Install of Analyzer 6.01 - Query & Analysis(Archived)

Has anyone out there been able to install Analyzer 6.01? I have tried well over 20 times now and unable to. I spoke to a HYSL Application consultant and he was able too, but even after a completely flatten Win2K Server SP2 install, I am unable to install. 

Yes I have installed it, a few times infact. Make sure you do the following:1) Log on to the server as a local administrator, do not log onto the domain, the install creates users and domain rights might mess things up2) Install JRE 1.3.0_02 not 1.3.1 or some other version.If you give me some details on what is happening I can assist further. ex. index page will not load, cannot log in, websphere will not integrate with iis, etc. 

I installed on my server with no problems but had much difficulty installing on my laptop. I finally got it to install after shutting of McAffee VirusScan and also disabling as many Services as possible. Services can be found within the Control Panel/Administration Tools window on Win2K. 

We needed to shut off IIS services first because some dll was getting corrupted.Also, if you're using Oracle as your repository, don't let the install do the creation and don't use the sql commands that come on the disk. Hyperion is rewriting these sql commands. 

Thanks all for responding!I found out that our license key is not compatible with the current version of 6.x. It is odd that the installer indicated that everything ran correctly, but in fact it did not install correctly (I've raised the issue with HYSL tech support). Thus, I got Analyzer 6.0.1 to install correctly by simply using the "Evaluation" option in the installer and I am asking Hyperion to generate a new license key for me.


Cannot install Oracle Express 10g on XP Home/SP2

I have a PC with XP home/SP2, 1Gig RAM, 100 gigs of disk. I am the only user, with Admin privileges.
When I d/l Oracle Express 10g, and run the executable, I get this message:
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition - InstallShield Wizard
Installer has detected an already existing XE instance on this system. Installation cannot proceed.
The obvious questions are:
is there another XE instance on the system? or
has there been another XE instance on the system in the past? or
has there been a failed attempt to install XE in the past? 
Thank you for replying. I downloaded the OE 10g a month ago, and got the same result. I have gone through the XP Control Panel Add/Delete Programs, and found no instance of Oracle. I have tried to delete the Oracle directory, but it won't let me. I don't know how to proceed. 
Hello if you cannot delete oracle directory there is simple way to do that.
a) If you have any oracle services try to stop them
b) Rename the directory
c) Reboot the system
d) Delete the directory
But this method you can do only in worst case. Usually to uninstall oracle use OUI and uninstall in a cleaner way. But as you mentioned that you got stuck in the middle where you did not see any services and you cannot delete oracle directory.
Express does not come with OUI.
On Windows it uses MS Installer (MSI) and adds the software to the 'add/remove software' part of the control panel. (ON Linux it installs via RPM.)
If you are trying to install the one from a month ago, please note that there is a new version - this one is in production and has fewer problems installing. Most of the problems are:
1) trying to install from a non-administrator account;
2) trying to install from a network administrator account;
3) trying to install without a network subsystem (laptops often turn off network subsystem when not on lan);
4) trying to install when using DHCP, and then starting up again with a different IP address;
5) trying to install with firewalls enabled;
6) trying to install on a system already using multiple Oracle products;
7) trying to install when there is another app server (eg: tomcat) or http server installed.
If you can not delete the oracle directory, something is locking it in place. Some software is running. Use Srikanth's solution. 
I booted into Safe mode, deleted the OracleXE directory successfully. Next I rebooted normally, and tried it again, got the same message about "Oracle Instance found. Terminating".
I can't believe I am the only Windows XP user who is having this problem. If the Oracle installer finds an old version, it should just write over it. I have never gotten any version of Oracle to work on any PC, and I hoped (dream on) that they had fixed such problems as these, before they announced availability to the public.
There is no installed Oracle on this system now. There is no Oracle directory present. Other than running the Install again, and getting this same stupid message, do you have any other suggestions ? 
A significant part of the beta test was to field test the new install methods. And apparently you had an unusual case. It's too bad you did not register for the XE forum and discuss the problem with us there - where the experts are.
As for blindly 'writing over it' - that is a bad choice if the thing you are writing over happens to be your corporate data. Oracle has chosen to play it safe in all cases - corp data or not - which can be a good thing, especially if you are aware of the penalties from the Sarbanes-Oxley law. (I am not quite sure how the installer would be able to decide when it's OK and when it's not OK to blindly overwrite.)
Meanwhile - to your problem ...
Are you certain there is no entry in the "Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tasks > Services" that contains the word 'Oracle' or the string 'XE'? If there is, I would 'disable' those services first and reboot.
Apparently something went seriously wrong during an earlier attempt and things in the Registry were left in a wierd state. (Such is the disadvantage of using a 'database' like the Registry without a 'rollback' or 'undo' capability.) Otherwise the system would not be remembering the previous XE installation.
So, apparently, only real solution is to clean the registry.
There is a risk of killing the XP totally so proceed only if YOU are willing to take that risk and prepared for the consequences. I certainly would not trust anyone (not even sure I'd trust me here ...) to guide me in 'brain surgery' like this - I would have all the emergency response procedures, backups, etc. in place (and tested) before proceeding.
Then I would use regedit to find and remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 'Software' entry for Oracle and remove the entire tree. And the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > 'CurrentControlSet' keys for anything Oracle. Then I'd go through the entire registry and look for anything that has the string 'Ora' and the string 'XE' and remove that.
After that, I would save and reboot. Assuming it reboots, I'd download the latest XE, read the install document at, make sure I have the correct userid & firewall & permission config as described in the doc, and try again.
Oh - and I really, really encourage you to register for the XE forum and discuss the problems there. I'm sure the majority of people here are only mildly interested in XE whereas the XE forum is dedicated to the product and trying to help with XE-specific problems.
You can register at and after registering, you can join us at Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)
There is one other note as well ... you are using XP Home. There are differences betwen XP Home and the XP Pro (which is a prereq) and I've generally had lousy success installing things that need XP Pro into an XP Home machine. Just want to make sure you are aware that the installation in XP Home could encounter problems because of the differences in the Microsoft side of this environment.

