Character report printing on linux - Reports

I am migrating an application from a windows environment to linux, my character report prints fine in the windows based server. While migrating I have been following the steps described in the oracle doc. "Deploying Reports...." but I am stuck at the following point:
1) I installed the app server on a linux box (suse ES 10), successfully installed a windows printer (the printer is connected to and shared by a windows based client) on the linux server
2) I tested the printer named "lx300up" on the linux machine and it prints fine, I can send output to it without any problems ("echo HELLO WORLD | lpr -O lx300up" works fine) I added an entry for this printer in the uiprint.txt file of the report server but the character report in question still fails to print with the following message:
Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output<br>
Can anyone provide me some tips for debugging this problem since this error message does not even contain any reference to a particular error and the documentation provided by oracle does no reference to anything like this problem.
Thanks & Regards
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The error message you are getting means the output directory or the destination does not exsits.
I believe you have installed the server in the Linux box and accessing your application from windows PC. Then pass printer name in report_destype parameter of RUN_REPORT_OBJECT.
Otherwise you can use ORARRP to get the functionality. You can find the same at

I am doing everything you say allready, the printer name is passed to the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built in already, the same calling form woks well on my app server installed on windows so i asume the problem is the printer driver of my linux box.
Thanks for the help 

you mean you app server is installed in windows server and you are accessing the application from linux.


Print report output directly to local printer fails using ORARRP

We are migrating a Forms and Reports Applicacion from Client/Server to WEB. We
have compiled every forms, menus, library and reports to 6i; and after that
we've used Oracle Forms Migration Assistant to convert everyone of them to 10g
format, that's mean 3-tier (web). Application tier is a Enterprise Linux and
client tier is Windows XP.
If you want on 3-tier print a reports output directly to printer, printer must
be attached to Application Server host to acomplish that. This workaround is
not posible because not all of the client hosts have direct access to
Application Server host. So, printer is only attached on client computer.
We use ORARRP to print directly on a local printer, this tool was configured
properly on HTTP Server (MIME types) and installed on client computer according
to documentación shipped within orarrp zip file.
Reports generate an output in character mode, the output is ok but when you
want to print directly on client computer using orarrp raise the following
error: "Unable to connect to printer ESDPRT001.".
The printer is an EPSON TM-U905 connected to computer on Parallel local port.
Print from Notepad works fine. Printer test page works fine too. Epson TM-U905 3.01h versión driver are installed and we use Internet Explorer (Vendor: Microsoft, Version: 6.0.2900.2180)
Any helps
hi, i have a similar problem and when did you resolve? Urgently please.
Did you found an answer to this problem?
I advanced a bit in a LAN environment. I defined UNC path for the printer and it worked with the same network where middle tier is present.
However, we are not able to print report if printer is at remote site.
As urgent help is needed.

Rep-51002 unable to bind to report server

I have installed developer 10g, and trying to run my jsp report using OC4J instance and start OC4J instanse for reports. but unable to run the report.
I did'nt configure any report server but it still producing the same error. (Rep-51002)
no AS instance installed, no report server configured.
on the other side at other system it runs fine with same configurations.
If you don't create a named report sever, the in-process server is used. You can run a report without specifying a report server name, or use the name that was created during installation.
Check the name of the conf file in the <oracle_home>\reports\conf directory. It should be rep_<your pc name>.conf. 
I too face a similiar problem. I have installed database in linux and application in windows server 2003. i use oracle 10g and forms and reports 9i. all along for testing purpose the application was installed in windows XP and it was working fine with both forms and reports getting generated. Now when i install the application in windows server 2003 it gives the error " Rep-51002 unable to bind to report server".
I would like to know the different files that needs to be configured after installation of the application.
I have configured the following
01) default.env
02) forms.conf
03) formsweb.cfg
I have given the path of the forms and reports in regedit reports_path also.
Pl do let me know if i have to do any more settings for getting the reports generated 
Could be several things:
1. You are calling the wrong report server (the name is wrong).
2. There is no report server installed at all.
3. Report server is not running.
Does this URL work? If not, your report server is not installed or not running.
I am new to oracle 10g and i am not very conversant with this. so i might be asking the basic doubts also
You are calling the wrong report server (the name is wrong).
How do i know the correct report server and where do i call it? In my software the reports path is hard coded and its like this\SOURCE\PENSION\
There is no report server installed at all.
How do i check this? I installed the application of oracle 10g the same way in windows xp and its working fine.
Report server is not running.
I did try checking it using this url
Is this the right way? this also gave the same error message. what should i substitute in "showenv?"
I would be grateful if you could guide me to solve this
thanks in advance 
If you installed the Application Server yourself you should know the correct URL. It's part of the installation process to configure everything.
If somebody else did it (hopefully your DBA), ask this person.
In my software the reports path is hard codedOuch, so you don't have separate development - test - production environments? My guess is that is your development PC or sever, not the final deployment server.
For everything else you need to know, read the manual here:

Report Server on Solaris  - Printing Issues

I was able to generate reports directly from the Report Server
running on Windows NT. The print outs were generated in HP
Printers. Will there be any problems if the Reports Server is
installed in Solaris.
The clients are in NT. When we invoke the URL along with the
printer name, the print out is directly generated. For this ,
does the printout is directed from server or teh client?
Any help would be appreciated
the behavior is the same on NT and on solaris. except, that on
UNIX the printer-names are -of course- different. so you have to
use different set of URLs for UNIX and NT.
the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Printer not installed error when using reports server

Im using three NTYRE architecture when i have to run my application on 128kbps leazed line network across 30 units,requirement is to generate text output at the client side for printing some report formats in character mode.
im trying to generate a text file on server and then download to local machine for printing .but reports server gives an error printer not installed,
i have checking administrative security probs in WINNT ,
pls suggest or is there any other way to generate text reports in NTIER arch.
You may want to check if a printer is installed in your WinNt system. Reports picks up font information from the default
printer installed in the system when we attempt to generate to file.

Windows network printer

I have a Reports service runing in iAS 10g (only Forms and Reports services, no infrastructure).
I have defined an aditional reports server with the addnewservertarget.bat utility.
The problem I have is that I can print in the direct printer attached to the appserver machine but I get an error if I try to print on a network printer defined on the appserver.
The error I get is
REP-50157. Error code 1848.
If I put any weird name for the printer I get an "understandable" error telling me that the printer doen't exist.
Any help would be appreciated.
The OS I use is Windows 2000 for the appserver and Windows 2000/XP for the clients having the local printers attached.
There's no diference in behaviour regarding the client OS.