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Hi All
I am working on siebel 7.7 Industrial Application.When i am going to open the siebel Hospitality Management Application , it is showing that ypu are not having the authorized licence to open the home page view.
What i have to do to open the home pahe for Hospitality application
If you have any knowledge on this plese share with me.

Take a look at my answer her:
Error Code SBL-DAT-00327
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Help, please!!!

Hi, I have a doubt with oracle portal:
What I want is to create a new portal of tests(proofs) in a new computer with the content of a specific portal. Which is the best method to do it? document, link, ... help!!!
Thanks for all 
You should call Oracle Sales support and get a Sales Consultant to demo the product for you. 1-800-ORACLE1

Oracle Self Service App Customisation

Iam relatively new to Oracle ADF. i would like to know where and how to start to customise an existing oracle self service application (to be in particular, oracle order information).
its not like a typical webapp i guess and has lot of things tied into the database , which im unable to going thru all documentation that i can, but of little help. Can any of you folks point me in the right direction..
Thanks in advance
Oracle Apps pages are not in Oracle ADF (not yet).
please go through the devguide for OAF, this should give you correct pointers.

New to oracle portal need help !!!

Hi All,
I am very new to Oracle portal and couldn't find any way to start from. Can anyone refer me some links so that i do not feel lost.
Saurabh Jain 
Hi Saurabh, is the hub for all the information that you need about Oracle9iAS Portal.
For a getting started you can access the following URL:-
Also on the home page you will find a link to Free lessons, follow this link and you will get access to Internet Lessons and White Papers on Oracle9iAS Portal.
Please get back incase you face any issues or you need anything specific.
Take care,

HelpDesk/UserSupport functionality in OraclePortal

Dear All,
Does OraclePortal Technology have got any out of the box functionality for implementing User Support or HelpDesk facility for the website users??
If you know any source of information about Oracle Portal and UserSupport/HelpDesk function - Please let me know. I have been asked to do the research of this matter and I don`t have a clue where to start.
thank you in advance,

Download Ilearning

I looking for where can I download Oracle Ilearning.
I already make my search on OTN website but I didn't find nothing.
If someone knows where I can find that software to download, please tell me.
Thanks ! 
Have you found out where to download iLearning?
Could you post the link to the resource page for iLearning?
hi, i need to download this system, but i cannot to find it ((((
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It can be downloaded from edelivery.
I really need your help, I am working with OTA and iLearning, but the whit paper told me that "All learner access to OiL must be through OTA". I dont know how to create the access in OTA for OiL.
Where can i find it?
Please see metalink note id #226256.1
Integrating Oracle iLearning with Oracle Training Administration 
Yes, I have the Guide, but I don't know how to enter iLearning through OTA. I have the event and students, now How can I log in iLearning?. Do you know? 
Oracle iLearning is set up and installed somewhere correct? Have you been given login information by whomever setup the application?
It would be a separate URL for the iLearning application where you would log in, import the users from OTA, set up the online courses etc as described in the integration guide, then use the concurrent process in OTA to bring the Activity and Event info into OTA, at which point learners can enroll and launch those self-paced events through OTA.
"at which point learners can enroll and launch those self-paced events through OTA". Do i need some responsability of SS?
Can I talk with you by Sky Pe or email?, 
This is all predicated on learners having access to Employee Self Service -> Enroll in Training (I think is the menu option name).
For further support, you really should log an SR through metalink.
I cannot acces a course iLearning from OTA, I am using interfase OTA- OiL and when I try to enter a course iLearning and display conexion failed in the home page iLearning.
Sounds like:
a) the Trusted URL in iLearning is not set up properly
b) The user who is launching the course has admin rights in iLearning, which, if this is the case, will not work.