Instant Client Downloads for Linux x86 not Working - Instant Client(Archived)

Clicking on:
just return a question mark and not the files at the moment.

Works OK for me at present.
-- CJ

Still doesn't work for me.
Are you using the download-uk mirror too?

I'm just clicking the links in your post. It's still
working for me as of a few minutes ago

Thanks for trying again. It is a cookies issue. If I use Opera (and allow cookies not from the originating web site) I can download the files.
Still can't get it working with my normal Mozilla. I've tried deleting all cookies that look relevant and navigating through from
Oh well, back to do some PostgreSQL ;)

I'm glad you could get Instant Client to download. What are you doing with Instant Client? What is your experience so far? 

I can't download from the UK or US links. I just get a page with "?". Using mozilla firefox 0.8. 

As stated in an earlier post, apparently mozilla does not work downloading. Try using another browser, such as Opera, which the previous poster suggested. Let us know if it works then.


Oracle Migration Workbench

I'm not able to download the new Oracle Migration Workbench. Apparently the link:
is broken.
TIA, Fabio Grassi. 
This link was corrected - please find the updated URL's at:
Thanks, it works smoothly now. I din't even have to fill in the survey again. THanks again, Fabio Grassi. 
Dear OTN support team,
well, it's broken again 
what is broken? provide exact URL or steps you follow as well as error message.
Please note that the URL posted on this inital report is not correct, follow the second one, here it is again:
then select windows or Linux version. agree to license and it should download. If not, provide exact steps as well as try different browsers, also clear caches, etc.
I used the exact url that you provided as the corrected url and I get a server closed connection error when I try to download from the east server 
it did not work this morning. It is working now. 
ok, what brower are you using on which OS? did you try to clear caches and switch browsers? I assume error happens after you accept the license agreemnt (5 checkboxes) right? 
and ones for related plug-ins are down again. (IE: 
As of this morning, the SQL Server 2000 plug-in (at least -- it's the only one I need) is still down. 
Can you let us know if any or all of these links work for the SQL Server 2000 plug-in work for you:
[url]Download east
[url]Download west
[url]Download UK 
I am having the same problem the others have reported. I've tried doing the download of the Workbench and the SQL Server 2000 plug-in, and in both cases I get a server not found error. I tried all three access points you mentioned (east, west, UK), and all failed. 
Please ignore my last comment. I just got the downloads to work. I don't know what I did wrong before or what I did right this time. 
Sorry guys but I have the same problem.
I get all the way to the URL that ends with then get error unable to load page. I've tried IE, Mozilla, FireFox, XP and Linux and I filled out the survey too many times.
What is the secret, I have had no problems getting 10g?? 
I had the same problem and after trying all possible way I went back to the link above and downloaded
I think the secret is that Oracle must dropp a cooky to your computer after sign-in and answering questions. Once the cooky is there the link above will work.

SVG Viewer not working

I installed Oracle 10g ( and the HTML Server and HTML DB from the companion CD.
I then started looking at some of the examples and even create a quick application myself based on a single table. Any time I wanted to look at something that used an SVG Chart, I didn't see it, but rather a message telling me to install SVG Viewer. So I installed it (3.03).
When it still didn't work, I checked my browser version (IE 6.0.2800.1106) and according to that, I believe it should be able to work.
I noticed there was a new version of HTML DB ( so I downloaded that and ran it to upgrade my installation.
Still no go.
One thing to note...if I go to the adobe test page, it works correctly.
Is there a security setting that is preventing this from working in any HTML DB app?
Maybe IE has a security setting that is disabling plugins?
Strange things happen nowadays as IE puts out it's security patchs. Do you have the same problem on if you try and look at a chart?
Thanks for the reply. I wondered the same thing (about the security on Active X controls). I did look through the preferences and everything I saw that said Active X was either prompt or enable. I tried changing them all to enable and that didn't seem to make a difference, so I changed them back.
In regards to the page, I have the same issue. So it's got to be something in the way the application works vs some kind of setting. If the adobe test page didn't work, it would make a bit more sense. :)
Hey Chad,
I had some issues a while back with SVG, and this is the thread that dealt with it. Not sure if it's your issue, or if it will help, but here is the link..
SVG viewer under Mozilla Firefox not working
Good Luck
Hey Chad,
Some weirdness added to the end of that link.. Sorry. Here is the unadulterated link:
SVG viewer under Mozilla Firefox not working
About half way down, there is a link:
that held the most relevant stuff for me to fix my installation.
Hope it helps,
-- cliff 
I've read through the other threads. Most of them appeared to be talking about Non-IE browsers, but I gave the suggestions a try anyway. No go.
Next, I uninstalled 3.03 of the viewer and installed the version 6 beta. Again, the test page at Adobe works fine, but ANY Oracle HTMLDB page with an SVG chart does not work. 
Well I'm not sure what is going on with IE. But I just installed Firefox 1.06, copied the plugin file to the plugin directory and that works just fine.
Really weird as I believe most people (if they have one) have a problem the other way around. :) 
Hey Chad.
Hope you get the problem figured out. We've had some really weird sessions with IE as well. As I recall though, deleting the previous version and reinstalling got it to work for us. Took me some significant time and since getting it to work, I'm a little dismayed by how easy it is to break the plugin. An example of this would be having and & in the name of one of the descriptive fields. This breaks it immediately. Several other problems have surfaced, but i just get weird error messages that give very little direction as to how to fix it.
It's impressive when you have to display the data graphically though. Our admins loved it. (When it works.. :)
Good luck and hope you get it figured out.
Thanks Cliff,
Thankfully, I'm just in experimentation phase at the moment, so for now I'm just moving on with firefox. I like it better anyway and it's what I always use other then then when I'm at work.
Maybe someone will see this thread and be able to shed some light on what the problem is.....

