Oracle 6i designer repository in a 10g database - Designer

Hi All,
Is there anyone who has the 6i repository in a 10g database? On Metalink Certification, it lists as desupported. But that's probably because the designer tool is no longer certified...
Can anyone comment?

I'm just in the process of testing the upgrade of a 6i repository into a 10g one on a 10gR2 database. This means I have a 6i repos in a 10g database ... and it seems to work ok - in that I can open things and navigate around. That's just information for you syaing that it doesn't blow up with errors straightaway !

I tried use Oracle 6i in 10g !!!
In this solution i get performance problems!


Designer 6i and 10g on the same machine?

I have Designer 6i and corresponding repository on my machine.
The problem with 6i I can't save diagramm in HTML format
I believe I can save in HTML format in 10g or other?
Can I install on the same machine 10g designer?
should I configure new repository?
See my update on your earlier question.
As for running 6i and 10g on the same machine, yes you can do it. You just have to install them in separate Oracle Homes, and be careful when you tell them which version of EXP and IMP to use. There is one MAJOR caveat, however. They cannot use the same Designer Repository - 6i client won't talk to a 10g repository and 10g client won't talk to a 6i repository. You can upgrade a 6i repository to 10g with the RAU, but take a backup before you do - the only way to go back is to restore your backup. Besides, I think that if you upgrade to the last supported version of Designer 6i (you should be able to get it from MetaLink) you will get the Publish Diagrams utility.
Frankly, my opinion is that there is only one reason to stay on 6i - if you need to generate and support 6i client/server Oracle Forms. If you don't use Oracle Forms, or if you have moved on to Web Forms with the middle tier Forms Server, I'd recommend an upgrade to Designer 10g and Developer 10g. 
We are considering update designer 6i (developer suites) to 10g (latest version).
Is there any documentation out there to instruct how to do it?
Currently the majority of the forms are generated from designer 6i (Release 4.7), How difficulty to upgrade to 10g ( Can designer 6i be upgraded directly to 10g or need to go through 9i?
Thanks for your info. 
The repository installation guide has documentation on upgrading Designer 6i to 10g. The upgrade process is mostly straight forward. Ensure that you backup the repository before upgrading.
Thanks John. I ended up with installing Adobe creator for now. I believe they still use Forms client/server, but I will double check. what I can do - install 10G client on my machine on emore time (I installed it but it did not show up somehow in the start menu, note 6i was already on my machine) and install 10g repos on one one of my servers or on trhe Db on my machine where I already installed 6i repository - will have 2 repository on one database 6i and 10g? 
Hey mc,
I just saw this post from way back...Did you finish your upgrade?
My question is similar to yours. You will end up with two designer repositories at some point, i.e. one for 6i and one for 10g. Given that the upgrade project may take a while (in our case, we have applications that are using Forms 6i and we'll need to upgrade them which will take time....), did you end up having to maintain 2 repositories for a while?
Curious to know how your upgrade went...
HI Mate,
i want to upgrade the desinger 6i to 10g, can you please help me .
if can go directly go to desinger 10g, what are the upgrade options available.
do i still need to go to 91 and than go the 10g for the repository.
any links for upgrade will be appreciated 
HI Mate,
i am upgrading the desinger 6i only, so i am intrested in desinger 6i upgrade only.
we are not using forms.
do i need to still upgrade to 9i and to 10g.
just wondering if have upgraded by this time. how you guys did the desinger upgrade.
if you any docs on this pls mail me or send me some links on this.
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Designer 6i / Database Oracle 10G / Metadata on Oracle 9. Is that possible?

Dear all,
Please give me a suggestion here! We have the Developer tools 6i and will want to bring a new Oracle 10G database into Designer 6i and the metadata to be stored in 9i database. Please let me know if this is possible or should we go for higher versions of Designer.
I assume you want to install Des6i in a 9i database: that's possible.
Then you want to capture the database(definitions) from a 10g database into that Des6i version: also that's possible.
But I think it is not a supported combination...
That is correct it is not a supported combination.
Also note that Designer 6i has been desupported.
I would highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Designer. 
Thanks a lot Roel and Wickham.

