plumtree/ALUI/WCI questions to the WebCenter Interaction board and just ignore the rest of the discussion areas which are all geared for the WebCenter portal (I think!).
As to your question, you may want to "apply" the best bet a second time. Sometimes they don't take.
Also, your search index may need to run to adjust the rank order as what you see in the utility might be the database view, while the search index is only complied when the job itself runs? thats just a guess 
Thanks for your reply Geoff. I re-applied the best best several times with no success. We spoke with someone from support and after some investigation, they said it is a flaw in version 6.0. See their response below:
"...In the earlier versions of the Portal, Best Bet ranking was not taken into account when sort order is put in place. For example, by default Relevance is the sort order used by all Search results. As you pointed out it seemed that the PDF had more instances of the Best Bet search results, so it can up first because it was more relevant to the Search criteria.
In Portal 6.1 and 6.5 (6.5 especially) this has been improved, so this should not be an issue.
Currently there is not a work around for 6.0 SP1....."
Hope this helps anyone else having the same problem.

How to monitor forum entries Beehive Online Forum

Is there a way on Beehive Online forum to indicate that you want to 'Watch this thread' like you can do on this forum? And receive automated emails that notify you that the forum has been updated/replied to? 
There is no watch this thread option - the only way is to subscribe to the RSS feed from the Recent Activity page of the workspace - that will keep you up to date with the goings on in the workspace.
This is a must have feature if you want people to use the forum properly. When you've got hundreds of people on a workspace posting and answering forum questions/answers,you need to be able to isolate the ones you are interested in. Hopefully this is a feature that is coming soon. If not, it should be. 
Whenever I try and read an article in the workspace rss feed using thunderbird, I get to the SSO page, which throws up a firefox error page if I try to enter anything.
I've tried using 'show article summary instead of loading web page', but this seems to make no difference.
Is it possible to subscribe to a thread using Thunderbird? 
I agree that this is a must have for a forum, without that no one knows that an entry you participate in has been updated and no one will use it. RSS will monitor the whole Workspace and if it is very busy with other updates the forum updates will get lost. Any idea if this will be added? The Workspace concept is very nice but without some key features it will just be that, cute, but of no major use.
You can set up any notifications you want by creating a custom, tailored RSS feed.
In Beehive Workspaces...
Select 'Overview' from the left panel, select 'Recent Activity' on the right, click 'Filter', set up the filter that you want, click 'Apply', then click the RSS feed button in the top right. Add that RSS feed to your feed reader. 
thanks Miller Thanks a ton
This will solve the problem I hope so.... 
Try if you want to access specifci stuff and the filter does not work. 
I can not get it working for our forums. Let's say I have a forum which has URL: I tried to make the RSS URL like: but it's giving me the Internal Server Error (500). Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any help,
Till yesterday i have created RSS feeds on announcements, Recent Activity, Filtered Recent Activity were working fine i have configured the same in Outlook working there also
but now in morning when i updated one file i was expecting to get the update in Rss feeds in Recent/ filtered Recent Activity but it gave following error in outlook:
"You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation"
I am puzzled, please help,
If the URL is the one you tried to use, i.e. It would not work for forums as the object identifier in the string *(afrh)* is for heterogeneous folders the id for forums is afrf
The other issue with permissions is probably because of a username/password being required and has not been supplied. Maybe you have a stale cookie in that browser - try another or go to and log out to get your SSO cookies cleared and then try again.
Yeah phill u r correct problem with me is stale cookie I guess, because after creating new one today it's working OK,
could you please suggest some permanent solution or i have to follow the procedure daily
('try another or go to and log out to get your SSO cookies cleared and then try again.' as u have mentioned in above reply)
Thanks for quick responses helping me a lot,
Vikas :)
Edited by: Vikas Panwar on Dec 7, 2010 2:04 AM 
It should not require the process to be done each day - the issue may be that you are using more then one SSO setup and the jsessionID in the browser is set to a different value so you get a mismatch.
I have RSS feeds and don't have to reset them all the time - particularly when using them in email clients this should not be a problem - a browser is used for other things and can generate the problem.
Ok that could be a problem one of my WS member logged in using my browser.
Now, I am assuming in such cases we simply need to login with our credentials and this will solve the problem.
Thanks a lot,
P.S. need to ask one more question not related with above topic please help where to post or please provide answer in this thread
need to know how to hide specific files for specific users. ex
my WS contains:
a,b,c users and f1,f2,f3 files
Now suppose i want
user 'a' able to see f1, f2
user 'b' able to see f1, f3
user 'c' able to see f3
I am doing all this using link (i.e. using browser)
Edited by: Vikas Panwar on Dec 7, 2010 2:33 AM 
This is the number one reason I have trouble convincing not only my team members, but other teams as well, to use Beehive workspaces. Using e-mail to notify on forum updates, both for an entire forum, and for individual threads, is standard in any widely used forum software, such as phpbb, this OTN forum and pretty much any forum software I have used. I am still hanging in there, since I think the overall concept of the beehive workspaces is good.
The RSS solution is a workaround. Watching/Unwatching a thread should be a simple selection of one (or more) threads and the click of a button. Setting up separate RSS feeds is, well, not very convenient. Not to mention that not all my colleagues are using RSS readers.
Kind regards,