Essbase v5.02 patch 7 and Excel 2000 addin on Windows NT - Query & Analysis(Archived)

A few of our users are on Windows NT, using Excel 2000. When selecting the Essbase addin, they GPF.Any solutions for this problem?


Smartview add-in plugin version for Windows

I am using Smartview add-in version with Windows XP. Could you please provide the version of Smartview Addin to be used for Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2010. Thanks,Mani

Essbase Add-in for Excel XP

We're testing the 6.1 version of the Spreadsheet Add-in on the XP version of Excel. It's not allowing me to double-left-click to perform a retrieve. Is the spreadsheet Add-in supported for the XP version of Excel? Are there other problems with using the Add-in on the XP version of Excel that I will encounter?TIA!!Byron 
We have 6.1.4 or greater will support Office XP loaded on the client machine. I am not sure about Windows XP. We had to wait for 6.1.4 to release before we could deploy Office XP. Hope this helps! Later.Geoff

Office XP compatibility

What version of the Spreadsheet Add-in client is compatible with Office XP? Will this communicate with a server running Essbase OLAP Server 6.0 patch 3 on Windows 2000 Server SP2? 
Versions 6.1.4 and up and the server can be on any version (including 5). 
...are you sure? I tried loading excel addin 6.1.4 on a client machine (Win XP/Office XP) and connecting to Essbase (5.0.2) and it did not work (err msg: unrecognized command - 10075)

Essbase Excel Add-In

Does Essbase Excel Add-in work on a client who is running Windows XP and Office XP? 
We have found performance issues with version 6.1.3 and excel 2000. We have logged a case on the Hyperion website. 
Check out the support matrix for supported versions:

Is hyperion essbase compatible with office 2003 SP3?

We are using excel VBA tools and essbase in our project. Microsoft office version is 2003 SP2 in our machine. Recently we tried to use office 2003 SP3. But one of the VBA tool is throwing VBA runtime error 9 in SP3 (after connecting to the essbase). The same tool is working fine in office 2003 SP2. So my question is that is there any compatibility issue between office 2003 SP3 and essbase
Plzz help.