Unable to start Informatica server - Business Intelligence Applications

Hi Friends,
I am unable to start Informatica Server.Even If I start the server it stops immediately.It is giving the following errors
"Repository Error ([REP_51147] Failed to connect to the repository on Host : vivek.apps.com, Port : 5001. System Error (errno = 10061): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. .)
Repository Error ([REP_51337] Unable to connect to the repository server on Host vivek.apps.com, Port 5001. Please check your configuration.)
Failed to connect to repository [Oracle_BI_DW_Base].
Service stopped.
Server shut down."
I am unable to connect to the repository also with the port number 5001.If I changed this to 4001 it works fine.
Thank you... 

It sounds like your configuration is not complete.
You must start the "Informatica Repository Server" Service first and then the "Informatica" Service.
The "Informatica" service will continue to fail if you do not have your repository set up correctly.
See page 113 (Process of Configuring and Managing the Informatica Repository) in the Configuration guide.
Also looking your System Events log will confirm the error. 

Hi Vivek,
I downloaded OBIEE infrasturcture v and BI apps 7.9.3 from oracle webstie and installed successfully on windows vista home premium.
i downloaded informatica 7.1.4 from OTN as well and when installing it is only
installing informatica client tools. not isntalling informatica server and informatica
repository server.
i do not see either Informatica server service or repository service running as a service in windows OS.
do you know answer to this problem.?
where did you download informatica for your installation.

Vista is probably the issue.
Vista does not appear to be supported yet and I would think that it is not installing because the DAC - Informatica process uses some indirect program calls that would "violate" some of the "strong" security of Vista.
These are the only Windows "supported" platforms:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (32-bit), 2003 Server (32-bit). Processor: X86
Page 12 

Thanks Damon.
i understood from your email and oracle document that you pointed me to that
informatica server can not be installed on vista flavors.
that is why informatica client tools got installed on my windows vista home premium but informatica server and repository server not installed. 

If you really want a small self-contained environment on Vista I would recommend setting up a small VMware image (you can use VMware Server it is free) of Windows 2000 running within Vista as a guest OS.
Despite what the documentation says you can use Windows XP for the Informatica Server installations.
Good luck 

I am having some issue with Informatica installation on XP prof and would appreciate if some one could help.
When I start the Repositoru service it gives an error "Invalid language specified" and does not start.
I read somewhere that we need to set some env variables.Can someone tell me what variables and what values?

Replied to your other posting 

Hi ,
I also encountered the similar problem.
Error REP_51147 : Unable to connect to Rep server
Error REP_51337 : Unable to connect to Repository.. The machine actively refused the connection...
On looking at the Event Log I came across the follwing message
(5856|5592) The IP address [] for this machine did not match the IP address [] in the repository for server [ORACLE_BI_DW_SERVER].
On the command prompt I typed the following command to release the IP address
held by my machine
ipconfig /release
And I found the Workflow Manager start working ....
Hope this information helps... 

Hi Srini,
Could you please tell me from where you had downloaded Informatica Client, as I badly wanted to download Informatica Client for some work in my project.
Thanks in Advance,
Nishanth D Nambiar
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oracle biee for windows vista

hi all,
well today i installed the oracle biee on my machine(having windows vista).
Do i need to download the seperate dump of oracle biee for windows vista or dump for windows xp will work????? 
I did not find any OBIEE version for vista, I installed windows version on my machine and it is working fine. 
hi All,
Actually when i installed oracle biee on my machine (having windows vista) and replaced all corresponding files (like .rpd file & catalog and modified the nqsconfig.ini & instanceconfig.xml files) and tried to start the oracle bi presentation service, it was not starting(though i already started the oracle bi server and java host service).
i got the following error prompt:
"Windows could not start BI Presentation server on local computer.
For more information,review the system event log.if this is non-microsoft service,contact the service vendor, and refer to service specific error code-1"
Then i again replaced all the files to the default one(paint.rpd and paint catalog) and again tried to restart the service but this time i got the "error : 1053 Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."
so i just want to confirm whether we need some patch or utility to run the oracle biee on windows vista
please help me out
IF you are not able to start the presentation services, one of the reason is some syntax mistake in instanceconfig.xml file. make sure everything right in that file. 
Windows Vista isn't a O.S. supported by OBIEE yet.
I only tried to install OBIEE Client Tools under Vista and apparently it works fine.
However, I never saw OBIEE complete installation under Vista.
If you want a demo version, I suggested that you use a VMare at your Vista running a supported O.S. (like Suse 9, Red Hat 4 or 5, Win2003, son on).
If you want a production environment, I suggested that you install the OBIEE under Win2003 (if you're O.S. Microsoft dependent). 
I am using OBIEE stand alone complete installation on vista for my personal dev box, and it is working for me.
But as Romano says, it is not supported by Oracle, so it is not suggested to use production environments. 
I have windows Vista Business Installed in my Laptop.. Even I tried to instll Windows Version of OBIEE but while installing its throwing an error.."The installer
is unable to run in this Graphical mode.Try running the installer with the =console
or -Silent Flag"
Any pointer on the above mentioned query will be great help for me.

