Voice chat in the same network - Real-Time Collaboration (Integration Services)(Archived)

I can chat with a man who is in the different network - extranet - via voice streaming.
But, I can't use voice streaming with a man who is in the same network - intranet.
How to solve this problem?
What's wrong? 

please check the personal firewall on your clients.
voice chat will try to make a peer-to-peer connection if possible, if not it tries to make a connection to the ocs server and if that fails it tunnels the stuff over http /https ........


How to configure listener across firewall and router

I am trying a test to see if the following scenario will work and I am looking for insight because I am not getting anywhere fast....
I have a computer on an internal network running oracle 9iR2. This computer has a web server exposed through a router/firewall with port 80 open. I want to open port 1521 and make the oracle listenser available to someone outside my network. The client only has internet access through their ISP. Basically it would be like hitting the web server over the internet. I am not sure if it is possible to use SQL*Plus to connect to a database server using the name of the router (www.company.com) and have the Oracle database available. 
Hi Jeremy!
The simple answer is: "It depends"
In theory it should work as a normal HTTP port. However SQLNet behaves differnetly. The listener will have a port redirection so your incoming port is 1521 but you have no control over the outgoing port.
Then the various hops on the Internet might block the 1521 port or the return port.
I have never seen a setting like yours. I have serious doubts that this will work.
I have serious doubts that this will work.This sould working definitely. But this question is more related to networking than DBA.
So this action (and aalso analysis) must be done by somebody who are responsible for (and unsterstand) routing and firewall administration.
This "networking person" (credited as somebody before) must prevent unauthorized access to your DB and also prevent sniffing (for example your 3rd parties will be connected via IPSEC connection). 
Hi Ivan!
With 'serious doubts' I meant that there are a lot of issues to solve (eg network settings) that are outside the scope of a company as they have to rely on some ISP's or other parties involved.
In this specific case imagine that the client has an ISP that only allows traffic on 80 and 443 but not 1521. This is not something the local DBA or network admin can solve.
I'm not talking about home connection type and also I am not talking about small (home made) ISPs. I'm talking about bussines solutions as leased lines and so on...
In this specific case imagine that the client has an ISP that only allows traffic on 80 and 443 but not 1521.As I said above I'm not talking about "home" connection solutions.

others on  www acces htmldb on my pc

I know this is a very silly question. But I really don't know. I have my application server running on my pc and I can Access htmldb at
http://mycomputername:7778/pls/htmldb But how others on www can access this ? what are the steps I need to do? I am not really going setup like that but would like to know
This is really a networking, firewall, etc configuration question. If your computer is accessible to the public Internet (unlikely), that same URL would work for anyone. More likely, your internal network is one of the designated non-routable networks (for example 192.168.x.x for a Class B network). You would, typically, have a Internet-facing public firewall that routes traffic. You would (again, typically) set up port forwarding or proxy services on that firewall to access your PC.
All this is way off-topic for this forum, consult your network administrator for details.

Network: Voice streaming

Is it possible to have Messenger Voice streaming transit through 443 ? The install guide states that one can tunnel RTC communication (webconf and messenger) into HTTPS/443 to avoid firewalls problems, is it possible with voice also or do we have so stick with port 3478 ??

intranet vs. internet cloud hosting - cons and pros

can anyone share cons and pros for intranet vs internet APEX cloud hosting...
Thanks in advance 
any one...? 
One thing is security.
It is usually more secure when your servers are in intranet and can not be access by everybody on internet
Yes I agree. We can mandate that users have to use a vpn connection with a static ip
to connect to that server domain name and port number. So they have to have a password to connect to the router and the traffic is more protected from attack than simple ssl.
vpn's only work to your vpn router. If the traffic keeps on going to a thirdparty hosting site then it is likely
not protected by the vpn. In particular if a thirdparty is hosting ads or whatever services that are not using
ssl then that can open a window of vulnerability (remember firesheep?)
Another issue would be dns attacks. If you don't control the domain names in question it is more likely
that they could be messed with, in that the "further away" they are kept organizationally speaking, the
less assurance you have that someone couldn't create a spoofing scenario.
Last but not least if the data is going in your database you know where it is going. If the data and the
programs too are going in someone else's database then that raises all kinds of issues about access,
what if they start charging more, what if they decide to quit, what if they decide to upgrade and make all
our stuff obsolete (it'll be on their timetable not yours).
Once everyone notices that it is hosted outside your company it'll be easier to ask why they are paying
your salary :-(

wireless, without the internet?

I am new to the whole wireless world and we are about to start a wireless project. It seems 9iAS Wireless accepts requests from it's webserver over the Internet.
For our Project, our salesmen will never be more than around 30 meters from our server so we have no real requirement for using the internet for our comms carrier.
Does anyone know anything about setting up communication between PDA's and a server to get 9iAS Wireless working? Is a wireless LAN the way to go?
Any feedback on this topic would be appriciated.
I have answered my own question.
Of course a WLAN is the way to go. We will probably use a "Wi-Fi" (802.11b) network card, one of the server and on each PDA. This will give us around 100 meters of range!