Unable to download anything

SInce a few days, I am not able to download anything. Each time it ask me to enter my account properties, but seems to not take them into account. Very frustrating !
I have a valid OTN account but I cannot download anything.
Am I the only guy in this situation ?
Ok. Works fine with FireFox.
Must be a new/special I.E. setting...
Thanks for the tip. I also was unable to download using IE but it works fine in Firefox. 
If u have FIREWALL other than the WINDOWS default, then shoutdown it. Now try to download. It will works.
I did in this way.

Why can't we download ?????

Since there doesn't seem to be any way to speak to a real person about this, I have tried for 3 days now to download the 9i zip files from
and get the same message as everyone else. Is there 1. someone actually monitoring these messages, and 2. an eta on when we might be able to get to the files.
As of Monday AM I'm not experiencing any problems....please clear your browser cache and re-try.
Regards, OTN 
Clarification: there does appear to be a problem when downloading via IE (works fine in Mozilla however). We are investigating....
Regards, OTN 
I tried downloading using IE and Mozilla. Same 404 issue. Are there any other suggestions? 
We are working the problem -- thanks for your patience.
Regards, OTN 
NOTHING works. I've tried IE, Mozilla and opera. 
I had downloaded the 9i database last spring to use for a class. I had consistent problems with it when I tried to use it again this fall so I uninstalled the program with the plan to reinstall and solve some of the problems.
Now it keeps giving me error messages during the install. The programs will install but won't allow me to create a database. Is there a limit that the program can only be installed one time on a computer?? 
I think I just got a message to post my question in the appropriate place - but I've never used this forum before and there doesn't seem to be any way to email anyone - so I don't know where the appropriate place is.
If you could let me know that, I'd be glad to try it. 
I have the same problem with downloading JInitiator and I created a TAR in metalink, but they say that they are not responsible for downloading problems. 
all links on
do not work ether worked for me in IE and MS
as for Jinitiator link (you didn't specify which link) but I tried the link and that worked ok.
Grant Ronald
Forms Product Management
Can everyone in this thread please clear your browser cache and re-try?
Regards, OTN 
I have cleared my cache in both IE (v6.0) and FireFox (v0.9.3) and am still unable to download. Have other people had success recently? 
Are you already logged in when attempting these downloads? 
we experience same problems. We can't download anything for 2 days!!(documentation, installs..). Also when searching on, we allways get 404 error. Is Oracle aware of this problem?!!
Using IE6, Mozilla 1.6 and Firefox 0.9 ...always 404 error.

Jdeveloper 10.1.2 not downloadable

JDeveloper 10.1.2 is not downloadable for me. Tried it with IE 6 and Firefox. Sign out and sign in doesn't work either.
In IE I get a "server not found"-page, in Firefox an empty page.
The url is
I am having similar problem on Firefox 1.0.
However, it is working OK when I use IE 6.
Please try to get the all downloads to work with Firefox.
Thanks. doesnt work for either 10.1.2 or 10.1.3 and I can see that happening to lot of other ppl 
Doesn't work for me, either.
I've tried doing what OTN Support suggest (i.e. the ever-reliable "it works for us, it must be you, try it again").
I've successfully download zipped files from Sun's Java site, so I don't think I've got a configuration issue.
Over to you, OTN...
I'm having the same problem with Mozilla 1.7.3 for this URL: 
I am also having problems downloading JDeveloper 10.1.2. Does this company even check their site to see what complaints have been submitted? Has anyone been able to get a response out of them concerning this problem? What other avenues do we have for contacting them about this error we are receiving? 
Tried for more than a week without success. Doesn't work with IE6 or Netscape. 
Can you please try these files so we can troubleshoot this:
West file
East file
UK file 
I tried all three files using Netscape 7.02 under Linux. Failure in all three cases. 
I just managed a successful download using IE6. 
What does failure mean? 404 error? 
My download worked some hours after posting this topic. 
All downloads for jdeveloper fail.
All download pages mentioned return empty page as result.
The page contains following html
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title></title></head><body></body></html>
Also links mentioned here point to some other version than what I am interested in, as I would prefer jdeveloper Base Install for Macintosh OS X
Google gives count for oracle download not working.
Searching for " download not working" returns some 1100 hits.
What could this mean?
Ok, now the download is working.
It might be some kind of delay with new user account.
I signed up an account just before trying to download. The download seemed to work about 15 minutes after signing up for a new user account.
This might be noted somewhere in download instructions or the delay could be fixed.