Installation of Business Process Repository Server fails on XP

With Oracle BPA Suite Business Repository Server, while attempting to run setup.exe to install the product, it crashes with the following error, and one cannot proceed.
Oracle Business Process Repository
SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (2198)pAPP:Oracle Business Process Repository
#Windows XP Service Pack 3 (2600) IE 8.0.6001.18702
This is followed by a dialog indicating error -5002.
This is repeatable on our site on Windows XP SP2 and SP3, and Windows Server 2003 SP 2.
Any clues as to what the problem may be? Has anybody encountered this?
Hi Andrew,
I have installed the repository server many times but never encountered any problem.
The error that you have mentioned indicates problem with the setup files..
Remove all components and folders of repository Server from your machine..
and try re installing it.
Also check if you are able to install Business architect on the same machine which is giving error for repository server, if architect gets installed successfully thn there is surely some problem with the setup files of the repository server.
Gaurav Sharma :) 
This is my first time installing Oracle Business Process repository on XP and I had the same problem. I have successfully installed the Architect but just failed on the Repository. Have you figured it out?

Installation of Informatica 8.1.1 on xp VMware

Hi all
when trying to install Informatica powercenter 8.1.1 on xp sp2 virtual machine with oracle 9i.on domain configuration screen while trying testconnection it fails with an error informatica oracle jdbc driver error establishing socket to host and port hostname(vm computer name):port(1521),reason:connection refused:connect.
i am aware that informatica don't support installation on VMware but i want to give a go with this installation.i think some network settings need to be done in vmware but not sure about this settings
please suggest how to proceed with powercenter 8.1.1 on xp VMware.
Kind Regards
check the following:
- make sure you can connect to the db using sql plus (if oracle)
- make sure you have classpath and java_home and oracle_home variables defined (search google for more info).
See if this helps. 
A quick and easy way to sanity check a JDBC connection is to use SQL Developer to connect from your windows machine to your database.