Crazy 9i install

First, something called "intelligent agent" failed to install. I uninstalled that when my install was done, then I noticed that my hard drive kept filling up until I was at a critical shortage of memory.
After looking into the situation, I realized that I have 3 oracle.exe's running and 2 Apache.exe's. Also, it turns out that the thing that fills up my memory is an Apache error log.
I've installed oracle three times now, and the same basic thing happens each time.
Anyone know what's going on? 
You are using an unknown operating system. That'll do it every time. <g>
Seriously ... how about describing
- what you got (operating system and which of Oracle's 1800 products, incl versions);
- what you are trying to accomplish (simple software install, create a new database, etc);
- what steps you took and how successful each was;
- optionally, how comfortable you are with that operating system ... and Oracle in general.
Also - shut down any Oracle related services (if Windows, look at the Services section of the Control Panel's Admin tools) 
After looking into the situation, I realized that I
have 3 oracle.exe's running and 2 Apache.exe's. Also,
it turns out that the thing that fills up my memory
is an Apache error log.
I've installed oracle three times now, and the same
basic thing happens each time. Interesting that number of installs match number of oracle.exe running. Did you uninstall/re-install or did you just re-install. 
Suggest to reimage the server and start from scratch. It is messy to try to uninstall oracle under windows environment. Also during the install, try not to create database at the same time as it complicates matter a bit. Create the database latter on using DB Configuration Assistant. Also do it through direct console. Not through remote connection. 
Thanks foryour help,
I'm using windows xp, I'm using the 9i oracle personal, I'm trying to get it to run right because I'm taking a database class, so I guess that the simplest install that would let me use sql+ would be fine.
The initial problem was that the setup exe under the main oracle folder wouldn't work, so I used the one in the install folder. After that the intelligent agent program would not load. Once I got Oracle installed and used it a couple of times, I was told that my memory was too full. I've come to realize that the problem is an error log in the apache folder that chooses random times to regenerate blindly until my hard drive is full. I've realized that I can shut the oracle and apache exes so my computer is not so bogged down, but it seems that turning anyone of their proceeses off will make it so I can't use the sql+.
I've also figured out that I can't shut oracle when my memory fills up, then throw the apache log in the bin, and restart the computer to get back to work on Oracle.
I'm comfortable with XP, I can turn processes off and fiddle with the registry if I have to. 
thanks for your help,
I uninstalled Oracle twice, took it out of the registry and dumped everything out of my computer that I could see that said oracle on it. After that I redownloaded everything and reinstalled it too. Did I forget to do something to get it off of the computer completely? 
Thanks for your help,
If I get brave enough to uninstall and reinstall it all again, I'll remember to create the database later. 
1) XP has many flavours. Are you using a real XP, or XP Home? (Installing Oracle on XP Home can be a challenge since Microsoft has removed or not made visible some of the admin controls.)
2) I personally would not use Oracle9i on XP. SInce you are looking for a simple install, I strongly encourage using the 10g Express Edition. Simpler, and uses much less resource on your machine.
3) It appears that you have several installs in various stages. The most reliable solution I can suggest would be to completely deinstall and remove all trace of Oracle from your machine - including registry. Then start again. Search this and the Install forum for 'remomve' and uninstall' to get more details - totallly cleaning a Windows machine of any software is a challenge and moreso with Oracle.

