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The sqlplus that ships with the instant client is the character mode version (sqlplus.exe). Is there or will there be support for the gui version (sqlplusw.exe). If not, is it possible to use the gui version that ships with the full 10g client, without having to install said client? 

There are no plans to certify the SQL*Plus Windows GUI with Instant
Client OCI. In general we are trying to transition users away from
the SQL*Plus Windows GUI.
If it works at all with Instant Client, is not likely to work well.
Some SQL*Plus GUI-specific messages are not included in the Instant
Client bundle.
-- CJ


ODP.NET 10.2 with 9.2 Client?

Can I use ODP.NET 10.2 with a 9.2 client? Where can I get an install of the ODP.NET without all the Developer Tools and Client and all the extra stuff I don't want? 
Can I use ODP.NET 10.2 with a 9.2 client? I haven't tried it with anything other than the 10.2 Client, but the FAQ for ODP.NET states this:
Q: Can ODP.NET be used with an Oracle8, Oracle8i, or Oracle9i Release 1 client?
A: No. You need to use the Oracle9i Release 2 or higher client.
BUT, I think this is not correct. I think the 10.2 Client is in fact required. I believe I tried it and ran into problems.
Where can I get an install of the ODP.NET without all the
Developer Tools and Client and all the extra stuff I
don't want?If you don't want the Oracle Developer Tools (ODT), you can install this instead: Oracle10g Release 2 ODAC
This ODAC download also includes the Oracle 10g Client. I'm assuming when you launch the ODAC install, you'll have to point it to your Oracle 9i Home instead of letting it install the 10g Client... Ideally though, I would remove the 9i client and install the 10g client, but it is more work...
If I have to install 10.2 it will be a deal-breaker for ODP.NET, I need to deploy an app for 5000 clients. 
10.2 ODP does indeed require 10.2 client
If you need to deploy the app to 5000 clients and they already have 92 software installed, your choices are basically:
1) compile the app with 92 ODP, or
2) use System.Data.Oracle client, as it is not tied to a specific client version.
Hope that helps,

GUI Client

Does the instant client for linux have this GUI based SQL*Plus? like the one with windows? 
You could use Oracle SQL Developer. However, this also requires JDK 1.5 being installed from Sun.

Deployment with ODP.Net

My organization has a custom machine build which has Oracle client for 9.2, but I have had to use Oracle's ODP.NET for a application written entirely in C# (.net).
I now want to deploy this app or user's machines, without having to install the complete Oracle Client.
Can someone please tell me what my possible choices are?
If your app uses 9.2 ODP.NET, you'll need at least a "runtime" install of the Oracle client software on the end user's pc for it to work (along with ODP itself). There's no shortcut to installing the Oracle client software that I know of apart from putting in the cd or download, and running setup.exe to run the Oracle Universal Installer.
Somewhere down the road Oracle's ODP will support Instant client and you can deploy via XCopy, but until that happens you'll need to install "traditional" oracle client software.
Microsoft's ODP (System.Data.OracleClient) works with the Instant Client install, but has less features than Oracle's ODP does.
Hope that helps,

difference between instant client and Oracle client

Excuse me I am confuse about the difference between the instant client and Oracle client. I use the instant client in my computer to connect me to my databases but how about the Oracle Client?. Do Oracle Client and instant client have the same use?
Excuse again if you could help me I appreciate you. 
The Instant Client is a small subset of the full Oracle Client. For example, the sqlldr, imp, exp, .. are not part of the Instant Client (currently). Oracle recently (with 11g Instant Client) made ProC related libraries part of the Instant Client. Some 3rd party software (especially on Windows) still require the installation of full Oracle Client.
Hope this proves useful.
R/ Zaf

PHP and Client 10

It is possible to link php with the oci libs of the client?
This has been discussed a little in OTN's PHP forum
The current OCI Instant Client does not include header files so you
cannot compile PHP with it. Oracle is investigating distribution of
an SDK that would allow it.
Until then, do a traditional Oracle "Client" install to get the header
files. In 10g choose the Administrator install option from Client CD.
I've played with a pre-release Windows Instant Client 10g and the
pre-built Windows PHP binaries. This combination works very well. I
look forward to the production release of 10g on Windows.
-- CJ