creating dac tables

I have a slight issues. Installed dac and inf 9.0.1. Have oracle db 11.2.0. Only client on win 2008 r2 64 bit. Trying to creat odbc and get error on merant dac driver. Created with oracle db odbc but fails saying cannot connect to database but connectiin was successful. Also is there a newer version of dac out. Seen refence but find it no where in edlivery. 
I was able to resolve this issue. THe Oracle client I had was 64-bit. Once I installed the 32-bit, the DAC Merant drivers started working. 
i am also having same issue can you please let me know the steps you have done.
i am also unable to create dwh tables . i am using windows server 2008 re 64 bit . 
Install a 32-bit version of the Oracle Client and set the ORACLE_HOME to the 32-bit install. Once you do that, you should be able to open the DAC ODBC's to create a connection to the DW and build the tables. 
thanks for your reply.
last night after trial and error using 32 bit client and 64 bit client . i am able to create dwh tables using 64 bit client .
but now my informatica rep is not getting started i am getting below error it use to be working before i install those oracle client's.
Error DOM_10079 : Unable to start service [INFA_REP] on any node specified for the service.
Do you have any idea how to resolve this. 
What version and bit are you using for Informatica? Do you have LD_LIBRARY_PATH and INFA_HOME set? 
I am using Windows Server 2008 64 bit .
and informatica 9.0.1 .
i think i dont have those environment tables created.
what is the path i need to give for those enviorment variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH and INFA_HOME) you mentioned. 
INFA_DOMAINS_FILE= D:\Oracle\Informatica\9.0.1\domains.infa
INFA_HOME= D:\Oracle\Informatica\9.0.1
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Thanks J.A.M
I will try those soon i reach home and will let you know it worked or not.
Thanks for your help. 
Hi J.A.M
No luck still the same error unable to connect to database :
Can you please let me know the installation steps you followed as you have also used windows server 2008 r2 64 bit .
i will again start from beginning .or else if you have created any document for installation .
Can you please share installation procedure ( i means like some workarounds we need on server 2008 64 bit ) like that.
This is the second time i tried to configure entire bi apps but failed.
i want to do it on 64 bit only because i can assign more ram to virtual box as 32 bit can only support 4 gb.
I tried using below :
Database 11g 64 bit (
Database 11g 64 bit client.
OBIEE Windows x86-64-bit).
Data Warehouse Administration Console
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications .
Informatica 9.0.1 HotFix2. 
Is your Oracle Home pointing to 32-bit or 64-bit Oracle? 
Hi J.A.M
My Oracle is pointing to 64 bit as i have installed only 64 bit database.
It use to work before but soon after i installed clinet and created ware house tables i dont know something changed and now it is not working.
One more thing if i try to connect ot databse INFA_REP schema using sql developer i am able to connect using Connection Type : Basic
if i keep connection type as TNS i am getting same error that informatica is giving . 
Is there a tnsnames.ora file in the network/admin directory of your Oracle Home and if so, does it have connection info to your database. TNS would only fail through SQL Developer if there was no tns entry, no tns file or ORACLE_HOME was pointing to wrong directory. 
yes it is having the connection info of my database in tnsnames.ora .
i didint uninstall anything .
what would be best process i will start again from beginning . something changed while i installed databse client . i am unable to figure out .
thank a lot for your help.
can you please let me the right way to setup the environment i will be more happy.

Oracle Admin Tool Client

Hi ,
I'm facing a lot of problems with Oracle BI admin client Tool that I installed in my Windows 7 to use my cubes ( my Oracle BI server is in a Unix machine ).
The error that I face is *[nQSError : 6001] Connection failed for Remoote Service-JavaHost-AWImportService11G with message [nQSError : 77029] Java Host is not available inside the function AWImportService11G of SAW RPC modules ...*
I'm sure my NSQConfig file is okey, with the server address and port 9810 in Javahost config. And I made sure Javahost sevice is running .
I heard that Oracle BI admin tool Client is a light version of the whole Oracle BI, so there are some missing components ... I thought about unstalling the whole Oracle BI in my windows 7 machine to use my cubes that are in the unix machine.
Do you think it's a good idea ? is there anyone facing the same problem ?
Thax all !
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The Admin Client Tool is about the same as that on the server where the full system is installed. When you say uninstalling the whole Oracle BI system on your Windows 7 computer, do you meant the Client Tools or do you have a full OBIEE instance on your personal computer as well? Also, what version of Windows 7 are you on? What version of OBIEE do you have installed on the Unix server and what version Client Tools are you using? 
Oh, I mean uninsall Oracle BI Admin Tool Client , and install the whole Oracle Business Intelligence in my Windows 7 32 bits.
Well, the whole story is that :
-I have a Oracle BI system in a remoot unix server.
-I used AWM in my Win7 32 , to create cubes : Now, I need to administrate my cubes to make reports.
-So, I installed Oracle BI Admin tool Client in my Win7 machine : But when I try to create a New repository to get my cubes , I get the nQSError 60001 and 77029 Errors, even If I made the right changes.
-Now, As I'm stuck, I'm thinking about an alternative... I don't know if installing the whole Oracle BI in my Win7 machine is a good alternative ... And if I do so, what type of Installation I need to follow ...
Thanks for your reply 
Ok, is it Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional? Also the version of Client Tools vs the OBIEE Installation on the server? I also updated your other post about the same issue so check that out too. You need not install the full OBIEE system in your computer, you should be fine just using the Client Tools.
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I have a
-Win7 Professional
-Client : biee_11.1.1.5_client
-OBIEE version on the server :
Thank you ! 
Yes, Client tool should work without problem, but I think I was unlucky ...I ended installing the whole obiee package, and it went fine...
Thanks for your help JaiG !!