howto migrate designer 1.3.2 & rdbms 7.3.4 to designer 10gr2 & rdbms 10gr2

Hi, we need to migrate designer 1.3.2 over rdbms 7.3.4 to the latest release (designer 10g release 2) over rdbms 10g release 2. the documentation is scarce and not clear, it seems we need and intermediate point (designer 6.0) and obtain designer 6i and/or upgrade 1.3.2 to 6.0 from
can you give us a migration path? what additional software do we need?
thanks in advance 
My advice is:
1. First move the repository to the 10gR2 Database.
2. Then upgrade designer to version 6 and subsequently to 10. So you need version 6 and 10 of Designer...
Hi Roel,
Thanks for your advice. How can I get version 6? There's 6i on, but no version 6.
Hi Fernando,
You should be ok going to 6i - it was a rebadged 6 (as is 10g!) There is a download on the Designer page that should do the trick. From there you can go to 10g. I'd do an export of your current repository , put it into the new DB and then use this update and then the 10g software and update : leave the current setup alone :)
Designer 6i Release 4, R1.3.2 to R6.0 Upgrade (223,992,286 bytes) - R1.3.2 to R6.0 Upgrade 
Hi Mate,
i want to upgrade Desinger 6i to 10g, questions
1) Do i need to move to 9i and than move to 10g
2) can i go straight from 6i to 10g
if i can go straight to 10g, can you please give me links or documents to
steps by step how to migrate
a) Repository
any links or doco should be greate
thanks for the help i advance.
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Hi Mate,
i want to upgrade Desinger 6i to 10g, questions
1) Do i need to move to 9i and than move to 10g
2) can i go straight from 6i to 10g
if i can go straight to 10g, can you please give me links or documents to
steps by step how to migrate
a) Repository
any links or doco should be greate
thanks for the help i advance.
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Hi mate,
i am using only Desinger6i , no forms at all just desinger6i,
need to upgrade to 10g desinger.
i have 6i Repository need to upgarde that.
any links or doco will be appericated.
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All three of your posts have the same answer :
If you search on the site you'll find information on designer upgrades.
6i to 10g should be straightforward.
Upgrading from designer 1.3.2 to 6i or later is a tough job. There were MAJOR changes to the repository between 6.0 and 6i. Most of these changes have to do with the addition of version control capabilities. Make absolutely sure that you have backed up your 1.3.2 repository before you start, so that you can go back and start over if you have to.
After backing up, I would start by moving your repository to a later version of the database. I know that 1.3.2 worked in RDBMS 8i (8.1.6 or later). I don't know if you can put it on 9i or 10g. It will help if your repository is the only application in your database. If so, you can export the entire database, and import it into a later version. If not, you will have to use RAU to export and import. Try it with the RDBMS that you want the final repository to be in. If that doesn't work, you'll have to install an earlier version of the RDBMS - I'd go for
Then, you MUST get a copy of the 1.3.2 to 6.0 upgrade utility. In 2001, Oracle gave away boxes of Internet Development Suite CDs at several user conferences, and this contains this CD. Or maybe Oracle Support can get you one if you put in a SR on Metalink. I don't know if you can still download this from OTN. This comes with pretty good instructions. Unfortunately, not everything in your repository will upgrade properly, especially if you used the Web Server Generator. Depends on exactly what is in your repository.
Once you are successfully at 6.0, back it up. Then install Designer 6i and use it's RAU to upgrade to 6i repository. Once again, you may have problems depending on what is in your repository. At this point, if you are not on the RDBMS version that you want to use for your final repository, you can probably move it - 6i repositories will run on RDBMS 9i and 10g.
From 6i, the hard part is over. There are changes and bug fixes between 6i and 10g repositories, but they are incremental, not major. All you really need to do is back up the repository, install the version of Designer that you want to use, and use RAU to upgrade the repository. 
When migrating from Designer 6.0 to Designer 10g R2, we needed to go through a two-step process due to incompatibility of the database versions. D6 was running on Oracle 8.1.5 - the earliest 10g-compatible version was, I think - so we created an intermediary Designer repository on and then migrated from there to Designer 10g R2 (on Oracle 10g) this way.

