How to find siteid? - Real-Time Collaboration (Integration Services)(Archived)

I want to change my default real-time collboreation page. It must use "rtcctl> setProperty -pname AddInDownloadEnabled -siteId 104056 -pvalue false". But I cann't find the siteid.


Java Portlet States manipulation

Good day
I created 2 Java portlets from existing classes.
The 'Can Maximize' and 'Can Minimize' attributes of the one portlet is set by default to 'true', and the other one's is set to false.
I can change these attributes for the portlet whose default was 'false'. However, these attributes of the portlet whose default was set to 'true' can not be changed. It allows me to change it to false and save it. But, once I close and re-open it, the value was changed back to 'true'.
Is there a way that I can set the default during creation? Or what do I need to do to change it permanently?
Hi Riana
For JSR Portlets, the State information (Maximize, Minimize etc ) is stored in weblogic-portlet.xml file which should be under your web-inf folder. By default if Maximize, Minimize is true, there are no entries in this file. But if any of these states is set to false, then there is a tag something like this:
So if you want the portlet NOT to have Permanently Maximize and Minimize states, you can manually add above tags in weblogic-portlet.xml file for your particular JSR Portlet. If you want them to be true, no entries are needed in this file.
Ravi Jegga 
Thanks Ravi
That solved it!

Change the Book Property from Admin Portal Console

I need to change one of the Book Property "Return to Default Page" set as true to false from Admin portal console. Is there any way to acheive this?
Is it a Good IDEA to update the DB table to change this property? Or can we change this code wise? I was not able to see any options via BookBackingcontext to change this property at runtime for this particular Book.
Please give some pointers.
Thanks in advance
You can not do it that way and messing up with DB can create a proble, So start your serber change the property in your .portal file and publish the application.
After this DB gets updated and you will see the results.
Samit Grover

What does fuego.workspace.WAPISessionIdValidation.enabled=false means.

What doesn fuego.workspace.WAPISessionIdValidation.enabled=false mean.
In file, if we don't set fuego.workspace.WAPISessionIdValidation.enabled=false/true...what is the default value it takes.
-Sreekant P 
That property is used to disable session validation when invoking an Global using WAPI ( Web HTML API).

Change the 'Original Definition’ for 'Rendered'

Dear all,The customer found the worklist missing from the home page and personal worklist page.They run the below steps:1. Log in the application home page2. click on ‘Personalize Page’3. click on ‘Personalize’ pencil on ‘Table: Notification List’4. They found the ‘Original Definition’ for ‘Rendered’ is ‘false’.5. They have to change the value to ‘true’ at the site level.The customer want to know how to change ‘Original Definition’ to ‘true’.Any reply is highly appreciated.Best regards,Angela
I don't know the reason behind setting the original value as 'false'. May be setting it to true programatically based on some condition? If the original is false, to make it true, what you have done is the correct approach. The other option to change the original definition is to take the page, change it and import back into the database. But this will get replaced when a patch is applied which has this page modified. So not a recommended approach. CHeersAJ

renderContainer tag set to false removes the editDefaults header ?

Appreciate your input here.
Not sure, if I missed something?
To enable my control of the portlet header/footer and to
hide/show a portlet based on my logic, I set the <renderContainer> tag to false. That worked fine, but for some reason removed the header/footer of the editDefaults page of these portlets as well? Is that normal ??
To be on the safer side, I added another tag
<renderCustomize> for each of the portlets and set it to true.
However, I the problem still exists - No banners/(apply,ok,cancel) etc in all of my editDefault pages.
What am I doing wrong? I am using the Dec download of JPDK.
-Ananth Makaram 
Hi Ananth,
If you set <renderContainer> tag as false, it'll remove the header/footer for all the modes (including APPLY, OK & CANCEL buttons in edit mode).
If you want to render the headers/footers (of portal) in few modes you can use the utility methods available in oracle.portal.provider.v1.http.HttpPortletRendererUtil
For rendering the headers and footers in edit mode,
use renderCustomizeFormHeader and renderCustomizeFormFooter methods inside renderBody() of your edit renderer.
Well, I thought setting the renderContainer to false removes the banner,etc for ALL modes except the editDefaults mode, because you could control the editDefaults user interface by setting the renderCustomize node to true.
Is that a wrong assumption ?
-Ananth Makaram 
RenderManager class does not render 'header' and 'footer' for any of the modes , if '<renderContainer>' tag is set false.
If you set <renderContainer> to true and <renderCustomize> to false, the RenderManager class(Assuming your show,edit renderers extend it) renders the header & footer for all modes, except edit and editDefaults.
By default , <renderCustomize> is true and the tag is optional. Only if the user wants to render his own customization form (in edit mode) he needs to set this as false.
In addition to having to render the EditDefaults header/footer manually, I found that the action parameter name wasn't correctly set when I created the header. And there was no way to get it correct short of hacking it together myself. Apparently, portal expects it to have a specific format, but that isn't the same as the default. To save everyone some time, here is what I found to work:
// prep for rendering header/footer (xml set container NOT to, so have to handle this EVERYWHERE!
PortletContainerRenderer cntr = new DefaultContainerRenderer();
PrintWriter pout = new PrintWriter(out);
Map parms = new HashMap();
parms.put(PortletContainerRenderer.PORTLET_TITLE, "Edit Forum Defaults");
// This is such a HACK; but, the JPDK expects this, but doesn't defaultly use it...dirty rats.
String htmlActionParm = "JPDK_ACTION_" + pReq.getPortletInstance().getInstanceName();
parms.put(PortletContainerRenderer.ACTION_PARAM_NAME, htmlActionParm);
// render the title
cntr.renderEditDefaultsHeader(pReq, pout, parms);