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I am working on Siebel 8 - Telco implementation and looking for some white papers,docs etc on below given points:-
1) Sending & Receiving SMS into Siebel.
I checked the bookshelf but could not find any information on
a) How to send SMS using Siebel Application?.
b) How to receive SMS in Siebel Application?
I am looking for a complete solution(.pdf, docs etc) on this.
2) Out of box Adapters for Billing Systems like Kenan, BSCS etc
I was not able to find any information on integration,adapters in Siebel which support integration with above Legacy Systems.
Kindly send any info, docs, files you have asap. Thanks in advance.. 

Just to check here. The Oracle bookshelf supports the use of SMS to manage a mobile device, specifically PocketPC. These SMS messages initiate actions back to the Siebel server.
There is a command to initiate SMS messages in line with Send Fax/Send Email but I suspect that your request is to server side manage SMS as part of some sort of escalation process rather than manually driven from client side.
Can you confirm


Oracle Delivers to mobile phones

Anyone got any tips on how to get this working?
Set up the ibot etc... what further configuration is required to get the SMS routed and out?
Thanks in advance.... 
Looking at the tag line at the bottom of this page
"Oracle is the INFORMATION Company"
Can I find any anywhere about the SMS 'hook' into OBIEE?? Nope!! Anyone got suggestions for resources, can't even use metalink as all the Siebel stuff is held in their separate support system.... 
Delivers uses SMTP to communicate with all types of device. To communicate with devices using SMS, you need to configure Delivers to forward messages via SMTP to an SMTP to SMS gateway service.

email inbox monitoring

I have suppliers send invoice feeds via email with text attachments containing the invoices.
Which is the best component of the SoA Suite to monitor the email inbox (on a Microsoft Exchange Server) and forward the text attachment to Oracle Data Integrator ?
you can use this link
to receive email and initate BPEL process 
Unfortunately, BPEL Incoming email settings work only for POP3 or IMAP servers. While it is not completely impossible to configure a POP3 client to use MSExchange, it might become a nightmare as each MSExchange version can behave differently.
An easy way to achieve this would be to setup a server-side Rule in Outlook to save these mails to a Public Folder. Your Exchange Admin can setup a Public Folder.
BPEL can then poll this Folder and do what is necessary.

Siebel and SMS messages

Pls. does anyone know if Siebel can receive SMS messages ?
Txs. for your help.
No, Siebel do not have such funtionality but you can create activity which will contain SMS cotents.
This can be done by invoking web services.
Can you please provide some more details on how an SMS can be inserted in siebel as an Activity. 
The only way I can think to do this would be to somehow use Siebel Email Response. There may be 3rd party SMS solutions that will convert an incoming SMS message to an email which could then be sent on to an Email Response monitored inbox. That would then create an Activity or Service Request or whatever.

Developing an apex application for sms alerts to mobile

I have a requirement like, if any customer can send their problems by using mobile number it should gets an alert message to customer support?
how can i develop through apex using pl/sql?
thank you 
Sending a mail by utl_smtp is one other way, which may help! 
To send an SMS you need to be able to connect to a mobile phone or to a bulk SMS gateway. Sending to mobile is more complex as it requires you to access the mobile phone from your PC or LAN or some other way; this means drivers, phone software, etc.
Bulk SMS software usually will have an API. So, look at your Bulk SMS software / portal API and then figure out how you can call that API in APEX. There is no generic solution, only API specific.
tulsi wrote:
I have a requirement like, if any customer can send their problems by using mobile number it should gets an alert message to customer support?
how can i develop through apex using pl/sql?
thank youHi Tulsi,
What is the actual scenario?
customer sends the message from mobile to mobile as an SMS
customer sends the message from mobile to email
We have a similar setup. My understanding is our SMS gateway software allows us to map an email address to every mobile number, then our apps just email the notifications and they are relayed via SMS. I don't really know anything about our SMS gateway except it just works like magic.
The only shortfall is our inability to provision those email/mobile number mappings, there is no doubt an API but we haven't looked into it as yet. Anyone who wants to subscribe to this service needs to request it from our sysadmin team first. 
If a customer calls to a customer support and recorded his problem via mobile ph, after ending a cal customer has to got a notification about the status of the problem to the mobile num. and also a message should be sent automatically to the relevant department about the issue.
can you please provide any information regarding this requirement??
Send Message From Oracle To Mobile Device


Just wanted to know how SOA Composite sends Email/MMS/SMS? Is there any adapter for this? What are different types of servers required for this? In BPEL, I just find activity for EMAIL & SMS? Does MMS is also handled by SMS activity only? In SMS, there is no field for video files (like email has for attachment)? Any code example or document/blog for these available?
Thanks In Advance!
BPEL components can be configured with the Email and SMS activities. Oracle SOA suite provides the Email, SMS activities for error notification/alerts etc.
For email you would need a SMTP server.
Following link would help you with sending email attachment