Upgrade Designer 6i release 4.8 to Designer 10g

Hi All,
Can anybody send me the steps to tell me that how can i upgrade designer 6i release 4.8 to designer 10g (client & server sides)?
Best Regards, 
Further information about the environment :
- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi.
- Client machine's OS : Windows XP 
First upgrade the client. This is a simple upgrade,
After that, start up the repository administration utility (RAU) as the repository owner and press the [upgrade] button.
Regards Erik 
Hi Erik,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll try and let you know.
Thanks & Regards,
Before you update the repository be sure to have made a copy of your repository.
You are using Designer 6i but do you use Webforms or still the client version of Forms ? 9i Webforms has cleaned out functionality for the client, so if you migrate from 6i to 10g be sure that you don't use client functionality. There is a whitepaper on otn which describes what features are obsolete ( [|] ).
I don't know in which version of the database your designer is in, but there are some know issues regarding Have a look at the post: Oracel Designer Application Design Transformer hangs at 65% for more information.
I also don't know which version of the database you did use with 6i, but when you go to 10gR2 ( your database will be cost based. Take time to test your Forms and queries. If they still perform the same, there is no problem.
Note: an upgrade is not very difficult, but it takes a lot of time testing and rework so the functionality stays the same. 
Hi Mark,
Thank you for ur usefull response.
I'm using forms 10g on Oracle database 10gR2, the desinger database is Oracle Database 10g as well. I already upgraded the application from forms 6i to forms10g.
Hi All,
I've got the following error message when i was trying to login after I installed designer 10g on my clinet machine (???-21705 The .msb message file for product "Unknown", utility "CDR" couldn't be found). I entered same desinger6i user name, password and connect string. 
Which repository do you connect to? Your 10g repository or the 6i repository?
Is the repository already upgraded to 10g? Did you connect with the RAU (repository administration utility) and upgrade the repository to 10g.
Did you change your language settings for your client inside the registry? NLS_LANG, DEVELOPER_NLS_LANG.
When you installed your Developer Suite did you select other languages as well?
Have you checked your windows PATH to see which version of your Oracle product is first inside the PATH variabele. 
Hi Mark,
Thanks mark for your prompt reply
I tried to use my client side designer 10g to connect to same database i used to use. I didn't upgrade my repository to 10g yet. I didn't change any of the client machine settings.
Did you get the message when you connected with the rau (repository administration utility) to the Designer database or did you get the message with another tool?
When you did not upgrade the repository database it is not possible to connect with i.e. the RON of the developer suite 10g. The RON will detect a version difference and will give you an error. The RAU can connect to the older version of the repository and by pressing the upgrade button you can upgrade your designer database. Be carefull when upgrading the repository, make a backup first and after upgrading your older development suite (6i) can not connect to it anymore. 
The error message you are getting is usually related to a client installation issue, not a repository issue. It could mean that your ORACLE_HOME has not been set properly if you have more that one ORACLE_HOME - like if you have Oracle Client installed as well as Oracle Developer Suite.
Or did you install JUST Oracle Designer? While you used to be able to install Oracle Designer stand-alone, now you MUST install the entire Oracle Developer Suite. If you don't, that could be the cause of your error.
For either of these problems, you may need to uninstall everything and re-install, this time making sure that you install the whole Oracle Developer Suite, and then any patch set needed.
Once you have your client installed properly, you will probably need to upgrade your repository, just as others have said. So once installation issues have been addressed, the first tool you will want to run is RAU - just to check the repository. 
Hi All,
I got the error while i was trying to connect to RAU. I have more than Oracle home. Oracle database, forms 6i and Forms10g are installed on my machine in different three homes. I've created a new oracle home for the new desinger 10g installation.
When starting the RAU please be sure that you include the path. i.e. when you have installed 10gR2 in c:\oracle\ds10gr2 be sure that is c:\oracle\ds10gr2\bin is in front of the command. forms6i and forms10g are inside your windows path and depending on which is first, your command will start and since the two version won't work together you can have trouble starting the application. 
That may be the problem. Designer 10g needs to be installed in the same Oracle Home as Forms 10g, and of course in compatible versions - ie. the entire Developer Suite, including Forms 10g, Reports 10g, and Designer 10g.

P4's /Oracle 9i/Designer 6i Repository Creation Problems

I am currently running Windows 2000 Professional on a new P4. I was unable to install Oracle 8.1.6 so have installed Oracle 9i and Designer 6i.
I have not been able to get a Repository built with this combination of hardware/software.
Can anyone tell me if Designer 6i will run against Oracle 9i?
If not when will Designer 9i be available for download?
I4m having a very similar problem with the same installation, but on a P2. Repository installation displays several errors (unable to grant, create indexes, etc on certain tables) and when I run designer logging with the user for which I created the repository it tells me that it is not a valid repository user.
Any insight??
As I understand: 6i Release 4.1 works with Oracle EE 8.1.7, 6i Release 4.1.1 works with Oracle 9i.
4.1 and 4.1.1 are both identical in terms of functioanlity and there is no need to use 4.1.1 unless you are running 9i.
Hi all,
Just to clarify, please see
Dominic Battiston
Designer/JDeveloper Product Management
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