Unable to open the a webpage in the custom tab in internet explorer. - General CRM(Archived)

Hi all-
I created a custom tab in the Siebel-On-Demand CRM and everyone have ability to view and access the tab. People are able to see and open a webpage in custom tab in mozilla firefox browswer; however, it doesn't allow me open a page in custom tab in IE and get the "Navigation to the webpage was canceled".
Anyone has any idea?
Thanks in advanced.

Can u provide me the error you got while opening the page in IE ? and the custom codes if u have put anything at the back ? 

Hi Joey,
There are three forums specific to Siebel CRM On Demand on this site. This one is dedicated to the on-premise product.


UPK integerarion wih Portal

I need to provide access to a number of Oracle UPK training guides from within my portal. We have a large number of UPK's that I want to be able to link to from a training page in the Portal. Looking at the UPK documentation it seems to describe how to upload the UPK content onto a Web Server and then access it via a link in Portal. We were under the impression that all of this would be stored in the Portal DB and accessed purely from there. At present we have a potential space issue with the Web Server so with the amount of UPK's expected I am estimating that there will be insufficient space.
Has anyone had any experience with Portal and UPK integration please and if so can you provide any advice on how to go about implementing this ?
Thanks in advance for any help
try uploading the UPK page hierarchy as a zip file and then unzip it to for a Portal page hierarchy (or you could copy the content in via WebDAV), then make sure each page in the hierarchy is set to display the default UPK html file instead of the portal page. You do thid by editing the Page Group properties, select the configure tab, and under the view mode heading you click the edit button and set the default item for the page group.
Hi Mick
Thanks for the response. Will give it a try later and let you know how I get on but thanks again for a quick response.

Problem in oracle portal Pages:

Hi All,
Problem in oracle portal Pages:
one page containing four tabs
one of the tab contain parameter form when i submit it ,i get required result
but the focus go to other tab.
i check it all possible options but this doesn't resolve.
Generally you should always be taken back to the last tab viewed, maybe on submit you could force navigation to the specific tab on a page by using the full path to the page and tab. 
pls guide me how to create a portal...since i have used the oracle jdev...with web center...
using the following guide i got some idea...but still cant able to create a full fledge portal...pls suggest me...if u have an idea
You're in the wrong forum. Try the WebCenter forum:
WebCenter Portal
And I'd suggest narrowing the scope of your question. A fully-fledged portal that... does what? (Again, don't answer here :) )

Modify Menu in CRM page which is a JTT page

I have to customize CRM module.When I open up the standard claim detail page which is in JSP, I find a menu at the left. I want to change few links in that menu.but I am not able to locate where the menu resides. Any help will be appreciated.
In CRM module -> Claims-> click on any claim number-> page appears with menu at left side.
I want to change the menu.
Thanks in advance
bchopra, this is the CRM On Demand Admin Forum. Based on your question you are not in the correct fourm.

content area - tabs

I have a tab page and a navigation bar in my page.when i click one of the folders in the navigation bar it takes to the content areas but not the tab pages or the header.
Is there any workaround for this.I know the items in folder opens in the same context of the portal page but not the content area.
This is something urgent.Any help is greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot in advance..
Instead of using a folder link in the Nav Bar, just use a URL item that links to the page or tab you want.
thanks for the suggestions.Can you please tell me how to access a tab using URL.I can access page,folders,categories but how to access a particular tab in a page using URL.
thanks a lot in advance..
Actually the client wants the same tabs(header) as in the main page in the content areas also whenever he clicks the navigation bar.can you please suggest a solution for this.
If you are referring to direct access URLs to a tab, they are currently not supported (in 3.0 and in Release 2). We're planning to support them in a future release. You can always use the Copy Shortcut feature in the browser to capture the URL of a tab.

Editing documents in SES.

Hi Experts,
Is there a provision in SES that... when i search and get back some results.... now if i click on a result... the page gets opened... and i could edit the document.
Do i need to integrate any third party tools with SES to make this feature