License - Downloads Issues

As a developer, I want to learn Oracle database, JDeveloper and other Oracle products.
If I download these, are these Free Licenses?
What License agreement I have with Oracle for these downloads?

when you download a software from OTN, you must read and accept the OTN licensing terms. OTN licensing terms are displayed prior to downloading a software.
hope this proves useful


Downloads for training

Hi, we are recorded in a course of training about Oracle 9i Enterprise. Our professor said us to download the software from OTN that could be free for this purpose.
Please, could you confirm us if we can use this free software downloaded, according to the indicated in this site (OTN: Download and use free software for development purposes (read license terms)). Only we will use it to practice PL/SQL, instalation and tuning not for commercial development purpose.
Thanks a lot for your answer. 
Yes, that is confirmed. For your purposes (user education) this software is free.
Cheers, OTN

free development version of Spatial available?

This must be common question:
Is a free development version of Spatial available for download?
Else are the home use plans possible? Or I'll just play with my account at work...
Many Thanks,
Lee G. 
Hello Lee
This is what Oracle Database Express Edition is all about.
I believe the functionality, for Spatial, is this of what is supported in Oracle Locator.
If you search this forum on XE or express edition you should find some threads on what is supported and what not from a development centric point of view.
XE has ..a "bare bones" Spatial functionality in it. You can use XE for more than just development. See the terms and conditions of the XE license (download the product from this site and read the conditions).
If you want access to the full Spatial functionality - GeoRaster, LRS, SAM, Topology etc - in order to develop a product, you can download the full Enterprise Edition from this site and develop that application using it. That is the great gift of the Oracle Technology Network.
Thanks for the info.
Let me be more exact, I just got the tome "Pro Oracle Spatial". It says I need for the book:
- Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Spatial installed
- Oracle MapViewer (a part of Oracle Application Server 10g)
is this possible to get from the OTN? Note: This is strictly for educational purposes!
Many Thanks,
Lee G. 
For educational and development purposes such use is allowed under the license agreement and terms that cover a download from TechNet.
Go to the relevant download page on this site and initiate the download. But, don't take my word that your use is valid: read the terms before agreeing to abide by them.
Bottom line is 'yes'.
If you go to and click on the Download link/tab at the top of the page, you will find links to nearly all of Oracle software.
The software you can download is exactly the same as used by Oracle customers in production. No limitations or time bombs. There are 2 catches:
1) You do not get patches unless you have a support agreement, since Oracle normally does not upload newer or patched versions onto their download site;
2) You agree to a specific license just before the download, and Oracle provides about 5 different licenses.
Most of the download licenses state that you agree not to use the software in production, but you can use it as long as you want for evaluation - and I consider learning as part of evaluation.
Oracle's objective with the license seems to be:
"Take the software for free, but if you earn or save money from the software, share that money (up front) with Oracle."

Download or Buy OTN Tech Tracks

I am a newbie to oracle and wanna learn it.
My questions are:
If I'm gonna download from your website does it mean that I'm only allowed to use the software for 30 days? or simply the software will not work auto after the trial period?
If I'm going to buy the OTN tech tracks CD does it mean that I can use the software for a year or two?
Thanks for your questions...
Firstly, the software that you can get from OTN is not "time bombed" and is same whether you get a physical CD or download.
Secondly, the license covering software from OTN is the OTN "Developer" license. Please make sure you read all[] of the license before accepting. In summary the OTN developer license allows you to "...use the programs only for purposes of developing and prototyping your applications, and not for any other purpose...".
The OTN "Developer" license again covers both the OTN software downloads AND the software CD's that are part of the OTN tech tracks.
I hope this helps - OTN Team

Licence question

Hi all,
Is it acceptable to use media sourced from elsewhere
(other than download site) or would this breach the
licence agreement for the otn download? Does the
download contain a restricted release of the software?
I have access to media distributed under commercial
licences but wish to install on home pc for my own
non commercial use. If I stick with the same versions
released on this site is this ok?
All software from OTN (whether CD or download) is to be used according to the terms of the OTN development license at:
The software we provide is full production code with no time restrictions.
Thanks for the reply. However my question really relates
to sourcing the CD's from somewhere else OTHER THAN otn.
I assume if I install the same versions as available from
otn this will not be in conflict with the licence agreement (as long as used as specified within the
I think the Oracle Store might be an exception - since they have a 30 day trial license. If you use other media according to the terms of the OTN development license agreement you should be fine.

Question about OTN

I've been reading about it, but I'm not completly sure about what it means. If you are a member, could you downloads demos for free? Which are the terms of the license? My porpuose is not a commercial one, I'm a student and I really want to know if it's legal having the downloaded products intalled. 
You can download and use fully enabled versions (not demos) of Oracle software from OTN provided that it is only for the purpose of developing and prototyping your own applications.
See the Developer License terms at