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How and where do I obtain product related assistance?

I am taking a Java Programming course through a local university. I have taken heed of the following statement
"Use this forum for feedback about OTN programs, Web site content, and systems - _product-related questions *will be deleted*_."
As a student I have no access to paid support so when I have difficulties with an Oracle product (Java in this case) where can/should I go for help?
Thank you,
If you back out one level on this forum, namely to here:
You'll see a number of forums on Java. Pick the forum most closely associated with the question you want to ask . Search the forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If it is not, create a thread that clearly explains the question you have and if appropriate what you have tried so far. Be respectful when asking questions -- the people that answer questions are doing this for free and most would get paid significant amounts of money if this were being done on a consulting basis. When your question has been answered, mark the thread as answered. If members of the forum have provided useful or correct information, it is polite to mark their posts as 'helpful' or 'correct'. For each question, you can mark up to five posts as helpful and one as correct.


Please, confine all your posts to the forum topic, in this case,
Oracle 9i Lite. All the other posts (off-topic), should be
submitted to the respective forum. The majority of the messages
posted in this forum are totally off-topic...
There is no forum for Oracle 8i that one knows of and hence
folks are posting Oracle 8i issues here, which and you will
agree, is the most matching forum.
Sorry for the bother 
Yes, it's correct when you say there is no forum reserved for
Oracle 8i subject, but it's also true that there are more
appropriated forums to post messages about Oracle 8i than
9iLite! For example: "Administration->Install and
Upgrade", "Database->General", and others more specific - if you
are having trouble in Oracle 8i on a Linux platform than you can
try "Platforms->Linux", ...
I think this forum ("9iLite") has no direct connection
with "Oracle 8i", if there isn't any issue that joins directly
Oracle Lite with Oracle Database.
This cross threading out-of-topic can corrupt at middle time the
nature of this or any other forum, and prejudice above all the
few ones that are trying to get the assistance in the right

This forum is for OHJ/OHW questions only!

This forum is for discussing issues that relate to Oracle Help Technologies (Oracle Help for the Web and Oracle Help for Java). Please do not post questions about Oracle products and technologies here -- they will not be seen by the appropriate people and will not be answered (and will be removed every week or so).
Oracle Help Team 
Reposting to bring this back to the top.
Any questions on topics other than Oracle Help technologies -- Oracle Help for Java and Oracle Help for the Web -- will not be seen by the appropriate people and will not be answered.
For help with other Oracle products or technologies, please find the appropriate forum at:
Oracle Help Team 
Repost once again. Some time fairly soon we will remove off-topic posts to clear up this forum.
For questions on other topics besides OHJ/OHW, see the appropriate forum. The list of forums is available at: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/index.jsp?cat=1

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Since such a high percentage of the posts to this forum have been off topic, we have decided to require moderator approval before allowing new topics. (This is easier than us having to go and delete all of the off-topic posts every few days.) Off-topic posts will be silently rejected.
This should hopefully improve the usability of these forums for OHJ/OHW customers.
Oracle Help Team 
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What is this 
This forum is for the discussion of Oracle Help for Java and Oracle Help for the Web. See http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/java/help/index.html for details. If you've never heard of OHJ or OHW, this forum is not for you.
Please do not post on any other topics. They will be ignored.

isnt this forum for the oracle techies to answer?

I was thinking that this forum is "monitored" by the oracle techies and answers can be expected instantly, but I have posted a topic here and been waiting endlessly as what they say. 
This forum is for member feedback regarding OTN services only; technical questions will not be answered here. Please use one of the appropriate Product or Technology forums instead:
Regards, OTN 
Some reply at last !! , I did post a question in the JDBC
(Oracle JDBC driver does not support Datatypes defined in java.sql? forum but there was no reply, and hence was my posting in other forums.