OTN Subscription - Community Feedback (No Product Questions)

Hi all,
Our company used to have an Oracle subscription. We used to pay a annual fee and Oracle would send us the developer edition of the latest Oracle products on CD. However, we unsubsribed in year 2003 and now I could not seem to be able to find out where to subscribe again.
My questions are:
1. Is this subscription part of OTN subscription?
2. Where can I subscribe again? Who should I contact? BTW, we are located in Ontario, Canada.
3. I understand there are free downloads on OTN, but we still prefer CD. Is there any option to order the developer edition of the latest Oracle Products on CD?
Thanks a lot.
Zhicheng Liang 

Sorry, this program ("TechTracks") is no longer available. CDs ("Media Packs") are available under a Trial License from the Oracle Store: http://oraclestore.oracle.com.
Cheers, OTN


Where can I download the Oracle 8.1.7

Where can I download the Oracle 8.1.7? I know it is not available in the Oracle official website. I try to find it in the OTN website also but I can't. If you know, please let me know the hyperlink of downloading the software. I am an OCP member and I am notified from other forums that I can download it from the Oracle Intrenet website. Can anyone give me the link? 
Hi, samouhk
Oracle 8i has been desupported for a long time and when Oracle desupports products it no longer makes them available for download. The earliest version you will be Oracle9i.
Bill Chadbourne 
You can contact your Oracle Sales rep, and ask them to assist you in getting a copy.
You can open a Service Request with Oracle Support, to request a copy of the software.
You can contact your local Oracle user group to see whether one of the friendly locals has a copy you can borrow.
You can always monitor eBay for the occasional set of CDs. (For example, 8.0.5 for Solaris appeared today.)
However, as far as I know, once it has become obsolete you simply can not download it from an Oracle site.

Oracle 11g freeware or shareware

I want to install Oracle 11G on RedHat, so I wander if it's a free product ? if not why we can download and install it without ? a registration key ?
Thanks for explaining.
The license agreement is here - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/licenses/standard-license-152015.html
In short, you can download and use for free for personal learning and development purposes. Any commercial use will require the purchase of a license. Also, free software does not give you access to patches that you may require as part of your activities.
I want to install Oracle 11G on RedHat, so I wander if it's a free product ? if not why we can download and install it without ? a registration key ?You can download and install the software and use it for free for 30 days -- See "Electronic Delivery Trial License Agreement" at http://edelivery.oracle.com for details.
Upon 45 days written notice, Oracle may audit your use of the Programs. You agree to cooperate with Oracle's audit and provide reasonable assistance and access to information. You agree to pay within 30 days of written notification any underpaid fees. If you do not pay, Oracle can end your technical support, licenses and/or this Agreement.

Download or Buy OTN Tech Tracks

I am a newbie to oracle and wanna learn it.
My questions are:
If I'm gonna download from your website does it mean that I'm only allowed to use the software for 30 days? or simply the software will not work auto after the trial period?
If I'm going to buy the OTN tech tracks CD does it mean that I can use the software for a year or two?
Thanks for your questions...
Firstly, the software that you can get from OTN is not "time bombed" and is same whether you get a physical CD or download.
Secondly, the license covering software from OTN is the OTN "Developer" license. Please make sure you read all[] of the license before accepting. In summary the OTN developer license allows you to "...use the programs only for purposes of developing and prototyping your applications, and not for any other purpose...".
The OTN "Developer" license again covers both the OTN software downloads AND the software CD's that are part of the OTN tech tracks.
I hope this helps - OTN Team

Licence question

Hi all,
Is it acceptable to use media sourced from elsewhere
(other than download site) or would this breach the
licence agreement for the otn download? Does the
download contain a restricted release of the software?
I have access to media distributed under commercial
licences but wish to install on home pc for my own
non commercial use. If I stick with the same versions
released on this site is this ok?
All software from OTN (whether CD or download) is to be used according to the terms of the OTN development license at: http://otn.oracle.com/software/htdocs/devlic.html
The software we provide is full production code with no time restrictions.
Thanks for the reply. However my question really relates
to sourcing the CD's from somewhere else OTHER THAN otn.
I assume if I install the same versions as available from
otn this will not be in conflict with the licence agreement (as long as used as specified within the
I think the Oracle Store might be an exception - since they have a 30 day trial license. If you use other media according to the terms of the OTN development license agreement you should be fine.


As a developer, I want to learn Oracle database, JDeveloper and other Oracle products.
If I download these, are these Free Licenses?
What License agreement I have with Oracle for these downloads?
when you download a software from OTN, you must read and accept the OTN licensing terms. OTN licensing terms are displayed prior to downloading a software.
hope this proves useful