Error launching Analyzer 5.0

I have done this installation a few times. I have an Analyzer service running on an NT machine and I have installed the client for various Win2000 machines. But for these two particular machines after I finish the client installation and try to launch Analyzer client, I get the error "Table set does not have version 5.x format. Please use a version 5.x table set and restart". I'm using a central Oracle repository, version 5 which I can connect to with SQL*Plus without any problems from these two problematic machines. The Analyzer50RDBMS datasource is testing ok as well which tells me that my application should be connecting to the one and only correct repository. The error message is trying to suggest that I'm connecting to a different version of the repo. I feel like telling everyone to come and use my machine because things work well on my machine :) Please help. Thanks.

Content Server 5.0.3 Intall Error

Trying to do a clean install of Content Server 5.0.3. The installation log results in a single non-fatal error relating to the ptcs_uninstall.exe file. When running the diagnostic test, I get several errors reading []Login failed for user 'ptuser'. I've checked my database setup for this particular user and everything appears to be in order. What's strange, though, is my content server database has no tables loaded. Is the problem with my user and the install actually failed, or did the install fail and now the diagnostic test won't work because there are no tables for 'ptuser' to invoke? We have a functional 5.0.1 portal, with content server, but I was not directly involved with the install. How does the content server database get built and why am I not seeing tables like I do for collab, studio, etc.? The install instructions do not reference a sql file to launch like the other components.
Also, to try this again, I'd like to uninstall and reinstall. But because of the non-fatal error, I can not uninstall content server. How do I get content server uninstalled in order to attempt additional installs?
I installed Content Server 5.0.4 over my 5.0.3 installation, uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs, then did a clean install of 5.0.4 and everything works perfectly now.
We did the exact same thing and all is well now. I suspect a faulty installer.
I, too, am experiencing the same issues - []Login failure when attempting to connect to the SQL databases and can't uninstall. Please help!!

Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 Pro - Installation

I've been trying for hours now to figure out why I keep getting this error:
There was a problem in accessing the staging area.
Please make sure your specified values for 'Source' and
'Destination' are valid.
Well - the source is the cdrom drive where the installer is running from, so I am sure that is valid.
I have choosen to install oracle in C:\oracle\9.2
using the name OraHome90...
Any sugguestions?
Do you need to have a specific java enviroment for this to work?
Any help would be appreciated.
I have tried renaming symcjit.dll to symcjit.old and it didn't work. 
Ok - nobody speaking up on this one...
I have removed JBuilder8 Enterprise and Sun One Studio - and removed all references to these products in the registry, and that has worked....
I don't know if that should be the case - is there known conflicts with these products? If so, that would be horrible, and unacceptable. 
Any resolution? I am having the same problem. 
Problem solved:
I tried changing the TMP/TEMP environment variables to have a short path (C:\temp) per a suggestion on another post, but that still did not work for me.
What seemed to work was starting the setup.exe from the Control Panel->Add Remove Programs application rather than starting it directly from Explorer.
not sure if this is what did it or the things I was changing, but is installing now. 
FYI, I got this same error trying to install 8.1.5 onto win2k pro, because I've been back and forth trying to migrate our Forms 4.5 up to 6 and onto the web. I've installed 8i, then uninstalled, cleared out the registry, then installed 9i, but had to uninstall that because it's too soon to go to 9i yet. I had also installed Forms 6, and didn't want to have to uninstall that, too. In order to finally get the 8.1.5 installer going again, I had to remove every single registry entry that belonged to Oracle, including Forms 6. I searched on "ora", "oracle", and the names of directories. I also removed all directories and files from the computer. Once I did this, the error stopped, and now I'm finally installing again. Whew!