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We need to create a Text Template and generate the output in Text format. There are only a few placeholder columns in the template. Could anybody suggest whether we need to use an eText Template for this purpose and if yes, need inputs on the creation & usage of the same.

I dont think its necessary for you to use the eText Template.
You could try out this link, which has been of immense help to me.


New RTF Template for Quote Print

Oracle has provided only XSL Template for Quote Printing. Since Client needs his own format of Quote Printing, Can we create a new Customized RTF template for Quote Printing? or Is there any easy way to do customize the XSL Template?
Pls advise..
Thanks in advance,
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Hi Muru
There is no easy way to edit the XSL without learning it anyway :o) There are XSL editors on the market that will help but you could more easily create a new RTF template.
There is one caveat thou, you might have to take your RTF and convert to XSL prior to loading it up to the Template Manager, check the Quoting user docs. The template builder has an export function to generate the XSL for you.
Regards, Tim 
Thanks a lot for your response.
Currently I'm directly modifying the XSL Template using "Textpad". If you know any tool for XSL, kindly let me know and also is there any easy way to customize the Quote Print XSL Template?
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks in advance,
Hi Miru,
I need ur help.I am working on the same customization of xsl template.can u please guide me through how to work with this.
I need to customize print quote report
Can u please tell me the link/steps how to customize the jsp form to replace the standard CP with custom one
Secondaly,which one option is better ,creating a new rtf/modifying the existing xsl
and how ?as i dont have any idea about xsl.but i know creatig rtf's
Please guide me thru.
Thanks a ton in advance
Assuming the layout you want is significantly different to that provided then you will probably be better off creating an RTF. Using the Template Builder addon for MS Word you can export your RTF to XSL when you have completed it so it saves you getting your hands dirty with XSL code, especially when you don't know it!
If the change is minor you might be able to work out the chnages you need to make to the XSL template without resorting to a new RTF.
Try using Jdeveloper to edit the XSL template.

Modifying the XSL-FO for Contract terms Layout template

I want to modify the XSL-FO for contract terms Layout template.
Also i want to add company logo on to the template could please guide on how to do these steps.
I also want to format the structure, change the alignment terms and Conditions from Right to Left.
has any one formatted XSL- FO for Contract terms Layout template before?
Please guide me
Its Urgent !!
Thanks in Advance 
Can you not make these changes in RTF file and then convert into XSL-FO file? This will be easy for maintenance also.
Hi Umar,
Oracle dint provided RTF for Contract Terms Layout , it has directly provided driectly XSL-FO stylesheet.
That is why iam looking for solution of how to edit XSL_FO?
Does any one has tool to convert the XSL-FO to RTF?
If yes please share your expereince.
I don't have experience with the Contract Terms but with the Standard PO I do. As far as I know you cannot covert the XSL-FO to an RTF. I also only had the stylesheet to work from.
What I did is created a new rtf template and added my data field codes to the rtf. I was able to add a logo to my template and make any other changes that the business had requested. Once done with the .rtf I exported that to a XSL-FO.xsl file and replaced the old stylesheet with the new one in Oracle.
One issue I have run into with this is that we have some flex fields in tables that are the same name, example attribute1 in the Line Table and Shipment Line. When attribute1 from the line table is null it pulls the data that is in the Shipment line attribute1 column. I'm not sure if I have to establish the path in the stylesheet or if I can write something in the .rtf saying... if null then null. (If anyone else reading this post and knows the answer I have posted my a full post here: Modifying the XSL-FO stylesheet. )
Keep me updated!

How to make a RTF-Template for the Bill Presentment Architecture (BPA)

I search a way to make an external RTF-template for the Oracle Receivables Balance Forward - Detail report in the Bill Presentment Architecture (BPA).
I've never done that.
I don't know how to get a XML-file of this request to use for the creation of the RTF-file.
And so I don't know how to specify in the RTF the LOOPs for the Lines and other If-conditions and so on.
Can anybody help me?
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you mean you have RDF report in EBS and want to convert it in XML(BI) Publisher report? 
No. The report seems to be an Java Concurrent Program.
For that report you can click together a template in the Bill Presentment Architecture or you can upload a RTF template or a PDF template.
I want to make such a RTF template for the report.
Because that's seems to be an Java Concurrent Program, I don't have an XML of this report. 
I don't know much about BPA But you can get xml file from
Diagnostic>> View XML . after con.program Noraml complition
Hi ..
I have the same requirement. Please can you share how were you able to acheive this? 
Can you please help me in finding XML output for Invoice Print BPA Child Program. I have tried changing the output format to XML but no luck. If you can send me any suggestion to my email address would be very helpful.
Also, Did you try adding any conditional formatting (eg. <?if:column_name='value'?>) in RTF template? is it working?
Any help is appreciated.

how to add a picture in the header

Hello friends,
I need to add a picture in the rtf template. I've uploaded the template into the BI Publisher... But it is not showing the picture... pls tell me what could be the reason...
its very urgent
Thanks and regards 
Hi ,
Check the below link that may helpful to you
Is that a static picture something like a logo?
Are you placing it directly in RTF or is it stored in server? 
Please help me do it both ways.. as of now i'm using the logo available in the local system 
For static images, just inserting the image in the RTF should display it in PDF output.
For dynamic images refer 
Thanks for the help Priya... and one more thing is I tried giving the date in the header region with Date:<?xdoxslt:sysdate ('dd-MM-yyyy’)?>. is it necessary that the xml output that we get should be in a specific date to include this tag.... and can i use the insert page numbers in the template directly from the menus in word... does this work in the prod instance... pls help me
You can use the word feature to display the page numbers and current date.
You can also use xdoxslt:sysdate.
I dont get this 'is it necessary that the xml output that we get should be in a specific date to include this tag'
You want to format the date from xml? Say your date element from xml has 10-DEC-2010, you want to display as 10/DEC/2010? 
thanks priya ,for the reply
I meant to ask should the xml data contain date in a specific format or there isn't any restriction...
i'd feel much happier if u explain the case that u specified in the post too? 
Yes its expected to be in canonical format i.e. YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+HH:MM, for date formatting to be applied on it.
If you just want to display it as such, then you can have it any format.
Check more on date formatting here 
thanks for the help
the data base table that i get the data from shows date this way effective_date--05-OCT-10
when I get the xml output it as 2010-10-05T16:32:48.000+05:30.
I want the date to be displayed as '05-0ct-2010' format.. what should i do in the rtf template to achieve this
please reply 
Did you refer the link I gave earlier? It has examples.
Anyways find the syntax below:
I assume EFFECTIVE_DATE is the xml tag.
This is one way of formatting dates. You can also use word formatting option on form field. Refer the link for details 
ya thanks priya for the link and for ur replies
thanks a lot 
You can place it in help text or directly in RTF too. Where the former(inside the form field) looks better formatted.

SubTemplate in eText

Using subtemplate with <?call:header?> and <?import..?> is possible in RTF. I wanted to ask, if there is any way I can implement the same in eText Templates.
I have a requirement of reading headers(common header, for many reports) from Local File Structure or in My Folder location of Oracle BIP Enterprise.
Thanks in advance.. 
i dont know it is possible to call like that or not
but you can keep the heading in etext template manually by coding it in etext template.
i have seen templates like that. 
Thanks for your reply Varma, I know creating manual header can be done in eText. Its a requirement to have a common template header and implement same in all the eText files. So that if any changes come in future, just the template needs to be changed other than all the eText files.
Does anyone else know any solution for the same ?
Thanks in advance.