Problem with users in pick list - Real-Time Collaboration (Integration Services)(Archived)

We have a new installation of the RTC when we go to pick users to invite for meetings we can only see those that have logged into the web conferencing site, even though there are other users in the Oracle Collaboration Suite Users group. 

What I suspect is happening here is the pick list is only showing users that have attempted to use imeeting.
Why does this happen? : when a user logs into webconferencing web site you are redirected to sso. The sso details are then Xfred to the RTC repository and the user details are stored there for future use. The user information in the RTC repository and SSO should always be in sysnc.
How do you correct this? : Get the users to login to the imeeting application for the first time then you will most likely have them in the pick list.
I have not tested this but suspect that is the issue.
Andrew soutar.

also try this


Single Sign-on and external applications

Someone might be able to point me in the right direction about this.
I have registered each of my applications as external applications within Oracle Portal in order to avail of single sign-on.
This is fine to a point, but registering applications in this way still requires the user to enter a username and password once in order to login to the application the first time they use it, even though they have already logged into the Portal. As long as the user doesn't log out of the application they can close their browser and when they come back to the application they are still logged in.
None of the applications I use are oracle partner applications.
My problem is that I want to avoid the user having to log in to the application the first time they use it.
Ideally they should login to Portal once and then any subsequent applications they access, they are automatically logged into them without having to enter a username and password.
Is there a way to do this or will I have to write a custom login for each application to circumnavigate this first time using the application login issue ?
Are there any docs that someone could point me at.
Many thanks,

Guest access to Collaboration 3.0 calendar portlets

I need to allow guest access to several calendar's using the Collaboration 3.0 calendar portlet (v5.0.2 .NET based portal). I thought it would be as simple as giving the guest account read-only access, but the "Guest" account isn't available for selection when trying to add a user. Next I tried giving access to a group that the guest belonged to, but that didn't work either. I continue to receive the message "WARNING Your portal session has expired. Login again." I did try searching on this and while the 1.0 Collaboration server doc's mention that the guest account cannot use the portlets, there isn't any reference in the 3.0 docs to this. Does anyone have a fix for this?
Bringing back a post from the dead here. While I know it is not possible for guests to access Collaboration pages, where is the "Warning Your portal session has expired. Login again." message saved so we can edit the text to be more user friendly? We have several users who aren't quite bright enough to understand the meaning of the message and I need to change it.
I am not positive this will work, but it is how we started granting the guest account access to other portal items. Creat a group called Guest User Group. Don't grant the group any special activity rights and don't set any parent groups. You will not be allowed to add the guest user to the group, you can however edit the guest user's group membership. Select Default Profiles from the Select Utility drop down. Then choose the Guest user and under gorup membership, add the Guest User Group. After that is complete, grant the guest user group access to whatever is needed. I look forward to hearing if this solved your problem.
Thanks, Berney
Anybody from Plumtree reading out there that can help with this? Basicly I need to be able to do the same thing as what is done on this site (non-logged in guest able to access the Collaboration Server calendar portlet).
Anybody? Would it be better that I just open a support ticket on this?
Thanks Berney. I did try going that route, but appears this is a Collaboration Server specific issue with regards to guest account access.

SSO/OID Portlets

well we still have problems with our URL forwarding and we found that may be we can confgure that in the SSO Server Administration Portlet BUT! I can't see it it is in the repository but not as a link and when I check in my Portal Administer tab from the builder it is a portlet but and is displayed but it doesn't show anything!!!
why is that happening? and how can I solve it? 
SSO Server Administration portlet will show your current partner and external applications registered with SSO.
You should log on as portal user or some other powerful user to see links.
However, I dont know if you are looking for it for URL redirection or changing hostname for your infra.
well i'm using PORTAL user
is there a user with more privileges??? 
No. If you are checking it with portal user without modifying its privileges than you should be able to see the links.
There is an alternate way to access same information. Go to your login server and see your partner applications there. Login server is the home of SSO and can be accessed with this url composition:
login as portal user.
As I said before, I do not know what would you like to do (redirection of URLs or changing infra-hostname), so I am not recommending any editings here, because it has implications. Besides, ptlconfig takes care of all the delicate balances and these entries.
SSO Server Administration portlet will show your current partner and external applications registered with SSOWell, not the external applications..., is not, at least, which is annoying to say the least

External Application error

I have a 4 tier portal website as described below -
1. tier 1 -> client
2. tier 2 -> webcache
3. tier 3 -> OHS
4. tier 4 -> portal instance
The portal is configured in SSL mode. everything works fine.
All the users of the portal have certificates for authentication except for PORTAL user.
Here is what I did next.
1. Logged into portal as user PORTAL
2. Created a external application (customer survey). This external application has its own user repository in some Oracle database.
3. Clicked on external application and logged into it.
4. Works fine.
5. I log out of portal and log back in as PORTAL user and I see that I am logged into the external application. Works fine.
6. I log out of site again and this time I log back in with my certificate.
7. When i click the External Application (from the external application portlet), I get a error WWC-00000.
8. I logged out of portal and logged back in as user PORTAL and everything works fine.
GIST - whenever I log into the portal as user PORTAL (no certifcate), I can access the external application. But, whenever I log into portal with my certificate, I DO NOT get access to the external application. it errors out.
I have to integrate about 15 such external applications.
What is happening here ....? ideas anyone ...? Why would the user not have access with the certificates.
Thanx a bunch.
Hero, is the add/change external application screen appearing? to add the appropriate username/password for the certificate user. 
When a user logs in with certificate and clicks the external application link, the user is presented with WWC-00000 error.
I also tried the following.
Typed the SSO homepage URL in the browser -
https://<servername>:4443/pls/orasso and tried logging in with the client certificate and it errored out.
When I tried logging into SSO, as PORTAL user - I could log in with no problems.
Pls let me know if u need more info.
Ideas anyone ? 
Hero, it sounds potentially like a bug in SSO dealing with certificate-based authentications in the external applications area. I would recommend you file a TAR so that it can be followed-up with a bug in SSO development. Even if it's not a bug, a TAR will be necessary for the SSO team to look at it.

User Provisioning to Web Conferencing

In order to see our registered OCS users within the Directory Search within the Schedule Meeting functionality of Web Conferencing, we're having to have the users login and access Web Conferencing. What is the synch process that must be run in order to get OID entries to populate RTC_USERS?
Starting with OCSR2 Patchset release, the user sync will be done using OID DIP mechanism. In the meatime if you want to populate all OID users in the RTC user system, you can run the following command. $ORACLE_HOME/imeeting/bin/imtloadusers. If you run without any parameters, it will show you the usage. 
Thank you